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Grenada: Pix's, Fun, Experiences Jan./2015!

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From the Boston Globe travel section this morning, they have this headline: Eight top travel destinations for 2018 with these highlights: Grenada possesses both stunning tropical beaches and a capital city (St. George’s) so picturesque that it looks as if it were peeled from a painting. Due to its position at the southern edge of the hurricane belt, the island is generally spared from storms, making vacation planning slightly easier than it is for other islands. For those looking to escape the world of corporate high-rise resorts, Grenada is far less developed than its Caribbean neighbors, but still offers a fantastic range of hotel options.


Nice highlights on an island that we super enjoyed visiting, exploring and experiencing.


Full story at:



THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Enjoyed a 14-day, Jan. 20-Feb. 3, 2014, Sydney to Auckland adventure, getting a big sampling for the wonders of "down under” before and after this cruise. Go to:


for more info and many pictures of these amazing sights in this great part of the world. Now at 193,073 views for this posting.

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Just noticed that this posting has pasted the 10,000 views level. Appreciate those who have dropped, made comments, ask any questions, etc.


To update with our travels, we are now back from our first river boat and for sampling Southeast Asia. It was for the Mekong River!! Plus, plus!!


Well-pleased with these countries, especially Cambodia, plus the ship, staff, food, tours, etc. On my live/blog, connected below, there are dozens of pictures and many details to document these fun adventures and travels. Happy on the live/blog to answer any and all questions, share more info/background, etc.

Now, we shift our focus and attention to mid November, 2018, for our Athens to Dubai, 20-day cruise with Oceania, including our first visits to the Holy Lands, Egypt, Middle East, etc. Many options to consider and logistics to research. Keep hearing great things from other travelers about Oceania, the staff, their food, etc. Look forward to comparing Oceania versus other cruise lines we have experienced, who has what plus and minus factors, etc.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


SE Asia/Mekong River, Etc.! Just completed a Jan. 21-Feb. 20, 2018, first adventure through Southeast Asia with stops in Hong Kong and Bangkok, before traveling all over Vietnam and Cambodia. This includes seven days sailing on the Mekong River. Lots of fun, interesting pictures!! See more at:



Here are just a few visuals samples from what we saw and did with Avalon while sailing along the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia. Many, many more photos and details on the full live/blog.:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)







We saw many temples, palaces, markets and samples of daily life/work, including at this below spectacular Royal structure in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.:





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From the Travel Section of the London/UK Sunday Times this morning, they had this headline: Grenada: the best beaches, hotels and restaurants with these highlights: Holidaying in Grenada is as difficult as saying yes to that second rum punch. It’s a surprisingly unspoilt island with rainforest-clad volcanic peaks, classic golden sands and bewitching snorkelling and diving. St George’s, the topsy-turvy capital, has an old-school charm, with waterfront restaurants serving local treats such as curried coconut shrimp and nutmeg ice cream, while the gaudy roadsides are daubed with red, green and gold, the colours of the national flag. Families will appreciate the low-rise hotels, with easy beach access and friendly, long-serving staff, while foodies are in for a treat thanks to an abundance of spices, tropical fruits, chocolate and rum. Almost all the resorts are in the southwest, as are the best beaches, so hire a car or book tours to see more.


YES, we loved Grenada when we visited and this profile brings back many nice memories. Many options and potentials to consider are outlined in this article.


Full story at:


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Enjoyed a 14-day, Jan. 20-Feb. 3, 2014, Sydney to Auckland adventure, getting a big sampling for the wonders of "down under” before and after this cruise. Go to:


for more info and many pictures of these amazing sights in this great part of the world. Now at 211,777 views for this posting.

From this Sunday Times profile, below is a map of the island, plus an example of "show time" during the carnival in St George’s and of snorkeling off of Grenada’s shores. Look good, exciting and interesting?:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these visuals larger/better!)






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From the Travel Section of the London/UK Telegraph yesterday, they had this headline: “Best destinations for January sunfor their list of their top-15 locations in the world to go for fun warmth. Glad we were able to enjoy Grenada in early 2015. It was super fun and nicely warm!!


Here are their highlights for Grenada and why they rated this island so highly: "Trouble in paradise? No more. It seems remarkable now to think that Grenada was the scene of a US invasion in 1983, America flexing its muscle in its (then) ongoing tussle with Cuba over influence in the Caribbean. Fast forward three decades and Grenada is as far removed from a war zone as can be imagined; a fair-weather friend on the southern limits of the Atlantic hurricane belt – it has experienced only three such gusts in 50 years."


Full story at:



THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Did a June 7-19, 2011, cruise from Barcelona that had stops in Villefranche, ports near Pisa and Rome, Naples, Kotor, Venice and Dubrovnik. Dozens of nice visuals with key highlights, tips, comments, etc. We are now at 241,401 views for this live/blog re-cap, including much on wonderful Barcelona. Check these postings and added info at:


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Have been looking at some early February 2019 cruise options that would include a key stop in Grenada.  BUT, then there are budgets to consider??!!  We just completed our Jerusalem/Holy Lands, Egypt/Valley of the Kings,Petra/Jordan, Oman, Dubai/Abu Dhabi, etc., exploring.  And, in late July 2019, we will be doing a combination of a western Canada Rocky Mountaineer rail-Vancouver-Alaska trip.  Not cheap, but all of these great locations will be firsts for us to be visiting.  These scenic western and NW regions have long been on our priority, to-do wish lists.  


To see our most recent trip live/blog for this history and religious “adventure”, check out these postings linked below.  We started in Athens, Greece on Nov. 14, then traveled various locations connected with three of the world's major religions.  Many fun and interesting visuals on this live/blog!!  Below are just a few, quick visual samples.    Check it out and let me know any questions or comments.  Just over 6000 views so far on this live/blog. 


Connect to our latest exploring at: 



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


In Greece, we started with a day at Delphi, where the Oracle was consulted about important decisions from throughout the ancient classical world.:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)



From Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection. here is one interior view.  Second is a procession along the historic Via Dolorosa.  Third is my connecting at the Western/Wailing Wall in the most holy site for the Jewish faith.:







In Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, we explored the tombs of Egypt rulers from 3300 years ago plus Karnak's night glories, statutes and columns.:





In front of Petra’s Treasury in Jordan, we found this cute camel as a "co-star".  Feeling the spirit of Indian Jones here!:



We finished with the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and the sandy beaches of Dubai having its unique modern architecture in the background.:




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From the Travel Section of the London/UK Telegraph in mid August, they had this headline: “The best boutique hotels in Grenada, from hilltop escapes to beachside villas” with these highlights: “There's a lot to like about the southern Caribbean island of Grenada. It's very easy-going, isn't particularly developed and has fantastic beaches, a mountainous and rainforested interior, and St George's; one of the region's prettiest capitals. On the accommodation front, Grenada has very few large chain hotels – instead it excels in privately owned, small-scale places to stay, ranging from a five-star colonial-style retreat to a boho-chic hideaway, a lively bayside hangout to an intimate collection of hilltop villas with facilities you'd expect in a luxury hotel.


Interesting options, details and pictures related to this island nation that we enjoyed in 2015!!


Full story at:



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


Just completed Calgary, Jasper/Banff National Parks, Western Canada Rocky Mountaineer rail adventure, Vancouver, sailing up to Alaska, post-cruise excursion to Denali, etc.  Lots of visuals and details from our first visits to these scenic areas!!  That live/blog is at: 



Or, you could simply do a quick Google search with these terms: 

Live Terry/Ohio Muse Alaska

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