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  1. @kazudid you take a train to Tarragona? It looks like a worthwhile journey. Thanks for your photos and commentary.
  2. I can't blame you. I'd want to put my mind at ease as soon as possible. 🙏
  3. Good morning friends! It was a very cool 43F here as we woke up and walked to the gym. Hands were frozen by the time we arrived. Our run in with wildlife this morning was a deer we frightened at the edge of the golf course. He ran off a ways, then turned and stared at us as we continued by. We've noticed the past two weeks we haven't seen the deer out our back windows in the evenings. I believe it's mating season so maybe they're in hiding! 😄 I heard about the death of Gen. Colin Powell shortly after 8 am. Covid complications even though fully vaccinated. Just like our friend and neighbor Copeland. May he RIP. Happy Birthday to @Seasick Sailorand @SusieKIslandGirl! Thanks @dfishfor the great shrimp recipes today. They sound delicious! I also have a good meatloaf recipe and am not always a fan of other versions. As long as we like our own recipe, it's all good. Especially like a leftover meatloaf sandwich the next day. Also nice to see your new avatar photo. Very cool! Thanks to @richwmnfor the Daily and to @rafinmdfor our lists of Cares and Celebrations. Prayers for all on the Care list. Cheers to everyone enjoying good fortune. No beard at our house. Multicultural Day is a fine concept to celebrate. @kazuI'm saddened to hear of the firefighter's boat capsizing. I pray he is recovered safely. For those having trouble getting the sign in box to appear when needed, what I do is close the tab on my laptop, open a different tab for Cruise Critic and I can immediately get the log in box when I click on log in. It's the only way it works for me now. We have not been to Tarragona before and since Jacqui says it's an hour from Barcelona I guess that's why. It will be interesting to see what it's like in case we every want to go there. But Barcelona has so much going for it I can see why we would want to stick around there instead. @mamaofamiI'm sorry to hear there are more issues with your aide. You need his help so much but don't know if he can be trusted in some ways. Praying for guidance for your family and that your favorite aide shows up very soon! DH has a dental hygienist appointment this morning so I will go along and we can run errands and early vote in a local election. Maybe even stop at Chick-Fil-A for a delicious chicken sandwich! Mmm! They have the nicest employees too. I wish I was the lucky owner of a franchise because you never see an empty Chick-Fil-A drive-thru lane, do you? 😉
  4. Hmm! I'm reading! Your 75th birthday is coming up on Oct. 26. Happy Birthday!
  5. Try stopping by the jewelry shop and spending your OBC there. I have two nice pieces purchased with OBC on Seabourn. Dinner at 7 pm never bothered us since we eat main (late) dining on HAL.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Many prayers sent up for her!🙏 Having just lost my sister this summer I know how upsetting this can be to hear. I hope she's able to come down for a visit soon, whole and healthy!
  7. A nice view of Blarney castle and someone who decided to kiss the Blarney stone. Not an easy task! Our group passed on it. The spot you kiss as seen from below. Very top center.
  8. Speaking of weather, we woke up to 45F this morning after yesterday morning's 65F! That cold front really came through yesterday with gusty winds making the leaves fly off the trees. Watch out @cat shepard ! If the cold front gets down where you are you will have plenty of ice cold water coming out your tap. (hope it doesn't though).
  9. Another view of the Lusitania memorial only with wreaths laid. Cobh is a hilly place and I liked this view of the houses side by side down the hillside. Many different colors (to help you find your own home after a trip to the pub?). While walking past those homes we saw this little dog watching us from "their" window. Speaking of pubs, could your favorite be this one? Or maybe this pub? Lots of color again. Annie Moore statue In viewing our pictures I see we were in Cobh twice on back to back cruises on Royal Princess. The first cruise was a spring 2015 transatlantic cruise and on that one we spent our stop that day visiting Blarney Castle. The second cruise was a British Isles cruise and that is the day we spent in town exploring. I knew I'd been to Blarney Castle. We enjoyed these two cruises with our friends from Myrtle Beach whom we met in 2018 getting on our first transatlantic. Great couple!
  10. Good morning friends! Happy Sunday! Thank you @richwmnfor this special Daily and thanks also to @rafinmdfor the list of those needing prayers. I'm sad to hear @JAM37's family is in need of help due to Covid. Please be careful and keep yourselves safe, too. Nice photos of your neighborhood birthday celebration for you Joy @Seasick Sailor! You have made a big impression on your neighbors in just a short time as evidenced by the huge turnout for you. Not a surprise! It was good to see Nieuw Amsterdam making her way through the lock this morning. Always exciting! Yesterday I was watching some videos on TV and saw a person being air evacuated by the Italian Coast Guard off a ship. The Eurodam! The view from the helicopter of that blue hulled bow gently gliding through the sea from above was a thing of beauty. I was so happy to see a ship I hit replay and watched again! @grapau27what a feast! You two look great as usual. You only live once so good to see you enjoying life so much. We all need to remember that. @St. Louis Salcongrats on your honor. You sound like you've had a life of service to others and for that we commend you. 🎉 Love pasta day! No ex to forgive unless I include ex-boyfriends. I had one who needed forgiveness constantly. Good thing I got rid of him or what a sad life I'd have had. 😵 I tend not to dress gaudy, more basic colors and solids. Mulligan day? That means a do over, right? Not just in golf. I can agree with that. Today's menu item sounds delish. Honestly the best pork tenderloin I ever ate was on Disney Dream in 2013. Outstanding! So moist as well. It had to be good if I can remember when and where I ate it. We visited Cobh in 2015 on Royal Princess. Not only did we enjoy seeing Cobh, which is a lovely town, we also went to Blarney Castle and had a great time there as well. My best remembrance of Cobh is a purchase I made there. A sterling silver Celtic knot pendant and neck chain. The finish on the pendant was so smooth and well done. I love wearing it. I see some fab photos of Cobh already so if I can find something different to post, I'll do it. Otherwise, well done @rafinmdand @kazu!
  11. @JAM37I'm sorry to hear of the Covid woes in your family. Please take good care of yourselves as well and I hope your DGS doesn't test positive. Good luck to you all!🙏
  12. Perhaps if you have a small tin container at home you could load up some crackers in it and pack it in a piece of luggage. Good way to keep them fresh on the ship, too. I'm referring to the tins that you gift cookies in, or that rum cakes come in.
  13. I've noticed the past two days I'm being logged out many times a day. When clicking on Log In there wasn't a log in box popping up. After several attempts to get a log in box, I've had to close that tab on the laptop and open up CC on a different tab. When I click on Log In then, there will be a log in box popping up. That's just the past two days. Everything was fine on CC, but now we're all having problems again.🤔
  14. Good Saturday morning friends! We were up and at the gym before dawn. Back home cooling down and ate my breakfast. Before anything else I have to read the Daily! Thank you Rich for posting it and doing all the research each day. Thanks to Roy for keeping the lists and posting the sunrise photo. Prayers for our Care list, and let me add my condolences @St. Louis Sal's friend Steve who passed with ALS, also your liver transplant friend. I hope he is doing better and not worse as you fear. Prayers for all.🙏 Interesting set of days to celebrate. Dictionaries, cats and Sweetest Day. Black bean soup is okay but not my favorite type. I have not been to Safaga yet but it is on an upcoming cruise so it will be nice to see some photos here. @kazuyour fall clean up and stowing away of plants looks like back breaking work. I'm glad you appreciate the plants so highly which makes it worthwhile. @cat shepardit must be quite cool if your water is colder now! I haven't noticed that yet here. It was 65 overnight here and that's still warmish. We have new owners across the street from us but they don't seem to be moving in very fast. They come over several times a week with a car load of items, or yesterday they showed up in a rented Penske cargo van with some boxes and dining room chairs which they stowed in the garage instead of their dining room. I keep expecting a moving van but not yet. Meanwhile neighbor Damon who had back surgery in July and has been in rehab since then may be planning on selling his home and moving. Several of his daughters, a grandson, and a nephew of his came over yesterday and were working inside the house to get it ready to sell. One of the triplet daughters told DH about Damon's plan to sell now. We're sorry to hear of it but it's really for the best. I hope he will live with one of his 9 children (!!). But that will make 3 homes in a row across the street from us that will be sold with new neighbors! Do you think it's us that's the problem? 😄 I hope not! DH still picks up the mail each day and keeps it for someone to come by and get for Damon. That's been going on for about 25 months now. I tell DH he's getting his "steps" in every day by helping out. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
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