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  1. We cannot report on this year but are sorry that we did not take the small boat excursion as we got nowhere near the glacier.
  2. We have stayed at both properties and like the Times Square South location. Walking distance to both the Empire State Building and Rock Ctr. We are native New Yorkers. Juniors was a good suggestion. Often very crowded. We also like Ben's (38th St) in that area.
  3. We really enjoyed Soller and the Port of Soller, but its hard to say what you will enjoy. Also, we were there on a Sunday so much of Palma was closed. Here is a link to some pictures from the day https://southerneurope.shutterfly.com/pictures/322 https://southerneurope.shutterfly.com/pictures/275
  4. mskaufman

    Palma Taxi's

    We took a taxi from the port to the railroad station. Driver had no problem taking four of us for what was a 7E ride.
  5. How was the time out market? We have the day we arrive plus the next day in Lisbon and then head to Porto. After that we head to A Coruna
  6. Hi Terry, Any last minute advice before we head out later this week?
  7. Last time we flew into Barcelona customs was fairly quick. Luggage delivery was another story. We were at the luggage delivery point within 30 minutes after landing. Luggage didn't show up for another hour.
  8. With only an hour agree that wandering around the main shopping area in each of these ports makes the most sense.
  9. We are in Maryland and a little further than Western MA. We drive morning of the cruise and parked at the terminal. It was spring not winter. Maybe plan to drive and watch the weather 10 days out with a backup plan if it looks like snow.
  10. We did exactly what John B suggests. There were signs in some shops with prices in euros. If I remember correctly, the price to walk the wall was in kunas only, although credit card was the way to go. We took about $20 in kunas and used it for ice cream at the end of the day.
  11. We are in Lisbon the nights of June 22 -23 and move to Porto for the night of June 24.
  12. We did a tour that did the Amalfi coast by boat (with an hour stop in Amalfi) and after lunch went to Pompeii. On a subsequent cruise we did the Amalfi Drive. However, on the first trip we didn't know if/when we would be back so this was a good compromise. We were very happy with the choice. Here is a link to some of the pictures. https://markandkareneurope2012.shutterfly.com/pictures/973
  13. We had a two day tour with SPB. We brought about $20 in rubles with us and used them to buy a nesting doll. Other than that, we had no expenses that required rubles.
  14. Thanks Terry for continuing to get us pumped up for our upcoming trip to Portugal and Northern Spain. It looks like a lot of ham in the local cuisine. How will the vegetarian in our group fare?
  15. I know. Really have no idea why folks wear baseball hats to dinner. However, I'm fine with people doing whatever they want. Its their vacation.
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