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  1. I was thinking as I was posting that it looks closer than it really is.
  2. From the Empire State Building. SOL with cruise ship in the background.
  3. I also have a Canon Bridge camera older than yours (SX-40). It worked well in AK. I also travel with my Canon 60-D and a Go-Pro. I think you will be fine.
  4. We sailed out of Baltimore in December and in August. The water was rougher in December but not terrible. The cruise line understands that people are going to be inside on first and last day and plans activities accordingly.
  5. I don't see dogs in this photo, but as you can see there is a large selection.
  6. In Copenhagen we found the city walkable. You can break for lunch and also a canal boat ride. It becomes less walkable if you go to Tivoli (not that Tivoli is so far away, but it does add to the walking).
  7. Maybe you can stay somewhere in Manhattan, take the subway to Brooklyn Bridge (station is in Manhattan), do your walk, take a taxi/Uber back to the hotel and then head to the port from there. There are a few more steps involved but I think you will appreciate the bridge more without the luggage.
  8. We have left from Barcelona a couple of times. On embarkation day we like to get an early start and walk the Ramblas before it gets crowded. We like to stop a La Boqueria for breakfast, generally some fruit juice and pastry. If we have some more time, we walk around the Gothic Quarter.
  9. It was about a 15 - 20 minute walk. Have to say it felt longer coming back than going into town. I guess at the end of the day our feet were a little tired.
  10. We used SPB Tours. They did an excellent job. We probably saw as much of Berlin as possible in 6 - 8 hours.
  11. The first bus is something like 9:30 and on Bus Turistic one loop is a couple of hours. So, now it depends where your luggage is and how close you are to a HOHO stop. It also depends on if you are just riding around or plan to get off. If you start at Place Catalunya, there is a transfer point that you can get the best of both routes in a few hours. If the timing doesn't work, you can always get off the bus and take a taxi to wherever your luggage is. Plan your route and watch the clock.
  12. Here is a link to some of our pictures from last summer's Viking Romantic Danube. If you go to my YouTube channel 75msk, there is some video. https://rivercruiseonthedanube.shutterfly.com/
  13. Excursions but sometimes you can't use it in advance of the cruise meaning that you have to wait until you are on board to book. We have had it both ways so there might be different classes of OBC,
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