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  1. I have read somewhere on Cruise Critic, that it may be possible to borrow a vacuum from your cabin steward. What cruise line are you sailing with? What ship? Maybe you could ask on the forum for the particular cruise line if anyone has done that. I don't know why you couldn't borrow one at the hotel too. Or, when going from the hotel to the ship, put your pillow in a tote bag, and carry it aboard. Good luck.
  2. Good morning and thanks for the Daily Report. Thank you for the meal suggestion, but I'm going to put a roast of beef into the crockpot for dinner tonight. It's cool and rainy here, wish we had sunshine. But I'll smile anyway, and hope to save my hearing, Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay healthy.
  3. I noticed that the only jewelry I wear now is my wedding band. I stopped wearing my watch when the battery died a couple of months ago, and with so many stores closed or only doing curbside pick up, I don't know where to get a new battery. But I've decided I don't need a watch for now.
  4. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. It's cloudy and cooler here this morning and we had rain yesterday. But I will water my indoor plants including my orchid. Thank you for the map, love seeing where some of the ships are. Have a great day. Stay healthy.
  5. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. Best wishes to those celebrating Shavuot. Great suggestion for dinner, but, I think we'll have shrimp. Your suggestion from the other day inspired me. But, I'll make stroganoff another night. Of course, we'll open a box of wine too.😉 Have a great day. Stay healthy.
  6. OP: to save space, could you use a space saver bag for your pillow? Some of them use a vacuum to suck out the excess air, and some you can roll to push out the air.
  7. Thanks for the laughs kalos. Stay healthy.
  8. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. Shrimp skillet dinner sounds great, but I have chicken thawing so maybe we'll have shrimp another night. We've got rain in the forecast, so with any luck, this hot, humid weather will come to an end. Have a great day. Stay healthy.
  9. Very nice itinerary. I hope you have a great time. Please tell us all about it when you return.
  10. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it has been known to bring a smile or two.😉 It's a good time for Senior Health and Fitness Day. I'll pass on your suggestion for dinner, but thanks anyway. It's another hot, humid day here. Have a wonderful day. Stay healthy.
  11. I live in a small town with a great beach and harbour. In the summer, many businesses want tourists. Our mayor, and many mayors of "tourist towns" have told non-residents to stay home, don't come to the beach. Our beach is closed. So far, even though the temperatures have been hot, the beach is empty. But, it's early in the season. Who knows what next month will be like?
  12. Yes it will be interesting to see if there is an increase in people with the virus in a week or two. Here in Ontario, we have recently seen an increase in the number of people who test positive for COVID-19 and officials believe it may be traced back to people relaxing the social distancing rules on Mother's Day.
  13. I'm no expert, but I believe the Jones Act refers to cargo, and the PVSA is about people.
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