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  1. does anyone know how long it takes to drive to the Giant's Causeway and back from the cruise pier? We are only in port from 1 to 9 so want to see if there is time to drive before I crack and do a shore excursion from the ship (can I say I truly hate bus tours). or a recommendation for a private shore excursion. We are on the Celebrity Silhouette thanks Linda (and Tom)
  2. Who will the captain be on Edge end of March 2020?
  3. Yes they were fine on the other tours we had with them. My point is simply if there is an issue, their customer skills are sorely lacking.
  4. The tour group - Shore Trips and Tours. And my experience with them when I encountered a problem
  5. I wasn’t going to post until another condescending email arrived yesterday. We had an issue with one tour. If you have a problem and try to address it, the reply emails are belittling and condescending. Attitude seems to be customer is always wrong. Details don’t matter. My beef is the arrogance of the replies. Which btw I expect another one on here as they assured me they would respond. Professionalism is not their strong point
  6. Junior suite. Kinda moldy but we don’t complain. Only bad thing is the horrific elevators. Most are out of service
  7. Sea has been extremely calm. Boston was rainy yesterday and Portland cloudy today but every other day almost perfect. All muster stations on on outside on deck
  8. Paul truly was exceptional in every way. Amazing tour and guide. Highlight of our trip
  9. Saint John photos Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. It was $100 per person and max 10 in van. Truly the best tour guide I have ever had Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Halifax pics Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Today was Halifax. We took the Halifax Titanic Historical Tour with Paul. Best tour ever. His “side” job is limo driving (and has a pretty well known clientele) but he prefers doing these tours and showing off his city. If you want a Halifax tour, this is a must. Pics later tonight. But had to rave about the awesomeness of this tour
  13. Today was Sydney. We took the Cabot trail tour. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Today was PEI. We took a private tour that was awesome. Attached are some pics Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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