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  1. Following. I'm on one of the Panorama sailings in September. I have a lot to learn, but don't mind picking up a few tips on the way. Thanks all.
  2. Ports in the GC/Ocho Rios area that have served cruise ships in the past two months: Mahogany Bay/Roatan Belize Costa Maya Cozumel It seems likely that they could pick two of the above and make an itinerary out of it. But pay attention as things can change at any time.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I'll take a bullet for you: https://www.facebook.com/LeeYourCruiseDirector/ It was nice knowing you all... ✋
  4. August movie announcement from Mr. Heald, made a few hours ago: Here is the Dive In Movie Schedule for the month of August remebering that we are waiting for some of the bigger movies to reach us after Hollywoods's covid enforced break They are: Nomadland Raya and the Last Dragon Minari Tenet Soul Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar Independance Day News of the World Captain America the First Avenger Joe asked me for the Imax movies and I am sorry mate not allowed to advertise the Imax movies for the Carnival Vista and Carniva
  5. Hi. Michigan again. Cases are continuing to increase steadily from very low levels. Other states are increasing even faster, so we're still near the bottom. I like the bottom. I got a notice from our state Health Department that one huge festival that was held last week is linked with several cases and everyone that attended is advised to monitor for symptoms and test. Too soon for something like this, perhaps? On a more personal note, the virus circles ever closer to me. One of my co-workers (fully vaccinated, BTW) had a breakthrough. We kindly asked him to stay
  6. I'm sorry to hear this. For the record, I've always preferred that if there needs to be a test before boarding, that the cruise line test at the terminal just before boarding. Doing so would prevent impossible situations like yours.
  7. In the man's own words, posted yesterday: Here is my schedule for you as far as the next few days and during the next few days I shall also let you know my sailing dates for September and October. Sunday July 25th This is "open day" for Carnival employees who work at the Mother Ship to come and see Mardi Gras. I will also be joining that day and will immediately grab the old eye phone which will not be attached to a shelfie twig and will waddle around the ship. You can expect that around noon time, Miami time Monday July 26th I will be sailing with the s
  8. Forgive me as I tune out the noise that's come from Florida and Georgia (and, soon, Washington). I see little change in the short or medium run, unless this variant decides to burn itself out and the CSO gets pitched.
  9. John Heald had another coffee talk this morning. I wasn't sure where to put this, but since he didn't talk about September & October sailings that much (the details of which are covered in several other threads), I decided to put it here. Here's what I found most interesting: Mr. Heald confirmed his travel plans - leaving for Miami on Thursday, meeting with "the beards" on Friday, boarding Mardi Gras on Saturday and Sunday and doing lots of filming & stuff, then sailing to Port Canaveral He said Canadians and other non-Americans with cruises booked throu
  10. He did say that. I'll add on that I'd like to see someone post that e-mail here or in its own thread. It sounds like it will be sent to Canadians and cruisers from other countries who have cruises booked through October. Pretty please? 🙏
  11. In listening to Mr. Heald on today's coffee talk, he actually advocated that some parties do this - move the cruise to some less limited time or take a refund. It was quite incredible coming from him, but then again, the logic is inescapable. Lots more hassle + increased costs = probably not a great time.
  12. This was an excellent report other than what I quoted above. It should be very helpful to the OP as well as perhaps others following along. About the buffet... statements by the company and first-hand reports from Carnival ships already sailing all say that the buffet is self-serve, as it always has been. There's no reason to think it will change for ships that are resuming sailing.
  13. I think there's a good chance there will be at least one approved vaccine available for that age group by Christmas. But in order to get both shots and the waiting period done, you really need that approval by November 1. This I'm less sure about.
  14. I successfully completed phase 2 of my hot vax summer this weekend with my attendance at the ZZ Top/John Fogerty/GTD concert. Barely a mask was seen and there was very little social distancing. I expected this. It was a good time, though all the driving and running around made for a very long day. I'll try to adjust to this for my future experiences. Looking forward to my next adventures.
  15. I bought back in at 22 a few days ago. Obviously that wasn't the bottom. It's a small portion of my IRA. I have at least three Carnival Corp. cruises coming up in the next year. A 14% yield isn't half bad these days. Whatever way the stock goes I think I'll do all right.
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