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  1. Oh my! Happy anniversary @TheKingD !! I may get drunk tonight just with all the toasting!
  2. @Overhead Fred HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lots of toasting to look forward to later.😋
  4. That's exactly the types of cruises we enjoy the most, too! Maybe we've even sailed on a few of them with you and not even known it.
  5. You're right! If the countertop had to be removed, then what happens to the backsplash? It would just go on and on, wouldn't it?
  6. Sooo much better! I can believe this wasn't a cheap project with the rates craftsmen get for electrical and plumbing work.
  7. Cats seem popular on here lately. I don't have any myself, but do like to take photos of them. This next cat family was seen while we walked the streets of Athens near the port where we were docked (Piraeus). Pacific Princess December 2018. This was a step or two below the sidewalk level at someone's doorway. Gotta watch your step while traveling - no OSHA regulations!
  8. I'm back from the salon and feeling all refreshed. Enjoy your pampering today @Seasick Sailor I wouldn't mind a mimosa for lunch today, too? Where's that bar waiter? For all who are doing home improvements and upkeep, it's a great way to stay occupied while we wait to get back at sea. Do we have any pics before and after of Joy's dishwasher/cabinet reversal? That must have been a bit of work to relocate the electrical and plumbing involved, even if only for a couple of feet distance.
  9. I saw this on TV a day or two ago and was so impressed. What a woman! I have an early hair salon appointment so can't stick around this morning so will be back later to read everyone's comments. Yes, we wear face masks and use hand sanitizer, as well as wiping down equipment at the hair salon. I always wear a face mask when I go out in public as do most of the population around here. Those who don't should be steered clear of (and maybe take a hint!) Son reported Gram was thrilled to see him and especially when he said I will see you again tomorrow. It must mean a lot to see visitors while in a nursing home during a health crisis like this. I can't imagine. See you all later.
  10. I like to say "the 30th anniversary of my 39th birthday", for an example. Makes everyone think for a minute.
  11. Stairs in Kotor with 7 cats. Some of them blend right in. Except for the two on the actual stairs, the group decided to be socially distant.
  12. Thank you to Rich and Roy for their contributions each day, and to everyone else for the lovely photos, funny memes, and great conversation! My celebration of the day is that my son is driving from Michigan to Missouri today to visit with his Gram (DH's Mom) in her nursing home. He will stay 2 nights so he can visit again tomorrow and perhaps even Saturday morning before driving back home. No flying since driving is safer. In order to be away a couple of days he had to record a class lecture for his students at U of Michigan. So proud of my loving, empathetic son! His Gram will be ecstatic to see him! I would love to see him, too, but that will have to wait. @Seasick Sailor you asked yesterday who would take the vaccine for Coronavirus; well I would. I'll be right behind you in line! 😉
  13. The port of Ajaccio, France was a last minute addition to our August, 2017 Westerdam cruise due to some high winds and seas, skipping Calvi. We totally enjoyed this very scenic charming port of call. I would love to go back again someday. I remember the fantastic outdoor market and took a lot of photos there. I make a photo book of all our cruises and anytime I want to bring back memories I pore over those books. It helps to get through these trying times.
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