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  1. That is what we used to do. No idea why we had a change of procedure , maybe because we purchased through a broker , no matter it will get sorted. We are on holiday in Crete at the moment so not going to think about it til we get home , cheers.
  2. cheers, I was aware of the changes , thank you for the reminder .
  3. ok cheers. Years ago we used to be able to send a copy of our share statement in an e.mail to the address you gave but then RCI insisted on having the Stockbroker do it. Our shares are held with Redmayne Bentley. Thank you for replying, we will just have to be persistent. We have an inside cabin with no perks so there should be no delay in applying the OBC.
  4. Did you book in the UK or via USA ? sorry, I should have put that in the OP.
  5. We have held our shares since 2008, never had a problem getting a response from the Shareholder’s e.mail to request the OBC up until the last 6 months or so. Question- UK shareholders, what has your experience been lately ? Which e.mail have you been writing to? For our Explorer cruise in May this year our stockbroker had to phone America to get the OBC applied to our reservation and it did not get sorted until we were actually on the ship !! The customer service has been abysmal. We are cruising next month and have already sent 3 e.mails to investor relations . I keep telling my hubby to sell the shares as we are cruising less with RCI now but while they are paying a dividend he is keeping them. Cheers guys.
  6. Exactly, you hit the nail on the head there, the Internet is a wonderful tool for research prior to travel and forums like this for anyone to use , no excuses. We got off Preziosa on 11th Sept, exactly same itinerary, we had a great week . Having been to Hamburg before and knowing the port is huge I waited to see where we were going to dock . We were in the middle of the industrial area so decided to have a sea day and stay onboard as the weather was lovely . Rotterdam- never been before but googled what to see and again had a lovely time walking into town and seeing what I had found in my pre Cruise research. Enjoy your future research for your next cruise , it is all about the planning and build up to it.
  7. Yes MSC have a very good price point and do some great deals with either free upgrades or included drinks packages but once you step inside one of their ships they are stunning and kept beautifully clean. Entertainment has been very good in the theatres , the cabins and beds have been comfortable . Crew are friendly and not in your face. We enjoy the food in both buffet and MDR, been to Butcher’s cut for free a few times now with our Voyager club perk , excellent. We only started cruising with MSC in Feb 2017 enticed by the Status Match programme and by the end of December this year will have 60 nights with them having been on Splendida, Magnifica , Seaview, Meraviglia , Bellisima, Preziosa and soon Grandiosa. Until you have actually tried MSC you will never know if it is for you.
  8. We have had CP/BW cabins with the perks , never requested a change to anything . This is a cost cutting move, we never took the sippy cups home , all that recycling now eliminated and extra storage of said sippy cups.
  9. Many many moons ago , 15 years ago to be precise , we did a cruise out of Port Canaveral on Sovereign . We did our muster in the cabin hallway with the room stewards and other crew , we did the cabin occupants roll call, demonstration of how to put on your life jacket with everyone putting on their jackets and the Captain did the usual announcements, location of muster station on back of cabin door etc. We had an inside cabin so had no idea what the weather was like outside but it must have been bad. It was interesting because we got to meet our neighbours and saw that there was a family of 5 including a baby in a cot in one cabin ! Those cabins were small !!!
  10. Continuing to enjoy your review . I recognise the HD’s face from the Top Tier photos, please could you remind of his name. Is it Peter Perchutnic or something like that? I could delve into my past cruises memorabilia but would take me forever , I know we have had him as HD before but cannot remember which ship. Thank you.
  11. Wow, It was only last year , October/ November , when they changed the packages to Easy etc. Seems soooooo much longer than that. Someone posted on social media the old package which we we were lucky enough to enjoy for one time only . 😔. Our December Grandiosa cruise was booked before May 18 and doesn’t include a drinks package of any sort so we are going to eat in the buffet at night on that cruise and take the opportunity to detox , 😆 😝.
  12. MSC revamped their packages about 18 months ago , the old water package is no longer available, we had bought it previously with the Wine and Water package. Your choices are now Non - alcoholic, Easy , Premium and Premium plus packages. From 1st May 2018 all UK/Eire new bookings have a Hot drinks tea and coffee plus bottled water included for consumption in the MDR only at lunch and dinner. This is on top of what is available to all in the buffet . I am not sure if this is also available to US and Canadian guests, I do recall before UK/Eire guests had the complimentary water with hot drinks that Americans on one of our cruises had complimentary vouchers for bottled water . It would be so much simpler if regardless of where you booked everyone was treated equally with regards what exactly is included in your cruise fare. https://www.msccruises.ie/en-ie/MSC/Water-Tea-Coffee-Guests.aspx
  13. Ocean triumph- we just did the cocktail and show and I think I have mentioned elsewhere on CC I would recommend going to the early show then going to dinner in the MDR. We did it both ways on Meraviglia , I did not like when we went to dinner first then arrived for the late show when the show diners were still being served and eating. It was distracting and the smell of the food was awful as we were full from our dinner. When we went to the first show it was just cocktail and show people .
  14. Another thumbs up for Viaggio from us , it has more of a story and for me more going on visually . There is a section in Sonor which is a guy rapping, making sounds with his hands for at least 10 mins , boring . We are black card holders and went to Butchers cut , loved it.Hubby does not eat meat, he had the salmon. There are menus online . We have yet to use our thermal spa Black card perk on any ship, must do it sometime. 😆.
  15. Have been on Brilliance and Serenade in OV cabins and have had the layout either way. This is a cabin on deck three on Serenade , sorry forget the number but it was forward on the starboard side.
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