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  1. For a single person Galveston Express is the cheapest way to go but the math changes when the group is larger - here's the price breakdown of the various options based on a single traveler...
  2. Embrace it. Get a good rest. Can't sleep forever, once you're rested there will be plenty to do to keep you awake and interested
  3. Short sleeve t-shirt with a full-zip fleece for quick adjustments to temperature fluctuations
  4. So excited about booking the Panorama!
  5. A quick run down of the current classes of Carnival ships
  6. The free beach immediately to the left of the port is great, bring $5 to rent a floating mat
  7. I really enjoyed Chankanaab
  8. CoW mAn

    Would you ... ?

    Pasion Island is fun
  9. I really enjoyed the All Inclusive Excursion to Uvero
  10. I saw Ocean View - All of the views, none of the cold. This some of what I saw from my Ocean View Alaska cruise...
  11. Here's a quick run down of the dress code
  12. They get removed if there are flammable. My magnets have never been removed...
  13. It's a smaller ship but there's still plenty of room for a good deck party 😉
  14. How To Book A Carnival Cruise - with tips on getting the best cabin!
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