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  1. April? No thanks - Corina virus is 2 close now lol
  2. Which represent what percent in each ship? In every single royal Caribbean that I sail I see more seniors than 18-35 yrs old.
  3. Good luck to the cruise industry The response from CC members which represent less that 1% of the industry will be -the virus won’t affect me I will never stop going to a cruise And the responde from the rest of the world which makes 99% of the population that is not in CC -I will never go on a cruise ship in my life -
  4. I believe first time cruise pick a 3 days Vs a 7 day cruise More often and don’t know “ the rule” but these days people are so relaxed wearing whatever they want during their vacation. I wear suit n tie on formal night only bc my gf loves to take pics but the other nights I wear jeans and long T-shirt
  5. But your are touching your plate ( a plate that has being there expoused to others passengers fingers with the same hand that you use to eat some bread or touch any food, and I assume you also grab a cup of water that has been there expoused to other Passengers with your left hand right ? to be honest the best idea is to get some really clear gloves or just stopping going to a cruise ship all together.
  6. Im sure it wll be the last ship added to the list since it s 3 day tripand people tend to over use verything onboard
  7. Virgin Frozen beverages finally I can officially say good bye to my refreshment package
  8. why should they do that its working for them as it is right now- people are doing whatever they want lol
  9. well I am diamond right now and the only time I was wearing a pair of khakis that I remmber it was for my forst cruise following my aunt's avice until I got there and saw the reality . Every since I wear jeans every single night and formal night but for my next cruise I am seriously reconsidering if Im gonna bring the suit or not
  10. "State Department elevates China travel advisory to 'Do Not Travel' due to coronavirus"
  11. I only wear shoes during rock climbing - ice skating-gym and MDR
  12. Every year I see more people wearing shorts I don’t do it bc my girlfriend is always in a nice dress at night that I rather wear jeans than a short and she loves taking pictures so we try to mix and match. I also live in south Florida and only 5% of the Time I wear shorts at a restaurant. Now, I still debating on what to do in formal night people are getting away with no suit and and a tie so I might wear long shirt and dress pants next time
  13. For me the issue is not the condition of the ship but the crew attitude. Maybe its coincidence but the 2 times that I booked a ship weeks before a dry dock ( without me knowing)the crew seem fatigued and ready to either go home on vacation or jump to another ship in a fresh start. Prices are cheaper before dry dock but its a mistake I wont do anymore.
  14. I think in all depends on who you are In my case I am a Millennial diamond at royal. Most of my cruises are from south florida we have so many options down here that it makes no sense to fly but I did a Mediterranean cruise sailing from Barcelona, my fiancee loved I was more than ok but near ok. Mediterranean cruises are nice buy you need to fly a day or two before , you need to book a hotel ,you need to add food and taxis to it that it seem to us not worth it. Also the itinerary are port intensive we work out and we are fit and I never felt so tired in a cruise in my life. Wake up was 6am and we needed to be ready at 7 or 8am for the excursions, we never attended a show or participated in any activities onboard we were tired and we always attend every single show at night. If I were celebrating an anniversary but this is just me I rather be sailing in a new ship its going to be a unique experience it wont happen again unless you book a new ship again the Mediterranean will always be there
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