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  1. You are possibly right , you never know the pricing could change completely and the packages change just like with MSC. That was a bummer .
  2. Pete there are actually two more packages. The next one up from ours, PiuGusto, includes a wider selection of cocktails and frozen drinks for not a lot of money, we are not interested the one higher than that. Thanks , we do have a good place to stay in Sitges , will be our 5th visit there, we love the Platjador on the seafront and are staying there .
  3. Hi Pete, we booked through a TA, a very popular UK one who that used to advertise they were owned by RCI if that is clue enough for you. 😆. I think they were cheaper than booking direct with Costa by about £45 pp. , every little helps , 😆. I went on to a site that shows available cabins and told the TA which cabin I wanted, job done. We are on the 20th Jan sailing . Fly out on 19th . Staying in Sitges for 4 nights afterwards. Forgot to say. Brindiano is included in the deal but to upgrade to the next package is only peanuts, €3 a day I think. On my booking it says €31.50 to upgrade but we will wait til we board.
  4. Following, great photos. We were on Indie in May and go back on her on 19th October . Who conducted the M&M ? Cuddy is CD and Katie Activities Manager. Just curious.
  5. Seems that they have improved the selection on the Easy package. A new menu posted on social media shows an increase in the number of cocktails available under Easy. They probably had a lot of complaints about the limited choice yet the price was only 10 or 20 cents more for a preferred brand which did not make sense. See the difference in these photos. The first one I took in Feb on the Meraviglia, the second was posted recently on social media although I notice my menu is in Euros and the second one is in Dollars it appears .
  6. This is a screen shot of the PDF I found online . Notice the chocolate bar included items. I have no idea if this list is current as I cannot find anything else online . It is a moot point now as we have now booked the cruise which included the Brindiamo package as part of the deal. Happy days .
  7. Thanks for the replies The PDF I have does give a full break down of the drinks available on the Brindiamo package was just not sure what the Chocolate Bar encompassed or even if it is a current list as I downloaded it from the Costacruisesasia site. Could not find a current list on the UK site , only gives a brief description. We have put the cruise on hold and will probably book it later in the week.
  8. Hi all, have cruised a few lines but just doing some research on Costa out of Barcelona for next year on the new biggie Smeralda, specifically a deal which includes the Brindiamo drinks package. I have searched the net for a breakdown of the actual drinks included and could only find a PDF from Costacruisesasia.com ! There is something on there which I have no clue what it is , it says from “ the Chocolate bar “. Is this chocolate drinks, bars of chocolate or ice cream ? I have no clue. I drink lots of water , and I mean lots, on cruise ships due to the increased salt intake from the food, if water is served by the glass with the package what are my chances of a bottle/ jug being left on the table ? Thanks .
  9. Be mindful that they got rid of the wedding chapel on the ship to make way for the Escape room. Friends attended a wedding recently onboard and it was held in the Olive or Twist/ Viking crown lounge on the dance floor/stage area. The ceremony was interrupted by shout outs for bingo etc over the PA even though they had asked for no public PA announcements in the venue during the ceremony unless it was an emergency. ☹️.
  10. They changed the phones on Indie so that they are now on the dresser , there is one USB port on the side in the new phone . We were on the ship 18th May .Two US sockets and one European socket . We were in cabin 8390.
  11. We are in the UK and have held stock since the crash of 2008 This is great news that Shareholder’s OBC is now combinable again with balcony discount , will definitely have to remember that now when planning future cruises . We currently only have one cruise booked with RCI , November 2020, that has been booked ages and it is a balcony , nearer the time will chance our arm and apply for it . As an aside, our recent cruise on Explorer we had an inside cabin with no promotions attached to the reservation and applied for the OBC weeks before the cruise via the stockbroker who holds the certificate . Several e.mails back and forth between the stockbroker and RCI shareholder section as they were not accepting the e.mails , something to do with encryption, we finally got it sorted but not until we were on the cruise we wanted the OBC for !!! . It was while we were getting the OBC applied to our seapass account onboard I find out that Guest services can print off your reservation invoice therefore they know exactly how much you paid for your cruise, I never knew that, you learn something new everyday 😆.
  12. Yes we had unpacked and received a phone call. I think it may have been a preemptive move , I mentioned something to our room steward , before I could even investigate further we got upgraded 😆. Regardless the reason it has been a long , long time since we had a nice phone call like that. The ship was supposed to be full. Still wouldn’t do the bid in future .
  13. Just got back today from Explorer , we had bid £200 pp , just over the minimum required , to move from inside to balcony . We received the commiseration / unsuccessful e.mail the morning of the cruise ! So glad we were not successful as we were upgraded once we boarded the ship after sail away . Saved ourselves £400 thank you very much. I don’t think we would bother with the programme in the future and be happy with what we originally booked .
  14. Me again! I had the mixed grill tonight but with a baked potato. There was a small piece of steak , lamb chop,chicken breast, sausage and a slice of English bacon. It was quite good but the bubble and squeak was still on the plate which I left .
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