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  1. Ah, Sanibel...I was lucky enough to spend a few vacations there with my family (in the mid-90's), as well. I definitely laugh over the phenomenon known as the 'Sanibel Stoop' -- and I still cherish the shells that I have from there!😎
  2. LOL Hattack -- I'm hoping that, by then, my DH will have retired. He's been able to work from home, for the past six months -- which suits him just fine. But once we have an effective vaccine and we can travel again, I think that he'll be logging-off the company computer, for good! The Navy is moving my son (and his family) across country -- from VA to San Diego, at the end of this month. Still a long way from the Puget Sound -- but, at least they'll be in the same time zone! I've disliked flying, for past couple of decades. Once cruising safely resumes, we may look into the option of taking Pacific Coastal sailings down to SD, and taking the train home. But, no planes, trains, or cruise ships for us, until this plague is gone -- or we have a truly effective way to deal with it (I'm thinking a good vaccine). In the meantime, I'll just have to continue to enjoy my grandkids, via Skype/Zoom, etc.
  3. Hattack -- you are a braver person than I! The one time (many years ago) that I had to have an MRI -- it took quite a bit of Valium to get me into that tube, LOL. Not sure that EVEN listening to Boney could have accomplished THAT! But seriously, hope that your treatment goes well, my friend. For your future medical treatment playlist -- may I recommend 'Dave Koz & Friends: Summer Horns' (my favorite track: God Bless the Child, feat: Gerald Albright). 😎
  4. Oh yes -- a b2b in '22 would be nice. But, this (hopefully) being our first venture back into travel, post-Covid -- DH and I are just going to stick to 'baby steps', LOL! Interesting that you mention pictures of Candy Dulfer, for the calendar (great idea, BTW). The one picture that my DH took was of me and Candy, on the day we ran into her in a San Juan shoe store. He said: 'Now you can tell folks that you've been shoe-shopping with Candy Dulfer!' LOL! (Oh and what a totally cool and gracious lady she is!)
  5. Oh Carolyn, Hope that you get your refund, soon! Our investment in our ill-fated K-dam cruise (which we should be packing for, right now😥) was just a few hundred $$ in refundable deposit -- which we got back last month. What we are really on the 'hook' is for a charter jazz cruise, on an X ship, that was canceled right before we would have sailed, last March. They offered us the option of a refund, or a re-booked (fully paid) cruise, in Jan of 22. We took the cruise. Hope that we don't regret that decision. Good news is that we have insurance for the new sailing -- so we should be OK, either way -- HOPEFULLY.....
  6. Hattack -- hope that we see you on the 'Back to Sea' (formerly All-Stars) cruise, in Jan '22. I really like that line-up! Knowing a good place to go for good Cuban food in Miami would be appreciated. On previous cruises out of Miami, we've stumbled on one good place in 'Little Havana' (but can't remember the restaurant's name, or where it is). But, oh MAN, crawfish scramble sounds delicious!😋 My DH -- who actually gets most of the communication from ECP, reports that they are 'postponing' (and maybe ultimately cancelling) the winter 2021 'Jazz Land Cruise' in Las Vegas. Apparently, the hotels there had led them to believe that they could fill the venues to higher capacity, than can be achieved under the current Covid restrictions. Sadly, until we have a workable vaccine, I just don't see how any jazz venues (land or sea) will work.😥 Just hoping that things are back to some semblance of normality, before January 2022!🤞
  7. Thanks, Hattack! For sure, once we start flying again, the more options we have -- the better! Oh and YES -- 15 months and counting -- we can DO this! 😎
  8. Recently received notice of some changes to our Jan. 2022 Smooth Jazz Cruise. The sailing that we are booked on ('All-Stars Edition' -- now called the 'Back to Sea Cruise') has a new departure date and port. Originally, we were sailing on Friday, Jan. 21. That departure date has been moved back to Monday, Jan. 24 (still a 7-night cruise). Our embark/debark port has been moved from Port Everglades (Ft.L) to Miami, as well. In his e-mail, Mr. Lazaroff explained that the changes were necessary, in order to secure a 'revolutionized' (re-furbed) Millie-Class ship, for all of the 2022 Smooth Jazz Cruise sailings. No indication of exactly which ship we will be assigned, in the amended booking documents. However, from my time on the X boards, it looks like Summit and Millennium are the only two ships who fit that bill. At this point, it appears doubtful that the other two Millie-Class ships (Infinity and Constellation) will be re-furbed any time soon. While I'm not all that wild about the Miami port swap (prefer flying into Hollywood Int'l), the other changes do not present a problem for us, at this time. I'm just so happy that the folks at ECP are working so diligently to make this cruise a reality -- and to deliver on the quality product that they have promised -- and that we have come to expect from them. 😎
  9. George, your comment about J. Starship brought to mind their former guitarist, Craig Chaquico -- who is now a prominent member of the jazz music scene. Sadly, I have never seen him featured on a charter jazz cruise. I would book pretty much any jazz cruise that featured him!
  10. Aside from the charter jazz cruises we've taken, I think my favorite ship performer is Jordan Peterson -- a pianist/singer who does excellent Billy Joel covers (as well as Elton John and the Beatles). My DH and I saw Jordon on Celebrity Summit, as well as Celebrity Century, several years ago. I understand that he was also a very popular piano bar favorite on at least one Carnival Ship. For the past few years, I heard that he's moved his act to Walt Disney World, in Orlando -- unfortunately for those of us who enjoyed hearing him perform at sea!😎
  11. What I miss: Waking up in my beautiful, floating hotel room -- in a different place every day!
  12. That's an oldie, but goodie, Arno! And, don't forget: 'Figures don't lie, but liars surely do figure!' (Can't remember who came up with that one.🤔)
  13. LOL -- it's like a Rorschach test, just for chronic cruisers! Thanks for the chuckle (we surely need that, right now)!😁
  14. 'Pinging-off' George C's excellent post, there is also a thread here for jazz cruisers. We've done two Smooth Jazz Cruises, and (hopefully) have one booked for January of 2022. Worth every penny, IMHO! 😎
  15. Amen, Linda! We just got our deposit refund for the Pacific Coastal that HAL canceled, back in June. Considering that folks on the HAL boards were reporting an average of 90 days for refunds (with no FCC involved), we considered ourselves lucky to have gotten our $$ back, in just over 60 days. In this current state of affairs, patience isn't just a virtue -- it's a necessity!
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