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  1. My TA said when she talked with the World Cruise Desk this morning about my January 2021 Grand South America and Antarctica cruise, she asked if they saw any FCC's attached to our Mariner numbers. They didn't have a thing posted there yet. We have a $398 FCC due us, and a huge cash refund coming to our CC. Nothing yet and it's been 70 days since we cancelled our cruises. Unfortunately, they both started in June 2020, so I guess they want us to wait for several more months! Not gonna happen!
  2. Happy alternate birthday! Be sure you have EXTRA wine. Happy Memorial Day also. A true day of reflection for us to remember those who died for our country.
  3. Georgia started opening up in late April, so I had my long-delayed hair appointment on April 28. Since it had grown so long in 12 weeks, I decided to try a longer style as well. The growing out period can be painful so since I grew it out during the stay at home period, that helped make the decision. Will your hairdresser take your temp first? I also had to wait outside until she was ready for me, they sanitized the chair and station between clients, a new cape for every client, we all wore masks, and used wipes to open the door. Stations were 10 feet apart and no extra family members allowed inside. It was completely safe. Having your hair tended to will feel soooo good!
  4. @Seasick Sailor Wow! That was fast getting an offer already. Seems like you just decided to move 2 weeks ago. Congrats!
  5. We cancelled B2B June cruises March 17, one month before Holland America did. They were paid in full and today is day 66 waiting for our refund to our credit card. No email about our small FCC promised to us either. In fact, no communication at all. When we have our TA call we get the usual "you're in the queue for processing".
  6. Could you tell me when you disputed the charges, did you include the FCC amount? And did you cancel the cruises or did HAL? We have a tiny FCC amount and a very large refund amount, and I wondered since we've received no notification at all on the FCC yet, should we include it in our dispute? We cancelled March 17 (June cruises).
  7. I wouldn't think he'd drive and park his own car at the port for 128 days, so probably a rental car he dropped off. We've done that before.
  8. Plus, I am afraid we may have to cancel the two Grand Voyages we have booked for 2021 because they expect us to keep handing them deposits all along the way and in the current climate, I don't feel confident of their financial stability. Just too much money to outlay right now!
  9. I guess that email from HAL only went out to those who had their cruises cancelled by HAL. We cancelled our June 6 and June 20 cruises OURSELVES through our Big Box TA on March 17, which is 59 days ago. The cruises were paid in full. We haven't gotten anything from HAL except for those selling emails that come in every few days. No FCC for a small cancellation penalty nor an email about it. No cash on the credit card. We may be disputing the charges this weekend because the cost of the 49 days of cruising, airfare, and transfers adds up to a lot of money and I'm not confident we will get it back otherwise. Seems like they expect us to wait until after they go through the cruises they themselves cancelled.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to do the Daily each day. French onion chicken is so easy and tasty. Just need chicken, french fried onions, flour and egg. Love it!
  11. Thank goodness! You don't want to be in our shoes waiting months for refunds.
  12. On Holland America many people are saying in the last few hours that they are receiving their FCC emails from HAL. Quite a few people actually. It's like they flipped a switch. But so far no REFUNDS. Thought I'd let you know that when it happens, it happens fast and it might go that way with Princess.
  13. I just posted that question on another thread. Great minds think alike! And no, I don't see any refunds coming back to us all of a sudden.
  14. I notice only FCCs are being given out. No refunds to credit cards that I've heard of today, unless it was extras that folks had added to their booking like shore excursions. 😐
  15. I would contact my credit card today and get that stopped! What egregious behavior on their part! Appalling.
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