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  1. I've been following two European cruises for May and June 2021 but did not want to book anything yet until I saw the ships actually sailing. As of Aug 3 there was plenty of availability and the prices were actually coming down $10 each week. When I logged in on Thursday they were all gone. So disappointed.
  2. I am also thinking of booking that cruise and the one before from Vancouver but I will not actually book until I see the ships up and running. I've been following a Carnival cruise in Europe for June 2021 for some time and now all the European Carnival cruises for that period seem to be cancelled. I still have my Getaway in January to cancel before final payment.
  3. In the 10 cruises that I've been on we have never had a cabin crawl organized. I was looking forward to My first one for my April Bliss that was cancelled.
  4. I will be expecting one back from a cruise I am cancelling in January that has an expat date of March 2021. Will it automatically be extended or do I have to call NCL to get it extended? Or do I have to book another cruise to use it now?
  5. Has anyone heard if any were affected on the Mein Schiff 2 voyage?
  6. The reason I would have liked 60 days before final payment is to have NCL cancel this cruise instead of me. I mistakenly booked through an on line TA who charges if I cancel but doesn't if the cruise line cancels. I already had an April cruise cancelled and it took 85 days to get refunded. I don't want to go through that again.
  7. What I meant is I missed the option of paying final within 60 days instead of 120 days. It only goes up to end of December.
  8. Just my luck. I missed the 60 days final payment by 3 days for my Jan. 3, 2021 cruise. So final payment is still due Sept. 5th (but according to my TA Aug. 24th). Will not know by then if cruises will start up so probably will have to cancel.
  9. My cruise is on NCL Getaway for Jan. 3. 2021. NCL wants final payment Sept 5 but the TA wanted it Aug. 5. We got the TA to wait until Aug. 23. In addition they automatically charge your CC which they have on file. We told them NOT to charge anything until they hear from us. I was just waiting until the last minute to see if the cruise line cancels.
  10. I booked a cruise from a large internet TA back. In October because I was enticed by all the OBC they were giving. I knew there was $100 cancellation fee but never in a million years would I think I would cancel. My final payment is due August 23 but I'm not comfortable with cruising yet so will probably cancel. They said they would give me a voucher to book another cruise but now their cancellation fee is $100 per person. I'm so sorry I got involved with them. I might just forfeit that $100 and use it as a lesson well learned.
  11. Their website is zonky. For a few hours my January Getaway and all January NY cruises were gone but now they are back.
  12. I see they are back. They were gone for a few hours.
  13. Yes, my January 3, 2021 Getaway is gone too, as is all January 2021 ships out of NY.
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