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We put the DYS in Functional, Completing our ABC’s, Jan Southern Carib on the Wonder

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We arrived at the marina and boarded our boat.  It was a shoe free boat, so we all had to take off our shoes before getting on.


46319371975_bd862c66bb_z.jpgbonaire157 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46319371885_e7ff50942a_z.jpgbonaire158 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This couple in front of us….we end up talking quite a bit with them later.  The wife has the same profession as I…..what a small world…..she was super nice.  As we were talking I found out that she had tried to upgrade their room when they arrived at San Juan port….and the couple right in front of them took the last balcony…..that would have been J and MK!  hahahah…Small World!


47233894021_696e2870eb_z.jpgbonaire159 by Jenseib, on Flickr


She said they actually had a balcony already but they didn’t think they would like it. I think it was a navigator.  She also said that there were security cameras pointed basically at her balcony and she didn’t like that and asked about it. I guess their cabin was at a blind spot for other “over board” cameras and that the camera didn’t actually film anything but had a sensor if someone jumped or fell off.  She said they told her basically she would have to throw a chair off or something bigger for it to turn on.


46319371635_d73d54d416_z.jpgbonaire160 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46272465525_bbc8bb8263_z.jpgbonaire62 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46296766615_7fa1c73880_z.jpgbonaire82 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Off we go!  We would have 2 locations for snorkeling.


46319371475_df641f571a_z.jpgbonaire161 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46463061434_25de52513a_z.jpgbonaire63 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Hello Disney Wonder!


46296767215_45db5f51d7_z.jpgbonaire83 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Even our Captain was taking pictures of the ship.


46319371395_63f673e6a7_z.jpgbonaire162 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We arrived at our first stop.  He told us under that pier up ahead the snorkeling was pretty good.


46487785174_9a6c2fd1fb_z.jpgbonaire84 by Jenseib, on Flickr


He gave us some instructions and he was thorough and actually I learned some new stuff from him.  Did you know when you take off your mask and rest it on your forehead….like James Bond…That is the universal signal that you are in trouble and need help? I didn’t either.  He said if you need to take it off, wear it around your neck.


We waited to be some of the last in the water as I hate rushing around a crowd of people.  Of course there was “that” family in front of us that were slow and not moving and finally we had to say excuse me to get in.


47181686852_843af82fe1_z.jpgbonaire163 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire took a little longer to get in as she was having fin problems, but the girl on the boat helped her and she jumped in a little later.


Right where we jumped in there wasn’t much, but under that dock/pier there were a TON of fish.


46319371275_b086918cef_z.jpgbonaire164 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46319371215_0963b1ca4d_z.jpgbonaire165 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46428683334_0fa3f9ab07_z.jpgbonaire1 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32210186847_ceb08ae995_z.jpgbonaire2 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32210186647_629e717251_z.jpgbonaire3 by Jenseib, on Flickr




32210186367_7d12e896d6_z.jpgbonaire4 by Jenseib, on Flickr


These fish would just swim in a circle…round and round and round.


46428682874_175218bab5_z.jpgbonaire5 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32210186027_9194e7793b_z.jpgbonaire7 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32210185797_db7d83af31_z.jpgbonaire8 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32210185617_81986a6d28_z.jpgbonaire9 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46428682834_a93487844b_z.jpgbonaire10 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33282183288_a2d1dec99d_z.jpgbonaire11 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33282182648_32b68b6f46_z.jpgbonaire12 by Jenseib, on Flickr


PT would have totally freaked out seeing all these fish so close.


33282182178_72659e207b_z.jpgbonaire13 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40192427813_3c6f936481_z.jpgbonaire14 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33282180858_9526cd6858_z.jpgbonaire18 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46243253465_dc4cdc97ae_z.jpgbonaire19 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33282180218_04e8e392e0_z.jpgbonaire20 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46319371035_c3fcfa0e1a_z.jpgbonaire167 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I headed back to the boat.


46319370955_3412ce9795_z.jpgbonaire168 by Jenseib, on Flickr


A look back at the Wonder.


46319370895_2d48452a22_z.jpgbonaire169 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had to take our flippers off before climbing up….a lot harder than you would think.


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We settled back on the boat and took off to our next snorkeling spot.


47233894641_98792d7588_z.jpgbonaire170 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46272465325_028d025d98_z.jpgbonaire64 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46272465185_2faf10a52f_z.jpgbonaire65 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46296767055_3bbfaee568_z.jpgbonaire85 by Jenseib, on Flickr






Our Captain told us that island we could see was basically an island where they would decontaminate slaves back in the day before bringing them to the main island.  Also if one was sick, they would leave them there for like 2-3 weeks and come back and if they were alive and well, then they could come back to the main island.  Sounds rough!!!!!!


47233894471_5d5b13bd3f_z.jpgbonaire172 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46319370595_072005f473_z.jpgbonaire173 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Look how pretty that water is and the changes in color.


46463060624_88958b4e25_z.jpgbonaire66 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This was our next stop.  I think he actually wanted to be further down but the mooring balls were all taken up already down the way.  He told us basically to swim a big triangle to see everything.  At times it will be very shallow with so many rocks and coral and to try to not touch any of it….especially the fire coral.  He also said they have been seeing turtles here almost every day lately and we had about 90% chance of seeing one.  Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and we never saw any.


47233894341_072005f473_z.jpgbonaire174 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46319370425_44f916d144_z.jpgbonaire175 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was pretty deep where we jumped off at.


46319370235_2f6c7ea598_z.jpgbonaire177 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And not much to see here.


46327833875_74dde8673a_z.jpgbonaire191 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46327833805_21b3175c1b_z.jpgbonaire193 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47233894181_a1010242df_z.jpgbonaire178 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32300212207_3482609b57_z.jpgbonaire195 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32300212187_03fafa517a_z.jpgbonaire196 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366624758_67c1649ebf_z.jpgbonaire197 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46319370055_dbf26b2d6c_z.jpgbonaire179 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277413103_355000362c_z.jpgbonaire198 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366624478_61c56489a2_z.jpgbonaire199 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277412903_7a054fe6d2_z.jpgbonaire200 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277412753_0c6b0b8d70_z.jpgbonaire201 by Jenseib, on Flickr


There was a lot of coral, but not much in the way of colorful coral.


33366624008_51e20972c1_z.jpgbonaire202 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277412533_ca796d102a_z.jpgbonaire203 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366623718_2ec74d214c_z.jpgbonaire205 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277412323_f6137a9641_z.jpgbonaire206 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277412233_529a5772f0_z.jpgbonaire207 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366623308_f873e10ba3_z.jpgbonaire208 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277411993_2cdd710dee_z.jpgbonaire209 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366622968_97ffa81502_z.jpgbonaire210 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366622838_f5280bb644_z.jpgbonaire211 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366622658_52d5febd37_z.jpgbonaire212 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366622558_72b6b045c2_z.jpgbonaire213 by Jenseib, on Flickr


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Continuing my snorkeling.


33366622468_b20075ed90_z.jpgbonaire214 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277036023_406d23cfee_z.jpgbonaire181 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47242087271_d5df5d7a99_z.jpgbonaire182 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This bugger was coming straight at me…and he didn’t veer off till the very last minute.


33282181388_473cf600e0_z.jpgbonaire16 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46243253955_b426252d60_z.jpgbonaire17 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366622278_c18cbd37b9_z.jpgbonaire216 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366622108_ec4e0dc922_z.jpgbonaire217 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366621978_896179cb96_z.jpgbonaire218 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33366621548_a938109a6a_z.jpgbonaire220 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32310741397_3ccc3162d8_z.jpgbonaire222 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47252796021_f1637809ee_z.jpgbonaire223 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277035623_242b4517f5_z.jpgbonaire183 by Jenseib, on Flickr


At one point I looked up to see which way to go and where Claire was.  I was starting to join the wrong group…..oops.  LOL.  I turned the right way and joined my own group.


32310741097_6860ce4a23_z.jpgbonaire224 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I kept my eyes out for turtles but no such luck.


47252795811_d76ff23102_z.jpgbonaire225 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32310740857_2e546b0baa_z.jpgbonaire226 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277035543_77717da464_z.jpgbonaire184 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And it was time to get back on the boat once again.


47252795631_f86544c6dd_z.jpgbonaire227 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We headed off again and our crew served us snacks and drinks.


They offered Claire the champagne and I told the gal no as Claire was only 14.  She said…well the drinking age here IS 14…..um still a no!  hahaha.  Claire didn’t want any, but she was amazed it was only 14.  I forget where the girl was from, but I am thinking Netherlands and I think she said the drinking age there was like 16.  Wow!


46487784794_89ce3750ec_z.jpgbonaire87 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Our Captain was really informative too!  As we floated along he would give us info about the area.  The island is typically pretty windy, but when the hurricane came through to the nearby islands he said it sucked up all the air and they were dead still for a couple of days and it was soooo hot!  They didn’t get rain or anything, just all the air sucked out.


He had some other interesting stories and gave us some history of the island too.  He had an accent and he said some words in kind of an English/Dutch mix.


46272464875_c36db84d30_z.jpgbonaire67 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46463060044_aed6f3b670_z.jpgbonaire68 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Then it was time to get off the boat and into our little bus to the port.


We were told that these were new condos….I want one!


32244816607_42d723097f_z.jpgbonaire70 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46277436595_67bd403b53_z.jpgbonaire71 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And Flamingos were out there.


32249818627_661e449aa3_z.jpgbonaire72 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32249818487_d44054899d_z.jpgbonaire73 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46277436415_fd2f719620_z.jpgbonaire74 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And then back to the Wonder.


46296766775_b99cda8800_z.jpgbonaire88 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I thought our excursion on a whole was good. We had a great team guiding us.  I just expected better snorkeling with more colors.  We saw a lot of colorful fish, but the coral was kind of plain.  Bonaire is known for great diving, so I expected the snorkeling to be some of the best ever, but it wasn’t.   I did have a good time and glad we did it though.


We were hungry, so we stopped off for a bite to eat.


32249818377_0e0efdd3b4_z.jpgbonaire75 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46487784484_4d1da398b7_z.jpgbonaire89 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46487784194_41f16a733f_z.jpgbonaire90 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Horn video



Claire headed off to shower and I sat down and was just gazing off in the distance and kind of listened in on others conversations.  There was a group of people I talked to off and on throughout the cruise talking and that voice!  …I know that voice!  Then it hit me.  It was Pete Werner from Dis.  So I asked him and sure enough….it was him!

I joined in the conversation then and he was telling the story of how he started his agency and Dis and it was a very interesting story.

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PT sent a message wondering where people were. I told her where I was and that I was heading to deck 4.  I ended up finding her there after a bit.


40246845673_2e98cef0e2_z.jpgbonaire91 by Jenseib, on Flickr


She told me I had just missed seeing Mickey out here.


47319430612_53cf3840e8_z.jpgbonaire254 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And Pluto was down the way.


40246845543_f89f419e48_z.jpgbonaire92 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I caught a few pics as he walked by.


40246845413_6b04355b3e_z.jpgbonaire93 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40246845283_e7b0c2aa4d_z.jpgbonaire94 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Many people were relaxing and waiting to leave.


40246845133_d7e237eb94_z.jpgbonaire95 by Jenseib, on Flickr


There were groups of kids onshore hollering and hooting at our ship.  Every time the horn would play they would cheer.




I took lots of video while we were standing there.






At some point Z and F came and joined us too.




40246844953_4d9a46f558_z.jpgbonaire96 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40246844853_cfcf815760_z.jpgbonaire97 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We talked about our excursions.  They did this cart sand sailing type thing and it sounded really interesting. PT showed me some of their pictures and I bet it was fun.


Finally we said goodbye and got cleaned up and ready for pirate night.  I had a date with some glitter!


PT made matching shirts for my family, but since Skip cancelled, M wore his, which was like 30 times too big for her.  LOL!


M did make up on us and added glitter to some of us too.  F was hysterical.  She made it look like he had a black eye…and it looked sooooo real!


40246844733_b4a80dcf03_z.jpgbonaire98 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40246844633_1d4ae4f242_z.jpgbonaire99 by Jenseib, on Flickr


She gave Z a mustache and we just kept laughing at it.


40246844493_6c30472a59_z.jpgbonaire100 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46490224964_c7f61b8800_z.jpgbonaire101 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We all headed down to 80’s trivia tonight. We had 2 teams and neither did that great. But it was still a ton of fun.


We went for a walk before dinner.


47242086831_c1955cb4ca_z.jpgbonaire185 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I just love deck 4!


40277035443_93147551a6_z.jpgbonaire186 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We are 2 roughed up pirates!


33338304048_36b53eec0d_z.jpgbonaire111 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Scratches and glitter courtesy of M.


Tonight we were in Animator’s.  We missed last night, which was also there, but true to his word, Krash brought us our pasta!


47200913272_8939641a35_z.jpgbonaire228 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277035363_d338edc696_z.jpgbonaire187 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire sat next to F.  She’s pretty quiet most of the time and shy, but F brought up some subject that Claire knew a lot about and she was a total chatter box and just talking away with F.  I was shocked!.


40277035263_f9c44fcbb5_z.jpgbonaire188 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46529341764_6cd6bfa370_z.jpgbonaire229 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47200912982_16082e2c90_z.jpgbonaire230 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Z had asked for mozzarella sticks too.


46534348044_4ae8cf5879_z.jpgbonaire231 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Our pasta! J and I were totally pigging out on it.


46534347344_b750fe98c4_z.jpgbonaire232 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And the rest of my food.


46534347894_b8a2009bdb_z.jpgbonaire233 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And I always crack up when they bring out shrimp cocktail in a cup.


46534347804_b8e25db0f6_z.jpgbonaire234 by Jenseib, on Flickr


With a ton of lettuce in it…Who eats that lettuce?


40277035173_1ea371c773_z.jpgbonaire189 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I think I had my camera set on a weird setting plus the lighting…which gave me weird looking food.


Like a blue salad!


46534347724_6337878f63_z.jpgbonaire235 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I debated on getting the pasta from the pirate menu as the last few times I have had it it was not very good. All those times being on the Fantasy.


46534347654_80b352b1a4_z.jpgbonaire236 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was excellent tonight and I am glad I got it.  I am finding that the Wonder…for the most part….made many things better than the Fantasy.


46534347584_17cfb0b5de_z.jpgbonaire237 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46534347494_a40b308c49_z.jpgbonaire238 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had a lot of fun at dinner tonight!  But we had to get going for the pirate show!

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We headed up top to watch the show. I think M went back to the room for something.  And I am not sure if J and MK ended up watching with T in concierge or if they just called it a night?


In the elevator up, an older couple looked at F and said something like….”you were in quite the fight! What does the other guy look like?”  I started laughing because F’s black eye and scratches just looked so real!  The guy was surprised it was all done with make up.


We hung with PT, F and Z and M found us a little later.


40248968293_c9a154b080_z.jpgbonaire112 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47213799221_29093acc6c_z.jpgbonaire113 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33387274678_f7a2eb8ce3_z.jpgbonaire241 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47263009891_3267dc9935_z.jpgbonaire242 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46343379675_f71eeabb42_z.jpgbonaire239 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I don’t bother getting up close to see the show since I have seen it a few times now. But I do like the fireworks.


A picture of us gals!


33207876658_ecfe087f55_b.jpgemily3 by Jenseib, on Flickr


See the sweater Claire is wearing? She wears it ALL the time. She just loves it.  I have one similar and brought it with me too.  Some evening’s M would wear Claire’s sweater and Claire would wear mine.  Hahaha.


47263010941_730efe0261_z.jpgbonaire243 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33387274568_cebdc46511_z.jpgbonaire244 by Jenseib, on Flickr





46490224894_0e4f98b955_z.jpgbonaire102 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46490224714_6df01e490c_z.jpgbonaire106 by Jenseib, on Flickr





(And it’s terrible as I kept moving it to the side and missing fireworks.)


33338105388_8072ae7171_z.jpgbonaire107 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46490224624_806c552a04_z.jpgbonaire108 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33338105298_04b25c1483_z.jpgbonaire109 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Loved the fireworks as always.  I just get a special feeling when watching those. They are not the biggest or the best….but they are at sea!


Claire headed back to the room and we went off to Intuition in Azure.  Each night the shows would get funnier as you would get to know some of the guests and see Jo interact with them.


After that, I did some walking and then headed back to the room.


46490224524_b56b12c0c1_z.jpgbonaire110 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40277035123_03c1e8b790_z.jpgbonaire190 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I needed to do some laundry, so I went to do that. It was a waiting game.  Everyone on this cruise seemed to want to do laundry and there was never anything open…day or night.  So I waited till one opened and then I pulled stuff out after a few minutes and went on to put my stuff in and same for drying.  It was just terrible trying to do any this cruise.


I also had brought some gifts to pixie dust.  Claire ordered room service and I made the rounds to deliver my small gift.  There ended up being a list of like 50 cabins on the pixie dust list.  That is just way too many and I think many were taking it like a regular exchange.  I was not. I was not buying 50 gifts for pixie dusting. LOL. 

Then as I walked around, I found that several on the list didn’t have any bag or fish extender even out. I skipped them. I was trying to deliver to the rooms closest to ours first and then branch out…I ended up going on several decks and it was a lot more work than I planned.


Also there were teens roaming the halls. About 3 or 4 and I swear they were watching me.  I worried they were stealing Fish Extender gifts.  They seemed to be on every floor I would go on and then they would sit in the halls.  I don’t care if kids stay up all night, but there is no need for them to be in the stateroom halls.  I ended up seeing them walk around when they thought I was gone and they were carrying do not disturb signs, so I am sure they were moving them off doors.

A little later I was at the landing and bam bam bam…they came running down the steps but would jump about 4 or 5 steps. I then spoke up and told them they needed to knock it off or they were going to get reported.


And about 5 minutes later I saw an officer walking the stairs….and reported the kids…and then I saw security walking up and down the halls a little later.


Like I said, I don’t care what they do all night in public areas, but NOT in the stateroom areas.


33387274368_a4e368c78d_z.jpgbonaire245 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was a long night and I think I went to bed around 2 AM or so.  But we should be fine now with clean clothes!  And one reason I did it was Claire told me all her jeans were dirty…..BUT she had a whole other packing cube full of jeans that she didn’t know about.  UGH!



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Jan 31, 2019, Thursday, Day at Sea


Today was another Sea Day.  I just can never get enough of these and sadly we only had 2 this cruise.


T and D invited M and I, and J and MK to Palo brunch with them.  I had not expected that at all, and it was very nice of them to arrange it.


I walked around a bit in the morning after I got ready and I saw Pete again and he had to run as he was on his way to Palo…hey so am I!


J messaged me that they arrived at Palo early and were seated, so I headed that way and joined the group.  Ironically we were seated next to Pete’s gang.


I took a bunch of pictures, so I will just post them.  We had good conversation and good food.  And best of all…since M is a platinum sailor….we got our meal for free (well we did tip).


40303269413_340c07961e_z.jpgsea1 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47267862171_18457e6814_z.jpgsea2 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40309441603_b6e1021d51_z.jpgsea44 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40303269293_56ebbc6399_z.jpgsea3 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32332138727_118000ed8d_z.jpgsea45 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47267861891_9a46a80fe5_z.jpgsea4 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47261166602_409de538eb_z.jpgsea72 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40303269133_40a4da28ee_z.jpgsea5 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47267861601_004bedea86_z.jpgsea6 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47267861371_9fd9ff61e1_z.jpgsea7 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348644903_5885be4e4b_z.jpgsea73 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And my favorite!  Chicken Parmesan!!!!


46544459324_576f77d24b_z.jpgsea8 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46544459084_2139f45cf3_z.jpgsea9 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47267860921_05164b7810_z.jpgsea10 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32326759497_5369cbce60_z.jpgsea11 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32326759357_6f85396ced_z.jpgsea12 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had a great time and literally rolled out.  I was soooo full!


32326759197_81657d77e5_z.jpgsea13 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32326759077_8c6e9ab649_z.jpgsea14 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46545207954_96c33bf792_z.jpgsea15 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32326758707_0249b4b791_z.jpgsea16 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We headed back to the room and changed.  Claire had told me not to allow her to sleep in today as she missed most of the last Sea Day and she wanted to do stuff around the ship “as a family” today.


She was ready and waiting and we looked over options.  Towel folding was just starting so we headed that way.  Claire has wanted to do a towel folding class on the ship for years!


M went with us and we arrived a little late, but grabbed our towels and soon caught up.  We were NOT very good.


46545207664_5ed3bce2f9_z.jpgsea17 by Jenseib, on Flickr


That would be a dinosaur.


32326758287_5f344cb892_z.jpgsea18 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And now on to elephants.


47261166512_4009a2f356_z.jpgsea74 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33437855538_43cebdfca6_z.jpgsea75 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The twist part was called a carrot and we just kept laughing at how terrible our carrots were coming out.


40348644433_b1af1411cd_z.jpgsea76 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And now for the swan….which kind of looked like a snake.


47261166432_88f7cb94f4_z.jpgsea77 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And some point we gave up trying from our chairs and went to the floor.


32326758027_3d0f06f66d_z.jpgsea19 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32326757917_2f65898998_z.jpgsea20 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We were making a monkey now.


46550755364_34d9cc5274_z.jpgsea21 by Jenseib, on Flickr


M’s was pretty good.


46550755234_168d99c9a0_z.jpgsea22 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire’s wasn’t too bad.


46550755144_779109f8f8_z.jpgsea23 by Jenseib, on Flickr


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After towel folding, we went for trivia in the Promanade lounge.  Disney toons!


46550755024_de77e56424_z.jpgsea24 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32332139067_d7fa31eec0_z.jpgsea25 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We were early so we grabbed out seats and ordered some drinks.  M tried an Irish coffee that was way more Irish and coffee and she couldn’t drink it.


Trivia with Connor



We did well and tied with 2 other teams.  They only had a few prizes so we just took one plastic medal. …which promptly broke….but no matter, we have a few at home already.


We took a break and walked around a bit and then came back to laze in our chairs again.  At some point PT asked where we were and what we had been doing.  A whole lot of nothing today!  I think she came down and joined us and I think Z did too.


Time for another trivia game!  We had fun!  Then it was craft time and M made a Marde Gras mask.  Claire wouldn’t make one and I had no desire too.


The girls went off together and I went off on my own for a bit.



40309443583_8228e7f8ed_z.jpgsea27 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40309443783_22202d8c95_z.jpgsea26 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was a little foggy out today.


40309443263_461a08a6a1_z.jpgsea28 by Jenseib, on Flickr




We then got ready for the evening and headed off to see Frozen!


40348644743_bd88e5311d_z.jpgsea78 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I really wanted to take a nap today, but Claire insisted I stay with her to do “family things”, so it never happened.  The show was crowded and I was sure with the crowds and the swaying of the ship I would have anxiety of feeling trapped and/or issues with staying awake.


Now I am going to say the show was VERY good, but because I was so dead tired I did have issues staying awake during slow times and I did get the restless leg syndrome too.  I was in the middle of the row and I just had that “I need to move” feeling.


32371658757_79e6ef95b0_z.jpgsea79 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47261166302_f8d99d652a_z.jpgsea80 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348644633_6fe73afc08_z.jpgsea81 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32371658527_8e1fba2fac_z.jpgsea82 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47261166052_0b3e44399c_z.jpgsea83 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32371658457_e945c6022e_z.jpgsea84 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32371658337_4a989f66f8_z.jpgsea85 by Jenseib, on Flickr


After the show we all headed over to Crown and Fin for 90’s trivia!  We had 2 teams tonight.


40309443153_a39324b241_z.jpgsea29 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Oh and we were glittered for Marde Gras tonight!  You can’t see it, but the outfit Claire is wearing is what I call her M outfit.  When we bought it she was not sure she liked the pants, but I told her that it would be something I could see M wearing and all of a sudden they were ok to get.  When Claire came out all dressed from the bathroom, M immediately says “I love those pants”!  See…Momma knows!  That made Claire very happy.





I did horrid with the 90’s trivia.  But we do it for the fun of it and each night Jo would get funnier and funnier.  The one thing we didn’t like was that Natalie the cruise director would come in each night and they would banter and joke with each other and it was wasted time.  I don’t care for Natalie at all. I know some love her…me…she annoys me for the most part.  Claire dislikes her even worse!  Hahaha.


Dinner was in Tiana’s tonight, which really is my favorite place now.


40309443003_a95b096bca_z.jpgsea30 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40309442883_ee40c51b03_z.jpgsea31 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40309442693_0f8dda7604_z.jpgsea32 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire was being beaded!


46550753204_3159dc3d5e_z.jpgsea33 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I realized I forgot something and I think M did too, so I ran back to the room to get whatever we needed.


46385004995_da8c361ef3_z.jpgsea46 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40335182083_014582450e_z.jpgsea47 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I actually think one of us left our room key in the room and then something else on top of that.  Whatever it was, I went fast and came back out of breath.


40335181763_c70ecf1b2f_z.jpgsea48 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And obviously took pictures on the go.


46385004185_34834a295a_z.jpgsea49 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40335181163_02982c1f56_z.jpgsea50 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40347655003_5183f67c14_z.jpgsea51 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47312570481_ddd734a2aa_z.jpgsea52 by Jenseib, on Flickr


One night during the cruise, several of us switched over to cherry cokes (or diet cherry in my case).  This threw Renato for a loop.  It was like we weren’t allowed to switch what we drank.  Poncho ended up many times getting us refills as Renato disappeared.


40309442513_9e69791d7b_z.jpgsea34 by Jenseib, on Flickr





I liked the meat ball things.


40347655103_7640716eff_z.jpgsea53 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The soup was just ok.


47312570381_77841030b2_z.jpgsea54 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47312570311_4ec6c4cae3_z.jpgsea55 by Jenseib, on Flickr


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Tiana found us again tonight.


46589207074_97e931667b_z.jpgsea56 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire loved her meat tonight.  (She got 2)


32371756907_b59336dfc0_z.jpgsea86 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I tried a couple of things.


40309442383_9b248d60e6_z.jpgsea35 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40309442233_e24411dde0_z.jpgsea36 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32332140457_c119739dc7_z.jpgsea37 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And I tried several desserts!


33436833868_9609989fe4_z.jpgsea59 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32370690217_da173560ac_z.jpgsea60 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Then the parade started!


46589206864_3f7d8de5b7_z.jpgsea61 by Jenseib, on Flickr




Claire actually went with M to march around….something she would NEVER normally do. Z went with them too!




32332140317_14889bc449_z.jpgsea38 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46397634005_2e6485ca07_z.jpgsea62 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46589389764_b01d5061d5_z.jpgsea63 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47260312422_b01d5061d5_z.jpgsea64 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46589389564_059cf6b108_z.jpgsea65 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32332140127_bdbe630de5_z.jpgsea39 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348268033_c6e72924a5_z.jpgsea66 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This cruise we were celebrating my 50th birthday (I was still a young 49 on this cruise) and Z’s 18th b-day.  They brought out the celebration cakes tonight.  It was the worst night because we had eaten so many desserts already…..and cherries!  They kept bringing bowls of cherries for our drinks and we were just eating the cherries plain….MMMMM!


46398260905_b9c04646c5_z.jpgsea67 by Jenseib, on Flickr


M ordered some beignets to take to her friend later and put them in the room. I took my celebration cake.  The next day our stateroom host took M’s beignets out (She didn’t have a chance to give them to him last night) and she left my celebration cake…which by that time was hard and disgusting.  We were not too impressed with her taking ANY food away…and M had a cover on her beignets.


After dinner, Claire went back to the room and I we all went to Azure for Snippets.  I ran to the bathroom and took a few pictures of the area as I think I hadn’t ever even stepped foot in Cadillac Lounge yet. 


32371264077_02102ff3de_z.jpgsea68 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46398260735_63c7552e9c_z.jpgsea69 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348267743_d1df51a4a4_z.jpgsea70 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46398260615_e7a1bee2a0_z.jpgsea71 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And Mike Super, the Magician was the adult show tonight.


40309441863_9b17d5dd19_z.jpgsea40 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32332139887_265991bd0a_z.jpgsea41 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40309441713_2a29460b60_z.jpgsea42 by Jenseib, on Flickr


He was pretty good and again we enjoyed the show.  It was funny, as most nights it was M and I, Z, PT and F and sometimes friends of M would sit near us.  We sat in the same row almost every single night.  I guess we just were comfortable there.

One thing I don’t like about Azure is the little round tables in each row.  I get they are needed for drinks, etc….but they weigh about 7 thousand pounds.  Just to move them a little bit to get in and out of the row was no small feat! 


Once the show was done, I headed up top for a bit, talked to a few people, got some drinks and then went back to the room to hit the sack!


32332139367_75a4158e32_z.jpgsea43 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire had found Mama Mia 2 on TV and it kind of replayed over and over, but each night she would catch it at the same part.  So she would change it. Then she found some game show…like deal or no deal…or something like that and I have no clue how it worked but she really got into it.  We would turn off the TV when we were too tired and made sure a light was on on M’s side and pull the curtains shut….and off to dream land!

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Feb. 1, 2019, Friday, Antigua


Antigua is another new port of call for us.  We were excited to see what it had in store for us!


Today it was just Claire and I again.  I believe PT’s family was doing an all-inclusive resort…and this might have been the day that M, J and MK went with T and D on a private boat, which they said was wonderful.


I went out to take a few pictures as we arrived.


32371828667_a9f96ee8c7_z.jpgant31 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348815873_1f0596e593_z.jpgant32 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348815833_a5a4680e58_z.jpgant33 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46360196045_28bb56c52f_z.jpgant1 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46551439594_28bb56c52f_z.jpgant2 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It looked like it was going to be another beautiful island.


46360195795_3f60546c3c_z.jpgant3 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46551439404_8c0d8cd53d_z.jpgant4 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46360195595_82bd4ca629_z.jpgant5 by Jenseib, on Flickr


As my data started working, I went on to check social media. I also would check my return flights each time I had data just to see if the price went down or if I could get a later flight at the same cost.  Well today was a score.  Still the same early flight, but between the 2 of us I could get something like 1400 points back. I made the change and it said it couldn’t go through. I tried a few more times and it just wouldn’t work right.  I then looked at my email and it did actually go through!  Yay!  I am always for getting more points back in my account.

When I booked this trip I had used almost all my points to get flights for the 3 of us.  With canceling Skip’s flight and now points back, my point balance was now increasing to an amount I was happy with!


I went and got Claire up and ready and we headed off for a bite to eat.


47313769061_82c2b5198c_z.jpgant34 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I can’t remember where we met today, but I am thinking Azure.  We grabbed some towels and went off with our group when called.  Today we were doing an island tour of sorts and it was supposed to have some off roading and a spot for swimming.  We decided against swimming and just wore regular clothes.  We figured it would be uncomfortable to get back in a vehicle and continue touring while wet and in our suits.


We followed our group.


33438023818_8fc3b398b9_z.jpgant35 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40398294073_0649deb831_z.jpgant105 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348815733_fabb07158a_z.jpgant36 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47313769351_94c668351d_z.jpgant37 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46551439264_417633825c_z.jpgant6 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46551439044_69242a3916_z.jpgant8 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46360195195_a4bbe4dfdb_z.jpgant9 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47222669742_9741dd76b2_z.jpgant10 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Antigua has a sister island, Barbuda. They talked about it quite a bit, but also told us it was basically destroyed in a hurricane.


47283598681_67f74cf05a_z.jpgant11 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32341766387_b3b1105554_z.jpgant12 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446747387_b564cd5c6f_z.jpgant169 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47283598541_b2cf373754_z.jpgant13 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32341766067_753fc5906b_z.jpgant14 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This lady who had been leading us handed us over to a guy. I can’t remember his name, but he ended up being our driver.


He took us to our vehicles.


47283598361_5c1cb0ff39_z.jpgant15 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33408555558_3db9cd174a_z.jpgant16 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33408555488_609dd825ab_z.jpgant17 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47284154011_a2d5e41c0e_z.jpgant18 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We arrived at Path Finder type vehicles.  They were to hold 6 people each, and they had 2 for a total of 12 people.  As he told us to get in the vehicles, people kind of just stood there and I figured I would move so I wasn’t stuck in the back. I am not tiny and I wasn’t about to be smashed in the 3rd row.


I hopped in the front seat and it wasn’t super roomy, but it would do.  Claire and 2 bigger guys got in the 2nd row and an older couple went to the 3rd row.  When I saw how cramped the 2nd row was, I told the biggest guy I would trade him and he could have the front.

The older couple sat for about 30 seconds and said no way.  And I don’t blame them.  The 3rd row had no leg room. It was one of those seats that basically sit on the floor of the vehicle and unless you can lay your legs out in front of you there is nowhere to put your legs.  They said they would not spend the next several hours cooped up like that.


Our driver called in that we were about to leave and that 2 had decided not to go because of the lack of space in the back seat. He even said, I don’t blame them.

We put Claire in the way back and I told her she could sit sideways and lay her legs across the seat.


The other vehicle had 2 kids and they put them in the back seat.  This is the ONLY way that these vehicles would hold 6.

We had 4 in our vehicle now and the only way it was really comfortable was putting Claire in the back alone.


Off we went and our driver chatted away and pointed out different things on the island.  He said the ship actually docks near a poor section of the island but further out they have some really rich people who have houses on the island.


As we went along I saw this sign and it just made me laugh.


33408555328_f7d7a5c25e_z.jpgant19 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We all know that medical benefits are a scheme….but they actually announce it!  Hahahaah


I will warn you now. I took a lot of pictures…all mostly snapshot types from a moving vehicle.


47284153691_e0258fb7fb_z.jpgant20 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Selfie time.  Right now Claire is a little annoyed that I made her sit in the back.


33438023688_19007b138e_z.jpgant38 by Jenseib, on Flickr


He took us up high to a parking lot for an overlook view.


32664102357_7cf70fcbf7_z.jpgant26 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was really stunning!

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Now we worked our way out of the main town area.  Along the way, he had pointed out schools and churches and other important buildings.


47553516372_eefbf67c22_z.jpgant23 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32664102527_3164ee21ed_z.jpgant24 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47553516262_7c30bae0c2_z.jpgant25 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Gardening is a big thing here.


47553516102_265949e4cb_z.jpgant27 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Many people had gardens, some nice and some basically in the middle of weeds.


32664102147_0a55a42063_z.jpgant28 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Antigua used to be known for sugar and it has its sugar mill buildings all over the island…basically falling apart, but they are still cool to see.  They also have bananas and other fruits.  Now of course, it’s main source of money is tourism.


47553515862_351112e5a0_z.jpgant29 by Jenseib, on Flickr




32664101847_0ab4462176_z.jpgant30 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446747297_9fbe57e8a9_z.jpgant170 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518511827_1af7f596a3_z.jpgant171 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We started to go a little more off the beaten path and into the hills.


32518513377_087d922ef9_z.jpgant172 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518513307_c023a5ed93_z.jpgant173 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518513217_6676d949fb_z.jpgant174 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518513117_b97de2ca87_z.jpgant175 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518513017_fc3ffcf456_z.jpgant176 by Jenseib, on Flickr


There also were a lot of junk cars and trucks just left here and there.


32518512987_e7a4458e75_z.jpgant177 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I asked about that and he said once they stopped working, it was just easy to leave them rather than trying to take them somewhere to be junked.


I believe these are guava.


47407295682_6c6cca2877_z.jpgant178 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518512877_f3cc6dd283_z.jpgant179 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518512847_a5e84a1c84_z.jpgant180 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I believe off in the distance is the Church of Rasta.


47407295512_4a51fdfbe6_z.jpgant181 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And you guessed right if you put 2 and 2 together with the name Rasta….It is the church of weed!  Hahaha.  Our driver told us that they had a lot of churches and different faiths as I believe they got tax breaks and other benefits for forming churches.


47407295412_c3b6b7b630_z.jpgant182 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518512697_b01e2a0bb9_z.jpgant183 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40348815593_65e8b78f26_z.jpgant39 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32421816687_419db59484_z.jpgant106 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47407295312_22ef4ff951_z.jpgant184 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47407295242_d9368fdca2_z.jpgant185 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We pulled over and he got out and picked some weeds and tied them up and rubbed them….lemon grass.  It smelled so strong.


32518511707_5075ea6bd2_z.jpgant186 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Off we went again.


47407295152_4e5360ce5b_z.jpgant187 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Fires start on their own here.  He said that one farmer had a field where it was prone to fires and after a few years of everything burning up, he just gave up.


47407295082_a4df743a30_z.jpgant188 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Also fields are not like how they are in the states.  Things are kind of planted right in the grasses.


47407294942_9317f49f00_z.jpgant189 by Jenseib, on Flickr


He made a joke about if we were ready to go swimming….and then said, OK here we are.  Hahaha.


32518512417_b10e68ea30_z.jpgant190 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Fresh water is actually scarce on the island and they import some and save as much as they can when it does rain, which isn’t often.  (Ironically we did have some sprinkles today).


32518512347_0ec42b444d_z.jpgant191 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518512297_c998c58c57_z.jpgant192 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518512287_5cd13ffb85_z.jpgant193 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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I just thought the views were beautiful!  It really is a beautiful island.



32518512197_ef7e0cf6ca_z.jpgant194 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518512117_ac1f27e8da_z.jpgant195 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This road was one of the smoother ones.


32518512067_dcaf498877_z.jpgant196 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It had been sprinkling a bit and you can see a bit of it on the window.


32518511997_b629d04674_z.jpgant197 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32518511937_ef2d69ec4f_z.jpgant198 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I believe the port is off in the distance.  We had come quite a ways.  In the end I think we toured about ¾ of the island.


40348815463_bde54715bb_z.jpgant40 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47407294262_c70da426df_z.jpgant200 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Again…Seeing beautiful flowers in Jan/Feb is always a welcomed sight.


47422680882_36327cfefe_z.jpgant201 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32379355247_91e8bcf9fd_z.jpgant41 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47475544831_9346d6008f_z.jpgant202 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32379354777_d37248414c_z.jpgant42 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533674727_7af50f56f8_z.jpgant203 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I just missed getting the picture, but there was a bull dragging a tree behind him crossing the street!  He broke the tree down and was on his way……


32421816347_4b9302fa3d_z.jpgant109 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40398293833_5564df2aa8_z.jpgant108 by Jenseib, on Flickr


To his honey!


40398293683_d556926176_z.jpgant110 by Jenseib, on Flickr


You can see the rope tied to him still.


32430868357_e0366a98c2_z.jpgant111 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The farmer was actually in the area and waved to our driver to let him know he was aware the bull broke free.


46406337405_05b2cfcb88_z.jpgant43 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533674687_d7b9558a4b_z.jpgant204 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Ahhhh Flowers!


32533674607_367537282d_z.jpgant205 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47475544351_91df6afdf8_z.jpgant206 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47422680172_fe4764fe11_z.jpgant207 by Jenseib, on Flickr


More Cows!


32379354427_fd795cdae7_z.jpgant44 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47475544031_4bd58cc402_z.jpgant208 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47422679932_9844d0b827_z.jpgant209 by Jenseib, on Flickr


As we drove along, of course we talked with each other.  The 2 guys, which were a couple, were super nice and funny and we had a fun time with them.  Our driver asked where we were from and stuff like that and it came out what my profession is…which has to do with travel and destinations, etc.  He was like OMG!  We are in one of the worst vehicles in the fleet and I get the person who is going to write a review on us!  Hahaha.

I will say now, that I am pretty sure our tour was extended once he found that out and he did a lot of “extra’s” for us…or so I am led to believe.


At some point I asked about a bathroom break. It had been a few hours….and I am a lady with a small bladder.  He made a stop at a store and went in and asked if we could use the bathroom and he would make it right with them later.  Of the 2 vehicles, I would say ¾’s of us used the bathroom.   So that might be something they need to add to the tour…an earlier bathroom break.


We finally made it to see some of the beautiful water.


46406336745_764e6a25e8_z.jpgant45 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I honestly think Antigua has some of the most beautiful water views I have ever seen. It was just stunning and pictures do not do it justice.


47475543721_b028f0a2b5_z.jpgant210 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I believe this was the area where some of the stars have homes…way up in those hills.


46752356874_a5a1ae6ef1_z.jpgant211 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533788117_aebfa29ce3_z.jpgant212 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46752356704_be9514d19f_z.jpgant213 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46752356634_dce745f75f_z.jpgant214 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I am thinking up ahead is where Eric Clapton’s house is/was.


32533787887_358337554e_z.jpgant215 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46752356504_1bf2f75eab_z.jpgant216 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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We now were reaching the Harbor area and it was also beautiful.  I think they have some big Regatta each year.


32533787757_03bc96cff6_z.jpgant217 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46752356354_d1b8f0d5cb_z.jpgant218 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We then had to swoop around to get a better view.


32533787547_35b64e7e48_z.jpgant219 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46406337285_e3b0ef9e77_z.jpgant46 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533787317_8395b40fc7_z.jpgant221 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46457605725_2c0b7c3c9f_z.jpgant112 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533787157_f713523833_z.jpgant222 by Jenseib, on Flickr


What a view these homes have!


32533787047_8e4c00892c_z.jpgant223 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533786927_5297f1a975_z.jpgant224 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533786737_8545988056_z.jpgant225 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533786647_17815129d5_z.jpgant226 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Here is one of those sugar mills. We had seen them all throughout the island.


46448778455_310bfae3d5_z.jpgant113 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533786457_60dd3a5bc1_z.jpgant227 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533786357_5ac5ec2d2a_z.jpgant228 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Look at those Evergreen trees in the distance.  They just seemed out of place.


32533786147_a29f223255_z.jpgant229 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32533786037_fc813cd599_z.jpgant230 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46758512624_7ac0e39a1d_z.jpgant231 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Another sugar mill.


32421787597_2f87422156_z.jpgant114 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And another one in the distance.


46758512574_406767dcf2_z.jpgant232 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46406337165_b631ccaf24_z.jpgant48 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32430869457_bcb33198c5_z.jpgant115 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Did you know it takes something like a year for a banana tree to grow a new batch of bananas?


32421787447_e650a30657_z.jpgant116 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And once you pick them then you need to cut the tree down to a stalk and a new one will grow to make the next batch.


33496360078_fded381dd2_z.jpgant117 by Jenseib, on Flickr


They had regular bananas and baby bananas which were even tastier.


He then stopped off to the side of the road and picked some guava for us to try.


32421787347_f8b826fa25_z.jpgant118 by Jenseib, on Flickr


You eat the whole thing.  It was OK, but I had a hard time getting my brain around eating the whole thing.


46448777915_4cf5f47921_z.jpgant119 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire and I only took a few bites, but one of the guys ate the whole thing. His partner was laughing at him because he could only take a bite too.


I forget what these were, but they were something special as well.


32379353807_eae459b754_z.jpgant49 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46665183204_18a042f14e_z.jpgant166 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46758512524_b67621df85_z.jpgant233 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46758512474_5a7921e090_z.jpgant234 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539858537_1bb151f17e_z.jpgant235 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This was some kind of prickly tree, a natural defense to keep people (and animals) away from it.


32446747437_f53e0281fe_z.jpgant167 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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Hello Donkey!


32539858457_80b88df22d_z.jpgant236 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32421787187_86f43a272e_z.jpgant120 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539858047_92b08dc496_z.jpgant237 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We made another stop!


32539856307_76bbe33dd4_z.jpgant238 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I can’t remember what he grabbed here, but I think it was some other weed type thing for us to look at.


And then another stop!


This time for pineapple, which I did not know, but is a big producer here.


32539857897_1884970e00_z.jpgant239 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46457604875_b03e2b93bc_z.jpgant122 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was very good!  And that is one of Claire’s favorite foods!


32539857747_2c62cfe032_z.jpgant240 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46457604945_2e34d10d50_z.jpgant121 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539857467_a09289eb16_z.jpgant241 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And one more stop!  He went out and picked some finger rose (baby) bananas.  And they were sooooo good!


46457604845_1348eb3f97_z.jpgant123 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I think all these stops for food were “extra”. I know he actually purchased the pineapple for us to try and I think he looked for baby bananas in an area where he would not be “caught” taking them.  Hahaha.


And now for some of the scenery that has made Antigua probably my favorite place ever.


46406337035_a41819dc05_z.jpgant50 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46406336665_e77d133904_z.jpgant51 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32379353357_07a4c7f549_z.jpgant52 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This water looks absolutely stunning!


47429002882_fc33c6b6e9_z.jpgant242 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539857197_aa39790742_z.jpgant243 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And this is one of the nicer areas for homes too.


47429002772_0fd64813ca_z.jpgant244 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539857107_58fd8b0c76_z.jpgant245 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I believe he pulled off the road so we could take pictures.


32379353087_8ca333411d_z.jpgant53 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539856887_b8230ecc25_z.jpgant246 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539856657_c91f07830a_z.jpgant247 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32539856527_117480a75c_z.jpgant248 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47481853941_ec58dc212c_z.jpgant249 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47481853761_3b4e566662_z.jpgant250 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482260621_c7b15c29ca_z.jpgant253 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33605612158_9f0f32595a_z.jpgant254 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This tower (and mountain) used to be called Bogey Peak, I think, but now is called Mount Obama.  It is the tallest point in Antigua.  I guess it was renamed not too long ago. Our driver was so funny. He said Obama never visited or did anything for Antigua and he has no idea why they have something to honor him.


46457604765_5fefe42665_z.jpgant124 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33605612048_88ab1f65a9_z.jpgant255 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33605611998_9db9c56d36_z.jpgant256 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262991_e94158ffe6_z.jpgant257 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262951_4e5e0c2d48_z.jpgant258 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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Now we were getting closer to our beach stop.  At one point Claire and I and the guys were talking when our driver was out that we really didn’t care if we did the beach stop as we didn’t care if we swam and were already having a good enough time.  As we approached the beach area we could all see how stupid that thought was.


46406336795_c2297b4a69_z.jpgant54 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32379352327_49b616f1fd_z.jpgant55 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262861_71d0d23753_z.jpgant259 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262701_f4300839c6_z.jpgant260 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46417892795_8d602e3312_z.jpgant57 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261921_341df1376c_z.jpgant269 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32540259067_69c025f7a9_z.jpgant261 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Whenever I think of paradise in the future, some of these images will surely come to mind.


32390820807_58d9e6f076_z.jpgant58 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262611_9f99e09c9b_z.jpgant262 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262491_24ce1693c6_z.jpgant263 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32390819427_d2c8b5c57f_z.jpgant59 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46417892615_8a9bd85b11_z.jpgant60 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We pulled off across the street and parked. Our driver gave us each a drink and then we crossed over and went through a building that had a snack bar with items to purchase and tables, etc. It also had restrooms (not the greatest, but hey when you need one, it works). 

We put our stuff on a table with the guys and they went out to swim and Claire and I explored the beach….and both wishing we had worn our swimsuits!





47482262391_5205925d01_z.jpgant264 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I took a few “hat shots”.


46665183084_03c4abbd38_z.jpgant168 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33496359958_17989f0164_z.jpgant125 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32390820547_9f4357a4ca_z.jpgant61 by Jenseib, on Flickr





46417892475_4112c4f89d_z.jpgant62 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire was wearing jeans….because she hates shorts for some odd reason.  At first she backed away from the waves, and then she didn’t care and let herself get wet.


46417892375_09f0b0f982_z.jpgant63 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46457604545_fbdfdfaecb_z.jpgant128 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46457604445_e8817e5500_z.jpgant129 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262311_b24bccb2ae_z.jpgant265 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482262161_43bb327289_z.jpgant266 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482260451_0844836658_z.jpgant267 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I just couldn’t get enough pictures…everything was beautiful!


47482260451_0844836658_z.jpgant267 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261831_4675885030_z.jpgant270 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261401_7bb22c8ae6_z.jpgant277 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Every time the waves came in I thought it was another fantastic shot to take.


47482261711_1e4fb30596_z.jpgant271 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482260301_aed22e2306_z.jpgant284 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261621_c609285014_z.jpgant272 by Jenseib, on Flickr


They did have some vendors on each side of the building off to the far right and left.  One was kind of pushy and kept yelling at me to come look at her stuff.  I HATE that!  I was obviously taking pictures….why on earth would you keep bothering someone when they told you no.






47482261561_d13cd6cdb7_z.jpgant273 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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We walked up and down the beach and waded in and out at times.  Darn! I wish we had worn out suits!


47482261501_c8637b1f74_z.jpgant274 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32540258967_2c47ba9a4d_z.jpgant275 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32430868697_e7b90c55f0_z.jpgant130 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46457604345_dcedac0354_z.jpgant131 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261281_73d683bc9d_z.jpgant279 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261251_69045e1be9_z.jpgant280 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261201_0065d994f2_z.jpgant281 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261041_960b94aaf1_z.jpgant285 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482261111_d3d75800e8_z.jpgant283 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Just look at the color of that water!


32540259497_935f3f92d2_z.jpgant286 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Sadly my camera has spots on the lens so most of my pics have spots.


47482260861_433d051dd0_z.jpgant287 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32540259367_491d4f8ebc_z.jpgant288 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47482260781_8e022243ca_z.jpgant289 by Jenseib, on Flickr


She didn’t care about getting wet after a while. Hahaha.


32540259257_4c41f6a38d_z.jpgant290 by Jenseib, on Flickr


A shadow selfie!


32430868587_f29d19dfc6_z.jpgant132 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33496360468_6c2178815b_z.jpgant133 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire went and sat down at the table to finish her drink and I went off to the side to get more pictures.


32430868487_3632162352_z.jpgant134 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32430868027_0ceb1820ea_z.jpgant135 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32390820237_59f1ce9168_z.jpgant64 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46417892235_ffdbfaacfe_z.jpgant65 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33605612388_124d8be2aa_z.jpgant251 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46417892055_03b3f4029b_z.jpgant66 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And it was time to go again.  Claire went back to her small back seat.  She still was not too happy about that.


46417891915_5cbf7557b0_b.jpgant67 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had been talking with the guys and we all laughed how we had said earlier we would be fine skipping the beach and it ended up being one of the most beautiful places ever.


More sugar mills.


32437909797_c1a5e6a1b6_z.jpgant136 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46464452145_3a894d0298_z.jpgant137 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46417891815_cefbe7b2e7_z.jpgant68 by Jenseib, on Flickr


At one point we passed where PT and family was staying for the day.  She said it was great there too.


Our driver did point out some all-inclusive resorts in the area too.


46417891715_1abfb18873_z.jpgant69 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46417891525_310b958fb2_z.jpgant70 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32437909217_8e8b78b5ac_z.jpgant138 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46433862035_378d15d972_z.jpgant71 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32437908827_13ee3c3b22_z.jpgant139 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32437908267_f75b3833d2_z.jpgant140 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32445174357_06b36359f0_z.jpgant141 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32445173657_7366d907c1_z.jpgant142 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32445173477_c78b626bae_z.jpgant143 by Jenseib, on Flickr


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And another cow alongside of the road.


32445173347_8912f881c9_z.jpgant144 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47334063002_60ecb96315_z.jpgant145 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47296196672_3c80c6b59b_z.jpgant72 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33472875248_eb801b1899_z.jpgant73 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47296196432_66e692ae56_z.jpgant74 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33472875118_5ef84e8669_z.jpgant75 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46471918725_63d2b1a0f8_z.jpgant146 by Jenseib, on Flickr


More flowers!


33473048468_5d391cd811_z.jpgant76 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I see the ships!


47349067071_23322e7b81_z.jpgant77 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46434013755_a05b73125b_z.jpgant78 by Jenseib, on Flickr


When we went past this place I just had to take a picture.  The name totally cracked me up.


47349067041_16e8137a2f_z.jpgant79 by Jenseib, on Flickr


As we got closer to the port you could really see it was the slum area. Some dwellings weren’t much more than cardboard houses.  They had vendors set up along the road too. And you could smell weed.  Our driver said they were probably Church of Rasta Parishioners!  Hahaha.


He dropped us off near the ship and we tipped him nicely as he really did a great job. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion.  My only complaint would be that it states 6 per vehicle and there is no way 6 would fit and ride for that many hours comfortably.  We had 4 and it was fine, with the exception of Claire in the way back and she said she was cramping up a bit.  3 in the middle seat would be tight. If they change it to a max of 4 I would recommend it to everyone.

Also an extra bathroom stop as it would be too long to make it to the beach break if that is the only stop they normally make.


I found Antigua absolutely stunning. I would love to visit again someday.


I wanted to do a little shopping, but Claire, who did not use the bathroom, had to go really bad and wanted to get back to the ship.


33605612248_15a0b870c9_z.jpgant252 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I took her back on and we cleaned up a bit (AKA wipe sweat off of us) and then got a bite to eat.


46663698914_2256956ecd_z.jpgant147 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We thought those were mozzarella sticks but I think they were actually fish sticks and not very good ones at that.


33473049188_106f180584_z.jpgant80 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I then headed off the ship again to look around. Claire decided to stay on the ship.


46471918235_e794d8494d_z.jpgant148 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40421473003_196003f389_z.jpgant149 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32407355837_22c31e3072_z.jpgant81 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32407355777_c071991713_z.jpgant82 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I looked around and bought a few things, but they had a lot of pushy people.  Why don’t they understand that we do NOT like that. If you are pushy, I will walk away. You probably would have made a sale, but now you aren’t. 


Back to the ship!


The horn playing…I believe to announce all aboard.




Claire and I headed to deck 4 as we were sailing away.


46471917985_992284a84c_z.jpgant150 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32407355717_0c43dc5121_z.jpgant83 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Video..lots of horns going



And more horn




32407355577_406005d88b_z.jpgant84 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446748497_81d89c7679_z.jpgant151 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32407355497_84ab4e5638_z.jpgant85 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446748387_40c0c57a77_z.jpgant153 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446748297_3843c00231_z.jpgant154 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446748247_28f660e302_z.jpgant155 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46665183834_c3fe066bcb_z.jpgant156 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32408773577_c972f00d79_z.jpgant86 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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As we sailed away the sun was going down and it was beautiful!


32408773407_f7cc3ed7ee_z.jpgant87 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40385389413_d990b99702_z.jpgant88 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47350681691_b30d243deb_z.jpgant90 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We watched as the sun went lower and lower.  It was amazing how fast it seemed to drop into the ocean.


32408772897_5e63e6958c_z.jpgant91 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32408772767_e3a0249b18_z.jpgant93 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Tonight’s show was jump ropers and we didn’t care to see them so we skipped it.


Tonight was 2000’s trivia though and we all headed that way.  This night it was crowded!  It was funny how we had gone pretty much every night and each night it got busier and busier.  We were all full of spirit tonight and PT, J and I all ordered soft pretzels.


46665183814_9b51370d18_z.jpgant157 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Some of us got some drinks too.  We had a fun time!  Not so well at trivia, but we don’ t need to win, it’s just fun going.


Crown and Fin has snacks out each evening too.


47350681461_f29ca87eb2_z.jpgant94 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32408772597_c0c331bee3_z.jpgant95 by Jenseib, on Flickr


After trivia was over it was still lively in there and J wanted me to go up and get a drink with her.


40388375533_6f22978216_z.jpgant96 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47353703701_ebcd495600_z.jpgant97 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40388376163_af69a2cf27_z.jpgant98 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Her and MK were drinking these. I don’t know what they were.


47353703601_a4552d3ab6_z.jpgant99 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Then it was time for dinner!


I believe we were in Royal Palace tonight.


I really like that they had butter balls instead of the little containers of butter.


32446748047_3240d4e030_z.jpgant158 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46665183654_6d727f3bbc_z.jpgant159 by Jenseib, on Flickr


MK and I both had the oysters.  I took a bite.  Hmmm pretty fishy.  I took another and said nope, can’t do this, too fishy. MK took a bite and said “you’re right”.  Then the taste lingered and MK said he had to find something quick to get that crap taste out of his mouth.  I was laughing so hard.  I agreed, but the way he said it (and he has a southern accent) was just so funny!

I have had oysters on the ships before and they were fine. This batch just was not good.


47353703481_1408224612_z.jpgant101 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32446747907_81dab714ac_z.jpgant160 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Surprisingly…Claire had steak!  I am sure you are shocked!


46665183524_fa9ba02f8b_z.jpgant161 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40388375933_592d1616db_z.jpgant100 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The lobster was better on this ship than it has been on the Fantasy the last few times.


40388375703_a92e5c5e7c_z.jpgant102 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47353703371_99d0749039_z.jpgant103 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Dinner was good, but we were all kind of tired tonight too. At the point too where we know we have eaten too much over the last several days.

However, tonight was Match your Mate, which is always fun, so most of us headed to Azure for that.  We played the 10 PM game and then watched Match your Mate and it was so funny.  It was a good time and with all the laughing we forgot how tired we were.


After that I took a walk on deck 4.


46665183454_611503a2f1_z.jpgant162 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And I went for some drinks to take back to the room and found these stairs, so I took a pic.


46665183374_d77b19d434_z.jpgant163 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This is terrible to say, but I have never looked in on the Bibbiti Bobbidi Boutiques on either the Wonder or the Magic. And when I sailed the Dream last, it hadn’t been added yet.


Back in the room and our towel animal.


32446747607_18b7b8883e_z.jpgant164 by Jenseib, on Flickr


M went to hang with her friends and Claire and I went to bed.  One more full day left. This cruise was going WAY too fast!


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Feb. 2, 2019, Saturday, St. Maarten


Hello St. Maarten….Yet another new port for me today.


32554268297_211b51da32_z.jpgstm1 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47496431831_a2b510d4d5_z.jpgstm2 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46606898275_675d406543_z.jpgstm76 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Lots of ships in port today!


47496431711_3815a78867_z.jpgstm3 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40687441443_a5510466e3_z.jpgstm60 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40687441953_6cfc5e111e_z.jpgstm59 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32554267977_1031fd959b_z.jpgstm4 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had no real plans today. None of us did.  We talked about going to a beach and possibly going to see the airplanes come in at the “airport” beach.


That morning I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. J and MK said I could join them at the beach, but I knew it was just them and I didn’t want to be a 5th wheel.  PT and family decided they were going to the airplane beach to start with.  I decided in the end that sounded like something I should see at least once in my life.


Claire had no desire to do ANYTHING!  So she slept and stayed on the ship.


I went up for breakfast with PT and F and the view was pretty from our outside table.


40687441913_68ce3ecb80_z.jpgstm61 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46930076594_04746533cd_z.jpgstm62 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47496431531_0e2b853eae_z.jpgstm5 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32554267707_6cae74852a_z.jpgstm6 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We packed our bags and headed off towards the taxi stand.


47496431341_b1342d6bf2_z.jpgstm7 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32554267417_96a372aae5_z.jpgstm8 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47496431151_63a37684dc_z.jpgstm9 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40530320123_a7e267cf06_z.jpgstm10 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623151838_0d2f030548_z.jpgstm11 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40533944043_13d41dbdd9_z.jpgstm12 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40533943993_107728092d_z.jpgstm13 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623151258_2d7079eba6_z.jpgstm21 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40533943943_4779484588_z.jpgstm14 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40533943883_005c5b51dc_z.jpgstm15 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40533943793_7bd4a1faee_z.jpgstm16 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We stopped as F went in a building for some wifi as his dad was sick at home and he wanted to check up on him. Unfortunately it had to be paid for and he said he would look into it later.


46776315124_ab12898cce_z.jpgstm17 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We found the taxi stands and decided exactly what route we wanted.  They have taxis going certain routes, you pay a set fee, and then they direct you to where you will stand to wait for your vehicle.


And then we were off.  It was a lot further away than I thought.  I will admit I did next to no research about St. Maarten.  I had looked at what Disney offered and I was not impressed with the options. PT looked at a few but in the end decided to wing it. J said from the beginning she was just probably doing a beach day as the beach is close.  For some reason, I had thought the beach near the airport was very near the ship, but it wasn’t.


I found the ride interesting. There were some massive boats docked here.


46930076514_bd6b348a72_z.jpgstm64 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40687441713_42a4e2d3c3_z.jpgstm65 by Jenseib, on Flickr


 As we went along you could see some of the devastation left from the hurricane. Many boats on the ground or sunk.


47653959551_af2d5e2370_z.jpgstm66 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40687441613_1f8b6effc4_z.jpgstm67 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40687441573_7c6ef25e52_z.jpgstm68 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47653959291_944cdaac0b_z.jpgstm69 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46738343855_c5a16e8ca7_z.jpgstm70 by Jenseib, on Flickr


My guess is the owners got the insurance money and the boats weren’t fixable so they decided not to spend the money on getting them junked somewhere and just left them as is.


33645412328_45f1487ea6_z.jpgstm71 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46606898045_38b0161d94_z.jpgstm72 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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We arrived at our destination. As we pulled in it was kind of a narrow road and people were standing on the curb. I swear we were going to hit them and no one paid attention. Later I realized they were watching planes come it and it was easy to lose track to where you were.


There was a building with a bar and food and a pool, chairs, etc. More to it than just a beach.


33623151378_20e023fb70_z.jpgstm18 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We headed off to the bathrooms first and saw they charge a dollar to go….ugh. I HATE that!

But they were working on something and just told us to go in, so I did. Later I came back to go again before we left and they were charging then.


And then we made our way over to the beach.  They had a bunch of chairs in rows next to the bar and beyond that was open beach and you could see the planes.


40556357953_d83aa79e2f_z.jpgstm77 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Video of plane taking off.




They have an area painted red where the danger zone is.  As you probably know, people used to hold on to the fence and let their bodies fly back from the jets and someone was killed not too long ago.  I heard they were watching, but I never saw anyone actually watching, though no one tried it either.


And then we watched for planes and tried to get pictures.  It was harder than you think.


46606898555_8314455c5d_z.jpgstm73 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623150558_83412d5860_z.jpgstm19 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623151108_fa38492a25_z.jpgstm22 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623151308_46e6714944_z.jpgstm20 by Jenseib, on Flickr






I did go to the water at some point and waded in a bit.  We never did end up swimming because for some reason Z didn’t wear a suit today.


40533943233_c5785c8691_z.jpgstm23 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40533943143_48bcbb0917_z.jpgstm24 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623150538_a64abb5f35_z.jpgstm25 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Beautiful water here too.


33623150918_f34ef8b6d0_z.jpgstm26 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46776315554_cb7282abfe_z.jpgstm27 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The beach



46776315444_b6cd34b08f_z.jpgstm29 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623150768_f6df9e0def_z.jpgstm30 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This lady who didn’t speak English well kept asking me over and over when the next plane was coming in.  I told her I had no clue and that I just kept watching the sky….but she kept asking me.


In this video you will see her in front of me. She seemed to constantly stand in front of me and if I moved she did.  It started to become a joke with us and PT and F were referring to her as my new friend.   I guess I looked like I knew a lot about plane schedules.




33623150518_1b07b89a49_z.jpgstm31 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623150748_8b2cb97643_z.jpgstm32 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Ahhh…this must be when I went up to the water to check it out.


33623150718_df18033d05_z.jpgstm33 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33623150668_2fe268a131_z.jpgstm34 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47447113292_7424455c6f_z.jpgstm35 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47447878352_bfd534c2ab_z.jpgstm36 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47447878212_d426a4a628_z.jpgstm37 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47447878152_e1b500bde1_z.jpgstm38 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The water felt good….at home we were below zero….here in the 80’s.


47447878082_899267641f_z.jpgstm39 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47447878032_5a92afdd08_z.jpgstm40 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47448664402_67ab135589_z.jpgstm41 by Jenseib, on Flickr


So F was going to take a nice video and PT and I were going to do selfies with the plane.  I never loaded the video to my Youtube, but he did a great job.  I don’t know what the heck I was doing though.  The sun was shining and it was really hard to see my selfie….but seriously…I am not even facing the right direction!!!


46606898135_5c411d8e50_z.jpgstm78 by Jenseib, on Flickr


There I got a wing….Wow….that was bad!


40557634043_910527c3a0_z.jpgstm82 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Oh let me try one more.  Evidently I didn’t have any clue on direction that day.


47523623161_c81edaa41e_z.jpgstm92 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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At some point Z had left us to go up by the bar and wait for us.  We decided it was time to go and we found Z…eating a pizza!  LOL.  So we waited for him to finish.


33645412128_d5715b7ee4_z.jpgstm74 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46606898355_61d42e59b5_z.jpgstm75 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40556357743_ee4d86ea52_z.jpgstm80 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47448664362_b6ca0d4e56_z.jpgstm42 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40535480493_faa7f0f559_z.jpgstm44 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47448664272_b02fff5458_z.jpgstm45 by Jenseib, on Flickr


After he was done, we headed off to catch a taxi back, but we were having him drop us off at the beach near the port.  It didn’t take too long and one arrived.


40535481133_208cba4223_z.jpgstm46 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And back we went. This time we took a different route back and there was a lot of traffic today too.


47536310061_e52168cd3f_z.jpgstm117 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536309871_71812f28e1_z.jpgstm118 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33646799068_b5e939b43e_z.jpgstm81 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536309761_fa95f301dd_z.jpgstm119 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33646798998_d2a7cbe035_z.jpgstm83 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536308241_b04e17b869_z.jpgstm120 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536309631_33903af0f3_z.jpgstm121 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536309301_21184b56ba_z.jpgstm123 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536309151_cd209ab8d5_z.jpgstm124 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I see our ship!


47536309071_0d7b56a67f_z.jpgstm125 by Jenseib, on Flickr


He dropped us off and we headed off to the beach to walk around and look in shops etc.  Note that you have to rent beach chairs here, which is fine…but you will be asked every 5 minutes if you are interested in renting chairs.


47523622961_59ae05a6f9_z.jpgstm84 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536308901_e5d81c7637_z.jpgstm126 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40557633843_4254416910_z.jpgstm85 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Kind of funny to find Ohio State fans here in St. Maarten.  Those Ohio State fans truly are die hards!


40557633733_3681e22ab2_z.jpgstm86 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47448664162_182824b47e_z.jpgstm47 by Jenseib, on Flickr


J had texted me and told me about where they were.   I did see them at one point and said hi, but again, I didn’t want to just join in on their alone time.


40535481003_af99e6ae81_z.jpgstm48 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40557633663_fe2b4fbc6e_z.jpgstm87 by Jenseib, on Flickr


When we were at the airplane beach a lady had asked F if he knew where the beach with the golden cow was.  We had no clue and not heard of that…..well we found it.


40557633583_e1439d3b5f_z.jpgstm88 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Walking the Beach




We decided to get something to eat.  Some places were pretty full and had a wait and some just didn’t sound good.  We decided on a Mexican place and sat outside. The sun was really bright and the waitress moved the tables and umbrella to shade us better. She was really nice.


I decided to get a drink.


40557633533_9bda8bdf2a_z.jpgstm89 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I got 3 empanada’s but they weren’t like any I have ever had before.  They were ok.  I didn’t like that they were made with corn instead of flour.  But the insides were decent.


47536308721_46f1a18ea1_z.jpgstm127 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46608208835_e4717406f1_z.jpgstm90 by Jenseib, on Flickr


When it came time to pay, she told us their credit card machine was down and we had to pay cash…..nice time to tell us.  Luckily I had cash, but F did not.  He had to borrow from Z to pay.  Hahaha.


We then headed back down to look around some more.

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We headed down another street as F and Z wanted to see the Yoda Guy building.  They went in for a short time and came right back out.


40557633463_c4aa8abdfc_z.jpgstm91 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We shopped around a bit and I believe I bought Claire a shirt. And a magnet for myself.


40535480873_e232c543eb_z.jpgstm50 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40535480733_a9e05b96f9_z.jpgstm51 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40557633333_f3c070c6bd_z.jpgstm93 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47523622891_0ded425319_z.jpgstm94 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I found another cow! (Good thing he is tied up...You wouldn't want him wandering away)


47523623121_4bdf23567e_z.jpgstm95 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Then we decided to walk back to the ship as it wasn’t too far…but it was hot and I was sweaty.  I was now wishing I had gone for a dip in the water so that I would have been a bit cooler on the way back.


47523623081_0cbac8f3e6_z.jpgstm96 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47448663792_be37f641e6_z.jpgstm52 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40535480613_d72901c8f5_z.jpgstm53 by Jenseib, on Flickr



40557633123_a5c27fbd1c_z.jpgstm97 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536308571_5845771480_z.jpgstm128 by Jenseib, on Flickr


There was a shopping plaza up near the port.  This actually might be where I ended up getting Claire a shirt.  I separated from PT and family and looked around on my own here.


47523623001_42ac871c4b_z.jpgstm98 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And then after I was satisfied I didn’t need anything else I headed back to the ship.


47536308361_1181c0ee4c_z.jpgstm129 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47536308091_01cc480351_z.jpgstm130 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I headed up and got some ice-cream.  They had Mango in the machine today.  I love Mango.


46608208925_ea144aced5_z.jpgstm99 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was disgusting! It tasted nothing like Mango.


I got cleaned up and Claire wanted to play Bingo.  I have absolutely no desire to play and never have.  Claire has played with others many times and always has fun.  M said she kind of wanted to play too.

Claire said she would pay for our set of cards if I took her, so I did.  We had to wait in line for quite a bit before they opened the doors.


32596898367_4f1fd90260_z.jpgstm131 by Jenseib, on Flickr


One of us left our key in the room again and someone ran back to get it and still were back in plenty of time.


We sent Claire off to get some seats when the door opened and M and I stood in line to get the cards.  We then saw T and D were here, so we told Claire to go sit with them.


47486592542_21ab791ca6_z.jpgstm132 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire told me to use the electronic one and she did the paper cards.  We were close several times but never won.


32596899047_a4905eac73_z.jpgstm133 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I didn’t find it all that thrilling and Claire said Katelyn on the Fantasy is way better at calling Bingo.


Sadly, it was time to sail away from St. Maarten now and we watched as we left again.


47486592432_ff6a6fd89a_z.jpgstm134 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The sky was pretty once again….the last sunset from the ship!


32596898977_3085cbfced_z.jpgstm135 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We hit movie toons trivia tonight…We suck!  But we had a lot of fun once again.


Time to finish up packing, which I never enjoy.


Dinner was in Animators tonight.  I believe J and MK were eating Palo with T and D.


47486592282_8d8fe5cfcc_z.jpgstm136 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47523622851_7070fb5981_z.jpgstm100 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Hey I actually took pictures of the menu tonight.


47477973412_771bf60a24_z.jpgstm101 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47530754531_f6e15cec0c_z.jpgstm102 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47477972952_f498eeb660_z.jpgstm103 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Tonight we drew our pictures for the animation show too. 


32596898917_3364ce2b1a_z.jpgstm137 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47486592202_bf396e41c6_z.jpgstm138 by Jenseib, on Flickr




32596898847_b1f7f70ffa_z.jpgstm139 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire and I both had the beef wellington.  Now I have been saying how most of the food has been better than the Fantasy this cruise. This was one of the exceptions….it was not good.  I think it was just mine though as Claire seemed to like hers.


47486592072_3c3522f60f_z.jpgstm140 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Luckily I had a backup.


47477973282_d1ce4e9bcc_z.jpgstm104 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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I guess I felt the need to take a close up of M.  hahaah


47530754421_480edd1503_z.jpgstm105 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Time for dessert!


32596898747_1197269dc9_z.jpgstm141 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47486591912_4cb557bde6_z.jpgstm142 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I decided I need a Mickey Bar too.


47477973142_018ff88324_z.jpgstm106 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And selfie with Mickey Bar…which Claire was very embarrassed about.


47530754331_b240e4d71a_z.jpgstm107 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And F, PT and M all looked at my bar and asked for one each.  Hahaha!


32596898487_8291f78929_z.jpgstm147 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Time for the show.  I can’t remember whose is who’s now, but I obviously was taking pictures as they said “that’s mine”.



47477973082_75e8849bee_z.jpgstm108 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47530754191_194cda5b64_z.jpgstm109 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47477972872_2007eb0b7f_z.jpgstm110 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32596898737_d2b81098fa_z.jpgstm143 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47486591772_1f3db6c0a8_z.jpgstm145 by Jenseib, on Flickr



And I selfie with Poncho


47486591532_d5a0350d74_z.jpgstm148 by Jenseib, on Flickr


A stop off at our room before heading to the last show of the cruise.


33655739898_7bb555ae97_z.jpgstm111 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33655739878_d4be33eb1d_z.jpgstm112 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33655739808_38c338a781_z.jpgstm113 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Again, we had a lot of laughs.  It was not nearly as full tonight either.


33655739798_837f38a95e_z.jpgstm114 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33655739758_dfbecebbc1_z.jpgstm115 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And then time for the jump ropers…which were very talented.


47486591462_83434df67c_z.jpgstm149 by Jenseib, on Flickr




Then time for 80’s flashback.


47536310261_cf2c17523c_z.jpgstm116 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had teams (each side of the room was a team) and they would play a snippet and the person representing us needed to say the song, but we could shout it out.  I can’t believe how many songs these people don’t know!  I was shouting out and Jo caught me!  LOL.  I guess I was a bit too loud…and she made me come up on stage and “sing” a bit. I am the world’s worst singer. It was I love Rock n Roll by Joan Jet.  I could do the screech part though and she was impressed with that.

I think PT videoed it and I hope she lost it somewhere!  Heehee. I never saw it and hope never to see it.


And with that, the fun was over and the evening was coming to an end.  All too soon we would have to leave this wonderful ship!


I did a little bit of my rounds around the ship and noticed land in the distance…..booohoooo!


32596898297_b08e12924a_z.jpgstm150 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Then off to bed for Claire and I.  M stayed out with her friends one last night and was pretty sad that she would not see them for quite some time.

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Feb. 3, 2019, Sunday, Disembarking the Wonder


This is always a sad day!  They kick us off the ship!


I got up way too early….because I had to! This is the one day I could probably sleep in.


I ran up top and saw we were back in Puerto Rico. I messaged back and forth with PT and J.  J and MK were walking off early with their luggage as they had a really early flight.  Scary early in my opinion….something like 10:30 AM…but they were heading for Florida for a couple of days of fun there before going home.

PT’s family was flying out today too, but not till later.  Claire and I had one more day in Puerto Rico till we flew home.  Flights were much cheaper to fly on Monday and that gave us time to relax and see a little more of San Juan too.


J said they were just about to leave, so I went down the hall from the atrium and soon saw her and MK wheeling their bags. I gave them quick hugs and good byes! While on this cruise, J booked the Fantasy for Spring Break and she wanted me to book that cruise too.  I told her I would check it out.


Since I was in the area of the art, I looked at it a bit and took some pictures.


40575891423_c470a42743_z.jpgpr37 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I would love to have these pictures.


40575891353_ab5ac28297_z.jpgpr38 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It looked like it was going to be a nice day.


47489121202_813ae8741c_z.jpgpr39 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Back to the room where we said good byes to M!  It was so sad. She had been a wonderful extra daughter this week!  I am so thankful she could fill in for Skip so last minute and she was so happy and thankful to come.

She headed off to go meet up with T and D as they had similar flight times and were going to all taxi together.


I got some breakfast and found PT and family and sat at the table next to them.  We said our good byes, but I ended up seeing them several more times.


Finally, Claire and I grabbed our bags to wait to disembark.  Now I always hear people talk about how they wait till their luggage tag is called before getting off the ship. I have NEVER heard this being done on any of the cruises I have been on…till now!  And it went slow.


Claire and I went over by Azure and just camped out there in a window seat as we waited. I then tried to work with the Uber app to get refunded the overcharge I had from a week ago and they kept responding in Spanish.  PT, F and Z then came walking around the corner and set up camp near us and F told me what he did, which was different, so I went that route through the app….and had my money refunded in 15 minutes!


We chatted and waited. None of us were in a hurry.  I think our tags were the last ones called and finally it was time to get off the ship.


40575891263_fc39427949_z.jpgpr40 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46832238914_b76fc07a51_z.jpgpr41 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47503132562_a45189ccec_z.jpgpr42 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47503132512_19e9384b4a_z.jpgpr43 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire and I always like to use a Porter and we got one and he helped us with our bags and we got through customs and he took us to the taxi area, where we were promptly loaded and on our way.


We were staying at the Courtyard Miramar.  It wasn’t too far away and soon we arrived and unloaded our bags and paid our driver.  Again, all Taxi’s have set fees to areas, so it was a pretty easy process.  I do think we could have done Uber cheaper, but we just wanted to get our bags dropped off and be done with it.


I checked us in, they took our bags and told us they would let us know when the room was ready.  We mentioned we were going to go to Old San Juan and she told Claire she should probably leave her sweater in her bag because it was already warm today and it tends to feel extra warm walking around there.  Nope!  Claire is stubborn and wearing her sweater!  Crazy kid!


We texted a bit back and forth with PT and family, who were already in Old San Juan.  There is a restaurant there that will hold bags and they had dropped off their bags and started touring around.  We decided to put that address in as our destination and got an Uber and were on our way!


We got dropped off and look, we found out where the pina Colada was invented….or as Claire now likes to call them…The Pee Nus Coladas.


47503132412_764d9a97be_z.jpgpr44 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Now I am going to admit, I didn’t do a lot of research on Old San Juan. I read through a trip report from one of my favorite posters on Cruise Critic who has been to San Juan a few times. I remembered places she had gone to there, but never really knew the layout out.  So we just started walking.


I saw something in the distance and I knew this was one place I wanted to visit.


47456712601_971e1db96f_z.jpgold1 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This is the Umbrella Sky Project.


47456712481_bd500d55ee_z.jpgold2 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It’s a new art installation, intended to bring color back into the lives of the people after the hurricane.  I have seen since we left that they changed them to all pink for breast cancer awareness.

It really is a neat sight!


47456712361_1aaae09b50_z.jpgold3 by Jenseib, on Flickr


At the end of the street is the Governor’s Mansion.


46832238544_08dddc2196_z.jpgpr46 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47608239731_fdb02e394a_z.jpgpr111 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47503132152_eb351c4565_z.jpgpr47 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456709991_a61a194c21_z.jpgold4 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The mansion has housed every Puerto Rican governor since Juan Ponce de Leon.


46832238234_dfcbfaf88c_z.jpgpr48 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We moved on, just looking around.


47503131982_be1cc5fc35_z.jpgpr49 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We wandered a bit. It was very different than I expected it to be.


46832238084_0524874ec8_z.jpgpr50 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Look!  Pigeons!


40641637033_e880ff3fe3_z.jpgpr112 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456710461_77c0a10fbf_z.jpgold16 by Jenseib, on Flickr


That would be because we were at the entrance of Pigeon Park. (Parque de las Palomas)


47608239561_82906399d2_z.jpgpr113 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47556242761_028b17e0ca_z.jpgpr51 by Jenseib, on Flickr


They did sell food right outside the entrance, but we didn’t get any.  I just wanted pictures.


47556242581_956149ec28_z.jpgpr52 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456712191_b2c46fbff8_z.jpgold5 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It’s definitely a neat place to visit.


47503435342_5ac39b15d6_z.jpgpr83 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456711991_7e7eac2de6_z.jpgold6 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640731075_dfac2408ff_z.jpgpr84 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47503434692_6559e31007_z.jpgpr85 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33721896818_45f3261857_z.jpgpr86 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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Some bad video at Pigeon Park…as I flipped the camera after I started filming.




47556242251_a61e3d18c1_z.jpgpr53 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456711421_8f147b2825_z.jpgold10 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456711121_6238a62bf8_z.jpgold12 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456710891_b91ab49eb8_z.jpgold13 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456710731_fbc93d02d2_z.jpgold14 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456710571_a5358b995e_z.jpgold15 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47556242071_001aca63ac_z.jpgpr54 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We moved on then, just walking around with no real direction.


47456710331_1b872c0cc8_z.jpgold17 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46874870304_60bdd10ab2_z.jpgpr87 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456710101_e017374acd_z.jpgold19 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47456709781_368988e5e0_z.jpgold20 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47608239891_c6eae181b4_z.jpgpr110 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47556241881_d949e631ac_z.jpgpr55 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40641636633_531e617c7c_z.jpgpr114 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46874870164_8e8bb5eb58_z.jpgpr88 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46874870044_48f28e819d_z.jpgpr89 by Jenseib, on Flickr


There were some steep up and down areas here.


32666900637_22eeee4f17_z.jpgpr137 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885115454_53ebe97414_z.jpgpr138 by Jenseib, on Flickr


So do you remember that Claire was missing 6 days of school for this trip?  Well the weather ended up being horrible at home, which was the reason Skip had cancelled in the first place.  School ended up being cancelled 4 of the 6 days she was missing. So she totally lucked out and only missed 2 days and was actually ahead when she went back since she did make up work before we even left.

One of the days while we were gone, the school posted a challenge.  They wanted the kids to build a fort and read, then post the picture to their social media!  Claire just thought this was hilarious and who in their right mind would do so?  The dean of the school even sent me an email and said Claire could still participate.  Claire said no way!


So now that we were near Fort walls, I told her to pretend to read and I would take a picture.


33721896628_919770a23c_z.jpgpr90 by Jenseib, on Flickr


She had the Fort and the reading covered!  Sadly she wouldn’t allow me to send it in to be posted…because that would be embarrassing!


46832541174_c29b643df6_z.jpgpr56 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We did some shopping then and we each bought a shirt and I got some magnets too. 


46640732785_ac1796e888_z.jpgpr60 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We came upon this display.


46832541104_fcee0aa359_z.jpgpr57 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We were being totally immature and just kept laughing.  Someone has wishful thinking!


We moved on and I kind of had to use the restroom….but I never could find a public one anywhere in the area we were. I am not sure if there just isn’t any, or if we never found one.


46832541014_d0c8ac2a9c_z.jpgpr58 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46875048574_526bcf0aec_z.jpgpr91 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640732905_72b1d20aa8_z.jpgpr59 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Some areas did smell like pee, so I think some people just went where they felt like it.


47608239381_6edee35d2d_z.jpgpr115 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We walked through the tented area and looked to see what was for sale.


32666900497_2d427e3644_z.jpgpr139 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We found this little park which was really cute.


40641636363_702ffd35d3_z.jpgpr116 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47608239241_c3ac7a4645_z.jpgpr117 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900047_00288196fb_z.jpgpr140 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885115264_dee5322908_z.jpgpr141 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900407_4e8d3147ca_z.jpgpr142 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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We walked around the little trail in the flowers, but it came to an end and they were doing some construction.


46885115024_08b06da59c_z.jpgpr143 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40641635713_e44f8e2f28_z.jpgpr119 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900337_ba80cde3b3_z.jpgpr144 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885114884_a178522dff_z.jpgpr145 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47608239181_eb8c7a83ee_z.jpgpr118 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900257_e0eb6e8948_z.jpgpr146 by Jenseib, on Flickr


And we moved on.


46885114644_5f66409314_z.jpgpr147 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900167_50fbdbdfc2_z.jpgpr148 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885114544_b4f6051b2b_z.jpgpr149 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire was getting hungry and I needed to go the bathroom, so we decided to find a place to eat.  Remember she is very picky!  Pizza Hut was something she had noticed we passed earlier, so I put it in my phone and it gave us directions back to it…up hill of course!


46885114274_7614cd21bb_z.jpgpr150 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We made our order and chatted and I talked with PT a bit too as they were looking for food now too.  I think they went to Burger King and she said it was crazy and slow.


Our pizza came out and it was really good.


46640732625_c1af6024df_z.jpgpr62 by Jenseib, on Flickr


After we were done, we headed out again to explore.


46721609175_71e6cb574b_z.jpgpr152 by Jenseib, on Flickr


So many neat buildings in the area.


33730887898_0bf5bfc38c_z.jpgpr120 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666901417_ccd41f67ba_z.jpgpr121 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721609005_943f640bd7_z.jpgpr153 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was really feeling hot.


47503434932_0890063fed_b.jpgpr61 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We found a spot in the shade and sat down for a bit.


46721608855_0a1eae4d85_z.jpgpr154 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I believe this was San Crystobal plaza.


32666901317_2896936632_z.jpgpr122 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721608225_4a149bde7b_z.jpgpr155 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640732525_2b01ab52b3_z.jpgpr63 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46875048394_268a9f2082_z.jpgpr93 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We walked around and then realized there was a full on Fort right here!


46875048504_0c41218225_z.jpgpr92 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33679578948_02fa170d2f_z.jpgpr64 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721608755_18a38471ec_z.jpgpr156 by Jenseib, on Flickr


This is Castillo de San Cristobal, built between 1765 and 1785 to protect the city from a land invasion.  Everyone pretty much seems to know about El Morro, which is out by the water….the one we sailed by as we left port last week. This one is a little lesser known.  Though I did know there was 2 forts in San Juan. I had actually kind of wanted to go to El Morro, but it was a lot further on foot than I had realized and it was hot!


We decided we would take a look here…and give Claire a little history lesson too.


32666901207_9fe902f776_z.jpgpr123 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721608595_d755005488_z.jpgpr157 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Of course we had to go up..up…up to get to the entrance.


46721608455_9290f70f7c_z.jpgpr158 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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