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  1. Guessing not but thought I’d ask
  2. Interesting…I was going to expect in the future!
  3. Not true on our Sept 2022 Discovery Princess sailing! See my post above.
  4. That is what I LOVED about Princess in Alaska (RCCL didn't change). Over the course of the week, they served several different KINDS of salmon...they obviously got it at each port. OMG it was SO SO good.
  5. Personally I'd stick with what you have. A Premium balcony room is EXACTLY the same size--only the balcony is bigger. I don't see that as worth much extra. A Deluxe balcony is larger & has a loveseat (tho you will lose some storage in the desk). A mini-suite is larger still. Now, I am a big fan of the upgrade process. I have had pretty good success. I usually bid just a bit over minimum. Very simple. Have a great time--Alaska is so majestic!
  6. I bought a travel fan on Amazon--maybe 5"x5".Works quite well if it is directed right on me.
  7. I understand the cost of a cab is 25-30E from the pier--can anyone confirm? Will they be able to hold 4 passengers? Are they readily available? MUCH cheaper than the ship "on your own" excursion into Dublin. I realize the train is less expensive, there is so much we want to do in Dublin we want to maximize our time--will a cab do that? Thanks!
  8. Oooh...that's not good. You need to contact AARP. I just opened mine & it went straight to it.
  9. Odd. Just bought 2 this week from AARP....when you open the gift card from the email, the gift card is on it. I have just given my phone w/ the screenshot of the gift card to the rep at guest services; no one ever needed a printed copy.
  10. I finally was able to get online using my phone (not on laptop for whatever reason...) $79 for Shellac to prebook--plus tip? I'll get it done here & cross my fingers!
  11. They don't do acrylic
  12. $60-$18 tips-$25 Wfit=$17/day for drinks (I consider free delivery/casual dining extra perk). Heck that's 2 alcoholic drinks...not to mention specialty coffees, sodas, water. Best deal at sea, imo.
  13. Use the chat feature on P.com or call--they can add it for you. With daily grats at $18 & wifi $25, P. Plus is pretty much a no brainer even if one doesn't drink much.
  14. No acrylics or dips on ships it appears. Someone posted a price list (not sure date of it); no acrylics listed.
  15. Hmmm...probably double what I pay at home. BUT if I get it at home & then need one once I board, pointless. Oh, well, we have quite a bit of OBC this time...
  16. Interesting...did you read @CanadianBurger Live TR? He did say while MDR service was slow, overall they thought food was very good. A few misses, but not surprising with a 1st sailing.
  17. Not correct. No upcharge for anything at the Eden Cafe. Breakfast menu: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/617ac6f28abd337ac8fc5f75/t/659de1c2e9067e46d7fbc0fa/1704845763887/Eden+Cafe+Breakfast+Menu+Celebrity.pdf Lunch menus: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/617ac6f28abd337ac8fc5f75/t/659de1d06ec2753f7dbcfbec/1704845778621/Eden+Cafe+Lunch+Menus+Celebrity.pdf
  18. Yeah, that's what I figured...shoot.
  19. I have had such long lasting shellac manicures on Celebrity & Carnival that I'm tempted to just wait until I board to get my nails done there. (seriously...I had my nails done Feb 14 on Carnival...obviously have grown out, but still in fantastic shape!) My gal isn't working before we go, so I'd rather not have a crummy job here just to have it redone on the ship. Does anyone know the prices? Thx
  20. OK...I have a $750 coupon. I understand that I can only apply it to my fare--can I use it to cover my taxes & fees as well, or ONLY the cruise fare?Thx
  21. On the Splendor last month the table was full later most evenings. I had 2 runner runner suck outs--on consecutive nights; decided I was done. Did well at the TX Hold Em Ultimate table game. Hard to get on early in the cruise, even with 2 tables. But the last 3 nights I played about 10 hours total & broke even. Racked up some nice points.
  22. I don't see it anywhere on my account...is it necessary to call to use it? Thx
  23. This isn't right--have been booking the Plus package since 2021...never have had to pay for our Medallions to be shipped.🤷‍♀️
  24. Yes, 15 alcoholic drinks per person. If you go over, you then pay for them. One tip--on port days when you are less likely to get to 15, get some unopened beer/cider/seltzers to keep in your fridge to help on those long sea days--you can even order them on the app to be sent to your room. You could also bring a bottle of wine aboard each to help stretch. But I'll be honest--DH starts his day early. Only ONCE did we both go over 15 drinks...luckily our friends hadn't so ordered one for us...server knew us well (and we tip a dollar or 2 each order along the way), so was fine with that.
  25. Glad to hear you are going to give Princess a try again! Your experience on the Emerald had me drop our Emerald reservation last year--ended up snagging a great deal in Retreat on the Beyond, so it was a win-win! I do think that experience on the Emerald was a one-off for Princess--hopefully this one will be more up to their standards!
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