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  1. It's generally announced by someone, cruise director perhaps. It could be a notification in the When & Where, I'm actually not sure since we just know to do this and have known for quite some time.
  2. We always listen to the noon reports (if in our cabin at the time) on the TV channel that shows the front of the ship. You should always memorize that channel number to get to the important announcements in a hurry.
  3. Make sure your booking has your frequent flier number attached to it. I get a free bag with Delta due to having their Gold Sky Miles credit card, and as long as my flight ease flights have my frequent flier number on them, I get my free bag every time. DH does too since we are always on the same booking. You can book one way, also. Either direction. I like the fact you can change dates of arrival or departure, and whatever airline I want, non-stop or connecting flights. Whatever I want.
  4. To get to the port a day early just put the date you want to arrive in that spot on the form. It defaults to the day of the cruise when you open it but you can adjust to your own plan easily. You can also extend your trip at the end of the cruise the same way. Once you open Flight Ease you will see what I am saying. What airport do you use as your home airport?
  5. As with any other method of booking flights, just keep an eye on your booking to be sure the airline hasn't changed equipment, thus moving your seats in some cases. I have been moved to less than desireable spots on the plane before but if I'm keeping an eye on things, can easily move myself back to where I am comfortable. This happens whether you are booked directly with the airline or with the cruise line flights. Changing from one type of plane to another type happens more often than you might think.
  6. Hello Jacqui, I have a cruise for you to add to your list next time. We will be on Coral Princess for 16 days, January 5-21, 2020, Antarctica and Cape Horn. Can't wait to see that beautiful continent again!
  7. Thanks! She looks great, and I was even able to pick out "my" cabin on the video.
  8. Thank you Jacqui and everyone else for your kind wishes. Looking forward to our first Amsterdam cruise and some new spots to see in Alaska.
  9. Today she is in Antwerp, one of my favorite ports. I was there on the Prinsendam May 18-19 this year. Tomorrow Amera is in Amsterdam, and the following day Bremerhaven.
  10. Our good friend, Prinsendam, now known as Amera left Bremerhaven a few hours ago on her maiden voyage. I hope her guests are happy with the end result of her transformation. Hopefully we will hear from some of them here on Cruise Critic once in a while.
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