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  1. Or stand between cars with your camera 🙂
  2. Here is a link to some of our pictures from tour 1 https://markandkarenalaska2011.shutterfly.com/pictures/81
  3. We did #1 and can recommend it.
  4. We have flown home via Rome several times. 12:10 should work. To be safe that is an airport where I would take three hours seriously. You might not need it.... but. We have been there when there has not been a line but more of a mob pushing to get into the line.
  5. Here is a link to some photos to get even more pumped for Mykonos https://markandkareneurope2013.shutterfly.com/pictures/8
  6. I bought a Tamron 18 - 400. Not that heavy, fairly compact and I rarely change lenses.
  7. I go by there every couple of weeks and have not seen it there
  8. We bit the bullet and went to Berlin. It was three hours by bus each way. If it is your only time in the area, it might be worth the trip. We thought it was.
  9. We were on HAL. Well worth the trip to the Alhambra. The lunch was in a hotel across the street and up a hill. It certainly was not the highlight of the trip but it was a fine lunch.
  10. Same story here. We knew we weren't going anywhere and knew we would have more options if we got cancelled vs. cancelling.
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