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  1. Italy. Uh oh. A mega ship probably
  2. Cant hurt to ask but not optimistic. Those that book at the last minute have to deal with high air costs. They might give you some small onboard credit.
  3. Lobster Thermadore is what I would order. Rack of Lamb. Veal Scallopini with Hollindase and crab legs(veal Oscar).Steak Diane.
  4. Just booked my first non Princess cruise in over 20 years on Cunard. Hoping things are better there.
  5. Part of why I booked Cunard was dissatisfaction with Princess. Not many lectures, corrupt bingo and removing one of the two chairs in all rooms below balcony. Looking forward to a change, especially with regards to the dress code. Has Cunard gone to those tablets for Bingo or do-they even have it?
  6. On Princess the coffee is made from syrup unless you pay. Is this the case here?
  7. Was on a cruise and a few days in Southampton then Winchester. They took credit cards for everything except one taxi from Downton Abbey castle back to Winchester. Ask before you get in the cab. Smiths took cc from airport and back. Even bought ice cream cones.
  8. How is the coffee served in the princess grill? Princess Cruise line uses a syrup, not brewed coffee unless you pay.
  9. Do Grill passengers get any free internet?
  10. One other question. What I like in the morning is danish pastries or croissants and fresh strawberries. Lately the pastries on Princess have been very poor, some claim they no longer use butter. Strawberries have be have hard to get. They used to bring them to me every morning if I wrote them in on the breakfast card.
  11. The area below the tv is larger
  12. So included in The Princess Grill room is a drink package, free gratuities and $200 pp plus a military credit of $250.00. All for about $7300 pp. Hope its worth it.
  13. Sorry,Sept 11,2020. Just made a deposit. Got $200 pp on board credit.
  14. Thanks for all the great advice. I think I am going to reserve a Princess Grill room. Cant wait to try something better than Princess, where every time you ask for something the answer is no. Have done mini suites on Princess but the cost lately has approached the Princess Grill prices, especially on longer European cruises. Can you request to be seated with others in the grill or do they seat you at a table for two? We are just a couple. My wife does enjoy talking to new people. Also, is the deposit ever less than 30%? Cruise is Sept 20, 2020.
  15. The other problem is people with the tablets have so many games there are usually multiple winners. I won game 1 which was for $100 and only got $25. The tablet cost me $59.00. No fun anymore. After this being one of my favorite things, I am done.
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