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  1. Looked on RCCL website. Checking for friends who were thinking of booking last minute
  2. Thanks for the info. Just wasn't certain how immigration/customs works in cases where itinerary changes. Can't wait to board next week.
  3. I believe when we booked our Grandeur of the Seas cruise for Feb. 28, 2020, our itinerary first stop was Charleston and last stop was Nassau. Today as I look at the Feb. 28 cruise it shows the direct opposite with Nassau as first stop, Coco Cay second, Orlando (Port Canaveral) Florida third and Charleston the last stop. Is there a change in immigration if we are coming back from Coco Cay (Bahamas) to Port Canaveral, Florida? Thanks to all for responses. Do we have to exit the ship in Port Canaveral and go through immigration???
  4. The high today in Bermuda is forecast to be 68 degrees, Monday, high of 67. Granted, it's not swimming weather, but it's beautiful weather for sightseeing the lovely island of Bermuda. It's a beautiful place...see as much as you can in the time you are there.
  5. Thanks for the info Jamman54, and for your many reviews we've enjoyed.
  6. If anybody has cruised to Bermuda recently on the Carnival Pride, was the casino on the ship open while the ship is docked at King's Wharf? I've seen a couple of different responses from no, it isn't open to yes, it's open after 9 P.M. Thanks for responses.
  7. End of Feb.for us. We are trying a Jr. Suite.
  8. We hope so too. We like the smaller ships and we're looking forward to trying a different ship from Baltimore.
  9. We will be on our first Grandeur cruise shortly and we had some questions. We're not novice cruisers, but we're not sure how a couple of things work with Grandeur. Would appreciate any responses. Thank you in advance. 1. We will be traveling with four other people and would like to dine together. One couple has booked thru a TA and I don't think they will be able to link them with us. Do you think we could speak to maitre'd after boarding and arrange for a table for six? 2. Are there restrictions on how you can use your OBC on the Grandeur? Thank you.
  10. Great, just came across your Legend review and can't wait to read it. We were on the Legend in early 2000's from NY.
  11. I've taken my scooter on the Pride 4 times and use it in the casino all of the time. While DH is playing Blackjack I'm usually on a slot machine. I roll up to the machine (mostly on the end of a row), get as close as possible so as not to block anyone from walking by, slide off and sit in front of the machine. No problem. If I play Blackjack, and I can take the seat beside DH, I park closely behind our seats, again, not blocking anyone. It can get crowded, so I just take my time and I've never had a problem.
  12. You know, there are neurological disorders and chronic diseases that cause mobility issues. Now, sometimes the issues are full blown problems, other times mobility issues are not quite as severe. For instance, at home I don't need my scooter, I can drag myself around without a cane, holding onto walls or furniture. Other times, like in a large venue or on a cruise ship, I may not be able to walk three feet without my cane or rollator, so I can use my scooter and get around. By the way I am very adept using my scooter. I don't run over, crash into people or ever park the scooter in a hallway. Most of us know how to operate our devices. My point is don't judge someone, just because you may see them walking around. They may have some problems that flare up off and on. However, I agree I have seen folks like the ones you describe. I always give them the benefit of a doubt and hope they're not faking it. It's my "boy, I wish I could do that " moment. I would give anything in the world to be able to walk like I used to, but it hasn't turned out that way. Thankfully though I'm still able to cruise and get around with a scooter.
  13. Maybe if people would adhere to the rules of bringing their own scooter, they wouldn't need to park outside of the cabin. I bring my own scooter, 3-wheeled Pride GoGo Elite Traveler Plus. I know the exact dimensions of my scooter, and I can easily drive my scooter into our cabin, a standard balcony. I read the cruise line rules as to whether my scooter will fit in our cabin prior to going on a cruise. I follow rules and regulations. I have seen on two or three occasions where a guest has brought on a scooter so large that it should not have been permitted on the cruise. People know they can't do that but they do it anyway and this particular guest drove his scooter so fast on the cruise ship, that someone could have gotten seriously hurt if they stepped out in front of him This particular mobility scooter actually required 5 crew members to help pick up, or precariously get this particular scooter off of the tender somehow. I was certain that one of the crew were going to be injured during that maneuver. I blame some of the cruise lines for allowing these oversized mobility scooters on the ship. If people would abide by the rules, mobility devices wouldn't be parked outside of cabins. The cruise line needs to take responsibility too. If they have definite rules on dimensions of these devices they should insist that guests follow the rules, and if they don't they should be denied boarding. I've only used my scooter on Carnival, and I've never had any problem, in fact, everyone was always very helpful. I've not seen any problems with wheelchairs, scooters, etc. blocking areas. Maybe I was luckily on a different deck. Anyway, follow rules people.
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