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  1. I had to do the same exact thing for our next cruise....luckily it was only a $200 Deposit for the room. Try being out money for a wedding you were supposed to have on a cruise that was leaving this Thursday!....having to cancel all your wedding plans and lose money on personalized items for the wedding!....that cost is a lot more than my deposit. The last thing I am going to ***** about is putting $200 down for another cruise that I am going on in the future!....because I know the $200 I put down on my canceled cruise will be going as a FCC in my new cruise and I will be getting an additional 25% from that too.....it's ALL GOOD!
  2. It's a bad deal all around. I'm sitting here waiting to see if our B2B cruises are canceled next month or not. If it doesn't get canceled we will have to decide what we do before the 48 hours (have to think about the multiple other cabins and friends and family that are going also)! I agree with everyone also...ALWAYS buy the insurance because it could help when you need it the most! If I decide to cancel and not rebook we will lose about $900 because of licensing fees that we paid to get married on the ship that we can't get back from the Bahamas Government. We are not seniors and I need that money just as much as anyone....since we could use it for something else also!....Age shouldn't be the factor or even brought up about how some company is "treating" people...they are doing the best they can with what they have to deal with in a tough situation! It is what it is! Be more worried about losing your life from this and not just some $$$.
  3. Hello Ticky I'm waiting right now to see if Royal cancels the cruise and that way I can reschedule for another date down the line. You should contact Royal Celebrations directly and see what they will do. I believe if your cruise was canceled they will refund the price back to you minus licensing fees. Let me know what you find out!
  4. It might be easier if the cruise line cancels the cruises for everyone for 60 days...that way we don't have to decide what we should do! My fiancé and I are supposed to get married on the 26th of April on board and we are still thinking about what we should do. It's hard because our decision affects the people coming on the ship with us. If Royal cancels we have no choice! Plus maybe they will give full refunds and % towards another cruise. Plus we have money wrapped up with the wedding thru royal celebrations and they will move it to another date but the money for the marriage licensing will not be refunded and if we don't move to another date we lose $900. Stressful times!
  5. I know how you feel! We are getting married on Indy in 6 1/2 weeks. We need this to go as planned too! Best of luck to your daughter and her wedding on Vista! Please keep us posted on what happens!!
  6. Thank you! but hopefully we can still do it! Everything rides on if we still can go on the cruise or not! very stressful times!....hard enough to plan a wedding now we are watching this virus too.
  7. 46 here and fiancé is 41 we have a B2B on April 23rd and we are getting married on-board....Don't want to cancel because everything is all set. We have tons of stuff for the wedding and honeymoon with the dates on it. I'm so stressed about everything!
  8. This is very good to know but I don't know what to do now!...We are booked an April 25th Cruise and paid a lot extra to get married on the ship thru Royal Celebrations....I don't know if they will follow the same guidelines. I don't really want to change the date since we already have everything set....with all the wedding stuff, Items with the date on them, guests already booked also. This is so overwhelming and stressful!
  9. Our cruise is exactly 7 weeks from today. Can't cancel now! Unless RC cancels we will be going.....we are getting married on the ship and have tons of dated stuff for it.
  10. Just checking to see if anyone else has a wedding coming up on a cruise and is worried about the Coronavirus? Our wedding is exactly 7 weeks away and we are stressed out over this global hysteria that the news media is causing!
  11. Hello! How you have an amazing cruise! We will be following!!! We will be on Indy in 49 days for a B2B (4 then 5 nights)…..first cruise (we have a spacious ocean view) on last day we are getting married and have 10 guests coming with us for it.....second cruise (junior suite) is our honeymoon.... Would love to see your cruise compasses when you return!!! Enjoy!!!
  12. Hello and Happy Birthday! Have a great cruise and looking forward to your review. We will be on Indy next month and will be doing a B2B and also getting married on board the ship!
  13. Would love to know more about the whole wedding!! My fiancé and I will be getting married on Indy in April and would to hear more about that!! Thanks again!
  14. I would try on the blog for cruise compasses: royal caribbean blog.com/cruise-compass
  15. We went on Allure for Easter and they did nothing special. I think for dinner it was Ham or Turkey but nothing special. I've only seen special things for X-mas time and Halloween.
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