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  1. We have been to Naples twice. Frist time did Amalfi Coast in the morning and Pompeii in the afternoon. Second time did the Amalfi drive. Something with the Amalfi Coast would still be first on my list.
  2. Here is a link to some of our pictures from one full day in Rome. https://markandkareneurope2012.shutterfly.com/pictures/828
  3. If I had two full days I would do the full Vatican tour that includes the Sistine Chapel. Also must sees in two full days Walk from the Spanish Steps to Pantheon, Plaza Navonna, Trevi Fountain Also, Colosseum and Forum Should keep you busy for a couple of days.
  4. I once received my assignment three days before cruise. It then got changed the next day to better cabin.
  5. We have disembarked there three times. I would not do a 10:20 am flight. As a previous poster said it could be lines at the airport in Rome. We have seen it where there was no real line at the entrance to security - just a mass of people pushing ahead to the line. Also, we usually have to wait on a line for a bit to check our bags. Rome is an airport where I would give it at least three hours.
  6. I would vote for the third one. On the RR only excursion you see the same thing in both directions. On the bus one way - train the other you get a different vantage point in each direction. Not clear from the description exactly where you get to go. For example, does the bus take you as far as Emerald Lake and then drop you in Fraser for the trip back?
  7. You definitely want to get inside. Not sure if you need a tour.
  8. Linthicum Heights is near the airport. A taxi ride 20 - 30 minutes.
  9. Not sure how close the HOHO bus is to the port but we did use it this summer and found that it got us to many parts of the city, including Belem.
  10. We were in both A Coruna and Santiago de C this summer. Links to some photos are below. https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/238 https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/215 Certainly, if Santiago has religious significance for you it is a "no brainer". A Coruna does have a beach option if that is your passion. Even without the religious significance I would probably lean towards Santiago because of the history and architecture.
  11. We went to Granada/Alhambra and were happy with the choice.
  12. Also a nice view from water level on the SOL boat.
  13. In addition to HAL from Boston there are periodic cruises from NY and Baltimore to Halifax.
  14. I think your gut is correct and Florence is where I would go if I only had one day.
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