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  1. Offer worked, thanks for the link. I generally use all OBC for shipboard expenses and tours, and filter the remainder through the casino, gambling each dollar once. I got quite the look last time, max betting the dollar machine!
  2. Not happy, considering cancelling my Carnival Freedom cruise next year. Now if they switch from Pepsi to Dr. Pepper, including 7 Up, Canada Dry, and RC Cola, I'll have trouble booking any other cruise line.
  3. MDR: HAL slightly better, equivalent to Blu. Buffet: Wash Poolside: HAL significantly superior Breakfast: HAL slightly better from extensive menu. Cafe: X wins with better options and setup. Specialty: Not sure, we rarely do it. Our last cruise on Celebrity Eclipse in April showcased severe cuts in food quality, from watered down soups, shortages on ingredients, lukewarm buffet, stale bread, and even frozen mixed veggies. Hopefully they've backpedaled, as reviews seem to be improving, so I'm only comparing X from 2014 - 2018.
  4. I agree, some like to complain and hide their loyalty. I remember 4 or 5 years ago when fresh squeezed OJ was cut from the buffet, the pessimistic response was overwhelming, and I believe many of the orange juice quitters got called out on their bluff. We've canceled Eclipse for 2020, and our plans on Solstice for 2021. The product no longer holds the same value, considering the cuts we experienced in the Spring vs rising prices. Reviews have improved since June, so perhaps they've back peddled, but we're still out. I don't agree with many of LLP's decisions, but if others do, or are corrected, the industry as a whole needs the competition.
  5. I've been on Nieuw Amsterdam twice, 8 nights total, and a 7 night cruisetour in Alaska. I'll compare the food quality I experienced on X from 2014 - 2018, not Spring of this year, which was awful. I agree with most of what the OP has said. 1. Food: HAL wins, a slightly superior MDR, better room service menu, freshly served buffet food, and even better junk food. The intimate setting of Blu is missed, unless you book a superior suite. 2. The Ship: X wins on interesting and modern design, at least for my taste in my early 40's Though for scenic places like Alaska, the Crow's Nest comes in quite handy. 3. Cabins: HAL wins, with a mattress that's more comfy, better storage, foot stools, and more movies on demand. Suite perks however are reduced. 4. Loyalty Program: X wins with happy hour drinks at Elite. HAL's happy hour however, allows us light drinkers at lower tiers, an affordable way to drink without a package. 5. Itineraries: HAL wins, with vastly more options. They don't do Galapagos though... Enjoy your cruise ghstudio!
  6. Exactly! We originally booked Concierge too, then later negotiated an uncharge, to match the last minute price difference between the two classes ($100). Only half the ship had these perks and at such a low price. Too many people took advantage of the promo, reducing available capacity, followed by our sailing being permanently classified as "reposition", future promos disqualified.
  7. Yes, and Azamara and Celebrity loyalty points combine. I would like to at least be able to book Princes while onboard HAL.
  8. I wouldn't count on that, at least not without double checking before 60 days have passed. We booked a future cruise on Summit a few years back, and as of a week or two later, our TA did not have it in their system. I was told that this happens frequently, and to always verify. Who knows if it was a human or tech error, or still in the pipeline, but that's what we've done from then on.
  9. We picked up an "Open Passage" for Azamara onboard our last Celebrity cruise, similar to HAL"s future cruise certificates, only it doesn't expire. We'll eyeball a last minute deal or reposition, to stick our toe in the water.
  10. Carnival Victory, 7 Night Southern Caribbean, 2011. Veranda for $779 each. I don't think the price has changed much, but the quality definitely has.
  11. I guess we're all fortunate to had the sales in the past that we did. I remember paying $1,750 each in 2016 for an 8 night repo from San Juan in Aqua, which included all 4 perks. Even just last year, $650 each, for a 4 night Bahamas in Aqua, which included 2 perks. People complained that you were paying for the perks in the price, I don't think so, but true today...
  12. We're in our early 40's, and prefer HAL since the recent cuts to X's food, maintenance, and our subjective opinion of a foolhardy direction. Still generally prefer X's ship layout and design, but HAL's mid-century modern is pleasing as well. The promos were better on X, but based on current prices, there's no more free lunch. BB King Blues club is the best for dancing, mostly pop and Motown hits from the 60's and 70's. The theater shows are not much of a strength, but I don't think X is either. The food, cabins, and itineraries are hands down superior on HAL. Expanded breakfast menu, servers hand out the food in the buffet, that is hot and fresh, MDR equivalent to Blu.
  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that some of the complainers, are closet cheerleaders. Probably true for any brand. I remember the broad negativity when Celebrity cut fresh squeezed OJ from their buffet about 4 years ago, and the moaning was in my opinion, over the top. "How much more of this can we take? What cruise line should we all jump too?" Now that X has introduced more controversial changes and procedures, criticism is no longer well received. Some of the orange juice quitters, basically got called out on their bluff, and the picket signs got replaced by pom pons.
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