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  1. Hi. Michigan again. I didn't want to do an update again so soon, but there are a few things I feel I need to discuss. First, the numbers are generally stabilizing. Metro Detroit is starting to get into some trouble again. Second, our Governor is tinkering around the edges with her executive orders. Workers and most kids at child care centers and kiddie camps are now required to wear masks most of the time. Good luck with that. Third, we've stayed off the NY quarantine list for another week. Under their relatively modest standards for being not out of control, we're not out of control. Yet. Fourth, we're one of seven states (including North Carolina) to pool resources to get some more rapid result tests. We can use them. And finally, our Governor snuck off for a short trip last week to Delaware. I assume she wanted some extra fresh crab cakes. 😁 Unlike the parties involved, I could talk about this for quite a while, but it wouldn't be very relevant to this topic, so I'll spare you all. Let's just say I think we need her here more than there, I think there are better candidates for the position, and I think she won't get picked anyway.
  2. Thanks for sharing about life in Portugal. I'm sure it's difficult for the tourism industry there to have two major feeder markets blocked out, but they can't really be allowed until things are better.
  3. I'm showing 7 different sailings as of now - some with multiple dates. Brand Ambassador John Heald did an interview this morning with Chief Communications Officer Chris Whateverhislastnameis on his Facebook page. I'm quoting the relevant portion from Chris: We know our guests get anxious the moment some change is made online. It does not mean we have made a decision. But we are carefully managing inventory as we work through these decisions.
  4. That's the $10 billion question. Two or three action plans ago, they planned to start with 8 ships from three different U.S. ports. My best guess (no better than anyone else's, of course) is that they won't start with that many when they're allowed to go - either because of CDC mandates or an abundance of caution. The fewer ships they start with, the quicker it will be to staff them.
  5. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me to check my e-mail box and sure enough, it was there. The letter looks standard. I wish I could share it here; perhaps someone else will. The refund options are the same as I've seen for others: 1) 100% refund, or 2) 100% FCC plus $300 or $600 OBC I have to book by 5/31/21 for a cruise that departs by 4/30/23. I don't need the $250 deposit, so I'll likely take the FCC + OBC option. I assume Carnival will make it to '21 and will be sailing by 2023. For the first time in a very long time, I don't have any cruises booked. It feels very weird.
  6. The big news in Michigan this week is that 1) Indoor social gatherings have been reduced to 10 statewide 2) Bars (as opposed to restaurants selling alcohol) were closed for indoor service 3) The big casinos in Detroit area are allowed to open August 5 at 15% capacity and most of the usual protocols I won't raise Carolyn's ire by being too verbose, but I'm doing OK, the state is doing OK, we're jealous of most of the Northeast, and looking in horror at most of the rest of the U.S.
  7. Well, define "rival". I suppose every cruise line is a rival for every other cruise line passenger's dollar. But we all know many cruise lines are owned by a relatively few corporations. My one story is this. One of my favorite T-shirts is a Key West shirt, which has a small logo of Cruise Line "C" on the bottom. I wore it on my cruise on Cruise Line "H", which happened to be going to Key West. "H" and "C" are owned by the same corporation. I thought it was kind of cute. I'm not sure if I would wear it if I went back to KW on, say, Cruise Line "R" (which is owned by a different corporation).
  8. Thanks for sharing the article link. There is, actually some good news in the article - at least for Norwegian cruisers: In an effort to provide additional transparency, beginning in August, the company plans to provide an update at the end of each month regarding the status of voyage suspensions, including any potential extensions, according to a statement. It would be nice if Carnival committed to doing that, IMHO. As for who's next... probably everyone sailing in North America, though it might be a while before they all do.
  9. Thanks again for sharing. Yes, a lot of us are going to need or want a B2B2B filled with good music after getting through this. I'll probably have to settle for the one music cruise in '22 and a couple of big concerts next year - if the virus will let me. I'll have to get to those "Unsung" segments sometime.
  10. Thanks. I'm considering it. I suppose it's time for another update. Last week I received the reimbursement for my deposit. Not bad, all things considered. I'm a hopeless optimist in that I believe that we'll eventually get control of this virus and break down the barriers between us again. And that means these charters will run, if the businesses behind them can survive. Will 2022 be soon enough? I'm hoping. The three hottest prospects for my money are... 70s Rock & Romance Cruise (February 19-26) Ultimate Disco Cruise (February 26-March 3) The 80s Cruise (March 5-12) I could actually take a B2B2B with all three of them, but that would be suicide - death by "too much of a good thing". Payment plans and cancellation policies have eased a bit. I haven't checked the insurance yet, but I'm sure it'll cost more for less coverage. Any of the three would give me a fantastic time, but there's no rush. I'll keep living and make up my mind eventually.
  11. Thanks for sharing RWolver672 (and you too, pe4all). Your discussion of the upcoming election rules reminded me of how COVID-19 started to ramp up here during the primary in March. With big rallies and a huge turnout, who knows how much damage was done? It certainly led to some changes now. BTW, I sent in my absentee ballot yesterday. Our Governor is holding a press conference at 2 PM today. I hope she's only going to chastise the minority for not doing what needs to be done.
  12. The Radiance is heading straight to Long Beach according to their press release: Carnival Radiance will now move directly from Europe after its $200 million transformation and homeport in Long Beach in April of 2021, where it will assume the short Baja Mexico itineraries previously served by Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration.
  13. Michigan again. There's not a lot to say, so I'll be brief. It seems new cases are stabilizing around 600 a day which, while not ideal, we can probably live with. Everyone here is rooting for it to go down before the next big holiday so the kiddies can go to school relatively safely. No talk of reopening things, little talk of heading back. Mask compliance seems to be about maxed out. Daily deaths have been in the single digits for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping other states can get control over this outbreak so we can go cruising again, among other things.
  14. Thanks for sharing the link to the CDC's request for information in the Federal Register, cruiseboy06. The CDC is asking some extremely important and tough questions, and I'll waste some time trying to answer them as well as I can (not here; this would be merely a thought exercise for me).
  15. As far as I know, they are. I have heard some reports of people calling customer service or their PVPs and moving their final due date back a few days or moving the full amount of their payments (with no penalty) to another cruise.
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