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  1. On the Voyager are the Penthouse and the Concierge showers the same size? Will a shower stool or Shower chair fit easily in the showers? Thanks for the information on these showers or other cabin info.
  2. We arrived at Haneda airport Mar 17, 2024 for our Oceania pre-stay & Riviera cruise. Very long line for passport control with each person completing a form; then long line for customs declarations (1 per family) After clearing customs we had to find Ocenia/Regent Rep. They were standing behind most of the others waiting for guest. We were escorted to bus for the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we had to get our luggage and carry it inside to check in desk. After we checked in we are given an envelope with "letter" from Oceania that Oceania desk would be open 9-1 the following day. We were then directed to the elevator bank to get to our rooms. I was surprised that Oceania did not have a rep on the bus or waiting at the hotel. Also Oceania did not do anything to get luggage from bus to our rooms.It was interesting to talk with people on the Regents cruise that arrived on March 17. The Regent guest had luggage taken from their bus and delivered to their rooms. This must be another example of reduced services provided by Oceania.
  3. Because of medical reasons my DH must avoid all caffeine. Is Decaf TEA available on Riviera?
  4. We are booked on the Riviera, Tokyo to Tokyo cruise. What are the evening show times? What type of shows are in the evenings? Thanks for any info
  5. Are there restrictions on what the "Milestone" ship board credit can be used? Can SBC be used for gratuities?
  6. Thank you. My DH must avoid caffeine for medical reasons.
  7. Is Decaf coffee available in Baristas?
  8. We are booked in a penthouse suite and will be on our 5th Oceania cruise. Will we get a tote? Any other goodies? Thanks for the info.
  9. What type of nuts Almond, Filberts, etc? Thanks for the info.
  10. Do the snacks in the lounges include nuts, such as almonds, peanuts, etc> Also are there any type of nuts in the cabin mini-frigs?
  11. Because of medical advice, my DH must avoid all caffeine. We would like Caffeine-Free Diet sodas on board. If these is wheat you prefer, please contact Viking by tellus@vikingcruises.com. If more people request caffeine-free diet soda, maybe Viking will begin to stock these sodas on board. We end up looking for caffeine-free diet sodas before we board or in ports.
  12. On many of these Maga sized ships the major objective is to make money on on-board sales; the pictures, all the drinks, the entertainment (Ziplines, Skating, etc) and food (restaurants, ice cream, room service). The fewer ports of call, the more time "guest" are on board to spend money. It works for many families and multi-generation groups. We prefer the smaller ships, with few sea days and more inclusive pricing.
  13. And the heat bath floor.
  14. I also suggest you pay as you go. On our cruise in Oct 2023, wine or beer by the glass was $8 with no other fees added. I don't know of a restaurant where you can get a glass of wine for $8. We have also carried wine on board. NO CORKAGE fee. Enjoy the cruise.
  15. The showers in the JR penthouse suites and above are much larger than the other showers. A shower seat fits nicely in the shower. We book with JR penthouse for the larger shower. We also use the "free" unlimited laundry service. Thanks for the chart.
  16. We are booked on the O. Rivieria cruise around Japan in March 2024. Will Oceania transport from the airport to the hotel? Where would we meet the Oceania rep at the airport. Thanks for any information on airport transfers.
  17. Thanks Hank I will definitely read up on the Japanese ATM's. Good to know about the 7-11 ATMs.
  18. Clay, The Xiang is our favorite Chef's Table menu. On our last Viking Cruise our fried prawns were cool and limp so thought a large batch was cooked and allowed to sit until served. As we were leaving the head waiter asked how our meal was. I told him about the cool, limp prawns. The next day we received a reservation for the Chet's Table, serving the Xiang menu.The head waiter checked with us several times about the quality of the food. Everything was excellent, the prawn were hot and crispy.
  19. I agree, read the daily bulletin and watch the port briefing. If you are told NOT to take fruit or other food ashore follow the instructions. I have seen containers set up for disposable of fruit or other foods as you get off the ship. Some countries will not allow meats or cheeses from the ship. If there are no prohibitions on taking food ashore you may want to take a "sandwich". I always carry ziplock bags when I travel. You will have the mini frig in your cabin. Order something from room service, such as Cheese platter. There is usually more on the Cheese platter than we will eat.We usually eat on the platter for 2 afternoons. I just put the extra in the ziplock in the frig. Pack your togo snack or order from Room Service. If we go to the Breakfast buffet I may fix a sandwich to carry for a light lunch when touring. Also I carry a few granola or breakfast bars and a few individual serve packages of peanut butter when I travel. Have a Great cruise.
  20. We will be sailing on the Oceania Riviera in March 2024 for the Japan cruise. Is there any money exchange or ATM on the ship. We are doing the pre-stay with Oceania. Is there an ATM in the hotel that I can use the get Yen? Thanks for any info on Japan.
  21. We stayed at the Hilton in March 2020. Breakfast was included for us. A great buffet. If ship is in the first berth, you could walk out the "back " door to the Viking ship. . In March 2020 road construction prevented any vehicles from accessing the 1st berth. Viking Ship was berthed at the 2nd. Took taxi with luggage to Viking ship. 5 minutes trip. Many restaurants near Hilton at the pier.
  22. I agree Wear the Boot. Have a wheelchair to get you around in the airport. The Wheelchair tenders can get you through the airport and lines very quickly. After foot surgery I used the wheelchair. The wheelchair tenders through lines and to our gates very quickly. Well worth the "tips" for the tenders.
  23. Thank you. Our last Oceania cruise was 2010. We have been sailing Viking. In our cabin on Viking the mini-refrig is stocked with sodas and 6 mini-bottles of "booze". These are restocked daily.
  24. Thank you. I have looked on Oceania website. I cannot find any information on what is stocked in the mini-frig. Is it stocked with soft drinks, mini-bottles for gin, rum, beer or wine etc?
  25. We are booked in a Penthouse suite on Riveria for March 2024. What items are stocked in the mini-frig? How often is it replenished? Any other things to know about the Riveria Penthouse Suites? Thank you.
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