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  1. oskidunker


    I never thought of that!
  2. oskidunker


    I would not do guarantees with the capacity control that is going to happen. I am guessing if too many people book a cruise, the guarantees will be the first to be cancelled.
  3. Its close to the port. Its interesting that Marriott would locate a Moxy there as most cruisers are not young.
  4. Same age but it is close to the port andI have Marriott points
  5. New hotel about a half a mile from the Holiday Inn. Wonder if anyone has stayed there. I don't think it has been open long. Very small rooms and limited food but as a category 2, you only need 15,000 points to stay there. Will definitely consider it for our 2021 cruise out of Southampton. The Marriott Meon Valley, which is 14 miles away, has been sold to Britannia hotels. Was not happy staying there as no Air Conditioning and too far from cruise port. Finally another option. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/souox-moxy-southampton/ Let me know what you think. 2021 is so far away too early to even considering booking but fun to look at.
  6. It might, depending somewhat on how the overall market does. I bough 100 more shares at 18.69, original 100 at 9.2. Was hoping to make a good profit on the last shares to use money to pay for 2021 cruise,Might have to wait until September. Hopefully by then there will be some good news regarding a cure or vaccine. We are in buying territory. If you are waiting to buy, don"t wait too long.I would be surprised to see it go under 10 again unless the whole economy tanks.
  7. Pay em. They need the money to stay in business! We are depending on you.
  8. Am 72. Wont go under those conditions. Have two cruises scheduled for Oct 2021. One to Spain. Hopefully things will be close to normal by then or I will cancel. Might opt for an Alaska cruise from San Francisco as that is where I live.. why would coffee and tea makers be removed? They would rather have more contact as you would have to order room service. Makes no sense.
  9. If they cancel deposits are refundable. It puts Brits in a bad situation if the final payment is due and the cruise has not been cancelled. Ridiculous.
  10. Deposits not refundable in the UK.
  11. People need to face reality. There will not be a vaccine until early next year. There will be no cruises until there is a vaccine. Book something after july next year.
  12. Well I am on Northern Lights 10/20. So maybe we leave a day late?
  13. 74 in San Bruno Ca today. Normally we get fog in the summer but not much this year which makes going for a walk more enjoyable. Got first hair cut this morning since Feb. feels good. Watching the stock go down. Tempted to buy more but I have enough. watching Norwegian Lites and Canary Islands booked for late-next year. Prices remaining stable after initial increase in Princess Grill. About 1 k more than when I booked in April.Canary Islands remains the same in Balcony I booked.
  14. First, you have to walk on. :.)
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