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  1. Good morning everyone. Thanks for the Daily Report. Love the maps. I will wear underwear, but I will not work like a dog today. Love Vonnegut. The dinner suggestion and wine sounds great. Sending prayers to everyone on the Care List. Good luck with the dentist Roy. And thanks to those who post pictures. Wishing everyone a good day. Stay safe.
  2. Good morning and thanks for the Daily. I am late to the party because DH and I went for a drive this morning. Cool and rainy here but we are lucky. We needed the rain, the crops look good. Eastern Ontario had tornadoes. The quote is unfortunately too true. We send a thanks to the Coast Guard. I made chocolate chip cookies last week. Love the maps. Thanks to everyone who share their pictures. Sending prayers to everyone on the care list. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
  3. It's Civic Holiday in Ontario. Not sure why, but it's an excuse for a long weekend in the summer. We had rain yesterday, and some more in the forecast for today. It's cooled off here, the forecast high is only 22C (71F). Happy Monday. Celebrate it!
  4. Sending prayers to everyone on the care list. Be safe.
  5. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily. Love the maps. Interesting quote. Assistance Dog Day - great idea. Dogs have proven to be "man's best friend" and are a valuable aid to many. Watermelon sounds great too. The dinner suggestion sounds interesting, and the wine sounds wonderful. It's a new week, hope it's a good one. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
  6. We sailed on the Rotterdam out of Rotterdam a few years ago. Saw lots of people along the river waving as we passed, it was wonderful. Looking forward to cruising on the newest Rotterdam.
  7. Wow. Wonderful picture, lucky surfers. Thanks for posting.
  8. Great teeth and hair in that group!
  9. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to everyone on the Care List.
  10. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. I'd love an ice cream sandwich, but we're out. So I'll put it on my grocery list. Friendship Day should be every day. So should Forgiveness. Love the quote. I'll pass on the dinner suggestion and check out the wine. Thanks for the maps and the ship locations. It's raining here. Hooray!🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
  11. Good morning. It's a beautiful sunny morning here, it's going to be a hot day again. I love the Daily Report, a great way to start the day. It's Emancipation Day here in Ontario. It recognizes the Slavery Abolition Act that came into effect on August 1, 1833 throughout the Commonwealth. The dinner suggestion sounds great, but I don't have any salmon, so we'll be grilling a steak on the BBQ. I'll research the wine. Love the quote. Thanks for the pictures Roy. Sending prayers to everyone on the Care List. Hope August is a good month. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
  12. Lots of changes. Nothing is finalized. But it's so nice to have something wonderful to look forward to. 🙂
  13. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Every day is Mutts Day here. mmmm Chocolate. The raspberries in my garden are ripening, but not quite ready. Tonight's dinner will be garlic shrimp. And wine! Sending prayers to everyone on the Care List. Wishing everyone a good day. Be safe. Be healthy.
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