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  1. Once had a problem with a door constantly slamming. We had to speak to housekeeping it was so bad. Now if I can avoid I will.
  2. Bring your own. They have been in other people’s mouths. Yuk
  3. I registered on the app but our boarding passes didn’t show expedited. We went through anyway, (really because we didn’t know what we were doing). We were in our cabin, which was ready for us, by 11.35 after getting out of our cab 30 mins earlier. Brilliant.
  4. This is true. People getting off and on at every port. This meant long queues trying to get off and often delayed us leaving for our day in port. People everywhere with luggage. Constant announcements in various languages. On an evening when trying to have a quiet drink there were people all over the place in life jackets as they had to do a muster drill for new arrivals. That is just one of the reasons we will never go on MSC again.
  5. is it not the same air that is circulated whether first class or not. I always seem to get unwell from air con, on planes, in hotel rooms, on the ship.
  6. Hi, I have completed this and got the Express Pass for both me and DH. Neither says ‘expedited boarding’ or ‘call’ for our drinks package. Does it matter?
  7. Rome is a wonderful city with so much to see so I would say as many days as you can spare.
  8. We don’t like to sit near the pool preferring a quieter area but still see chair hogs. I notice in the photo the loungers behind are empty. Could you not swop them? You haven’t touched their personal belongings nor ‘their’ loungers? People move loungers around all the time!
  9. Well good for you. I too usually have the package as a perk but recognise that I am paying for it anyway. I can also feel the pain for those who don’t have the perk.
  10. Thank you. I will try it tomorrow
  11. Does anyone have a free phone number to call Celebrity please, or a UK captains club number? Not to book a cruise but to answer a query about a future cruise certificate. Thanks
  12. Yes, this happened to us a couple of years ago. We had chosen our balcony cabin well in advance, then just happened to notice a couple of weeks before sailing that we had been moved. Called Celebrity and complained. They said they would move us back to our original one. But in the time they took us out of our ‘new’ cabin they discovered they couldn’t contact the people in our ‘old’ cabin so went to put us back in the ‘ new’ cabin only to find it had been booked again by some one else. Moved us into yet another cabin. So 3 up to now. We continued to express how unhappy we were and they gave us on board credit and a future cruise credit. When we got to the pier we explained the paperwork wasn’t correct only to be told we had been moved again. This time we had been upgraded to the Royal Family Suite. ( only 2 of us). So turned out to be a winner for us. Hope they work something out for you.
  13. Drinks are now unlimited between 5 & 7. Yes in the Sunset bar. No not on embarkation night or night of officers party.
  14. I am a recent convert. Got mine from Amazon and plan to get another set. I got a set of mixed sizes.
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