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  1. Lewis and Clark Cruise? Sounds like a Snake/Columbia River cruise on the American Empress.
  2. "The American Queen Steamboat Company said in a Kentucky WARN notice that it will permanently lay off approximately 250 workers for two of its vessels, American Queen and American Empress. The first layoffs are slated to start by or near Sept. 24, according to the WARN notice." Try this link: https://www.wlky.com/article/louisville-area-steamboat-company-laying-off-250-workers/33437155
  3. That was my experience with Allianz. I was outside (prior) the dates of the trip. I originally called regarding moving the insurance to a future cruise (which I had not yet booked) and he suggested I request a refund and provided me with the info to do that. I emailed a couple of supporting documents and in about three weeks the premium had been credited back to my credit card.
  4. I think the Duchess is the only boat that qualifies for less than 250 people (crew plus passengers). I was supposed to be wrapping up the "Mighty Mississippi" on the Duchess last Monday. As for updates from AQ, I'd take a look Monday or so. The last update was on June 30 - a Tuesday. https://www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com/alerts/
  5. Let me add from the email (edit not available)... The FCC is 125% of the original voyage fare. Valid on any 2020-2022 cruise although the credit expires on (must be redeemed before) December 31, 2021. This was mentioned earlier: "Future Cruise Credit may be returned at any time for a refund of original payment amount".
  6. We just received (via email) our FCC for the Duchess "Mighty MIssissippi" which was to be happening right now. Will be booking next year.
  7. Not all insurance companies are created equal...
  8. Was in a similar discussion about Chicago. Your "few days" in PA would be quarantine. Don't think they would mind if you left before the 14 days have elapsed. I'd stay up-to-date with Pennsylvania website regarding their policy.
  9. We were booked on the, now cancelled, American Duchess/Mighty Mississippi cruise which would have been happening right now. I didn't hear that we had to get the credit first to get a refund. I was told that if I took the 125% FCC (which is what we are doing), we could later request changing it to the 100% refund. We are dealing directly with AQSC. Got our premium refund from Allianz a couple weeks ago (we dealt directly with them too). Be patient!
  10. That is about the same time frame I experienced with Allianz. It was nice to see the credit on my credit card last week. I'd be on the cruise right now if it wasn't cancelled.
  11. Let me clarify my post above ... my info regarding 100% and 125% was obtained in a conversation with an AQSC representative when I was discussing my cancelled cruise, NOT the online updates they have been posting.
  12. It is my understanding that you can take either a 100% refund or a 125% FCC. It was also mentioned that if I initially took the FCC, I could change my mind and take the refund. Might check directly with AQSC on that.
  13. I got a 100% premium refund from Allianz...see my post from two days ago above (#65).
  14. Was supposed to be on the Duchess/Mighty Mississippi right now...got cancelled last month. Booked a spot on next years cruise and waiting for the FCC to kick in.
  15. Got my insurance premium 100% credited back to my credit card a couple of days ago for the cruise I was supposed to be on right now! Allianz acknowledged, via email last week, my cancellation request I made a couple of weeks ago.
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