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  1. Word says, Wonder might have been planned to replace Quantum for the rest of the season. But this is still very much speculation at this point.
  2. IMHO, that indoor solarium does not look good on an Oasis class ship. It should have been kept just for Quantum class.
  3. Better not to use that word 'bubble'. It seems to curse us every time that word is announced with another country. HK bubble has popped 3x times. Likely that the promised SIN - AUS bubble will too. I don't know whether the SG government would want Wonder here at the moment, that's up for debate as well.
  4. Oops my bad, i meant to say June 30th! Thanks for the correction! 😛
  5. Yes. I think they made it quite clear that double points only apply if the sailing was booked by OCT 2021 and sailed before SEPT 2022. If your cruise is cancelled, one of these clauses is not meant, so it won't apply. At least you can still get back 125% FCC, so it's not terrible to keep waiting.
  6. They haven't announced an extension of double point bookings.
  7. She was built for China. The fact that she's more westernized than Spectrum only means that there's not enough demand there for the confidence to deploy her there continuously. If she can't be filled, there's no way Icon which is of slightly lower capacity can stay there long term. Although, they could just put an icon class there and pull Spectrum and Wonder out permanently, but that would not be entirely smart.
  8. Yes! I managed to get the OBC after a day! But is there anyway to check whether it's in your account? They said it has been applied.
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