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  1. Fingers crossed it doesn't affect the Eurodam cruisers.
  2. @HeartgroveGreat picture. Sam's a beauty (so is your DSIL🙂)
  3. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. Happy Friday. It's still unseasonably mild here, but that is supposed to end soon. And we've got lots of rain in the forecast - up to 50mm (2 inches). That's a lot of days to celebrate. So many very important ones, thanks for letting us know. I hope I am not a grouch today.🙂 The quote is too true! The dinner suggestion sounds good, unfortunately, I don't have any salmon in the house so we'll have to eat something else. The cocktail and the wine sound good to me. Prayers for everyone who needs them. Have a good day. Stay safe.
  4. @Horizon chaser 1957Beautiful print. The colour of the leaves is perfect.
  5. @Vict0riannCongrats on the medallions. Your breakfast looked great too.
  6. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. Bald and free Day! My hubby is going bald (not quite there yet). But, didn't we have that day recently? No worries, let's do it again.😁 I'm in favour of Dessert Day! World Standards are important. Love the quote. The meal sounds good - looking forward to seeing the recipe. Never heard of the Toronto cocktail - hope it's tasty. I'm sure the wine will be good too. Have a wonderful Thursday. Prayers for everyone. Stay safe.
  7. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Happy Hump Day. Great collection of days. A big thank you to Emergency Nurses. Fossils are fascinating. Sometimes, it's good to be skeptical. I don't think Louis XIV is correct. The meal sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing the recipe. I'm sure I'll like the wine, hope the drink is good too. Prayers for everyone. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe.
  8. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. I'm trying to write down my recipes, not sure if they'll make a cookbook. Old farmers have great stories and knowledge to pass down. I love the idea of Moment to Frustration Day. We all have those. Love the quote. Dinner sounds good. Thanks for the drink recipe @summer slopeSounds good. Hope the wine is good too. Another destination that I haven't visited, looking forward to seeing pictures. Prayers for everyone who needs them. Cheers for all the celebrations. Stay safe.
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