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  1. We will in Santiago Chile in February and wanted to use Uber while we are there. I'm wondering how safe it is to use Uber there. Anyone have any experience using Uber there? Thank you in advance for any replies
  2. Did you have any trouble getting on the first tender off the ship?
  3. We booked their 2 night pre-cruise so our TA was told that as long as our flight comes in the day that synchs with the 2 night stay, they will pick us up. The hotel info for the 2 night pre-cruise says Marriott Santiago but has a paren (or similar).
  4. My TA was told that if we arrive on the dates in synch with the 2 night pre-cruise, they will transfer you to the hotel & to the port. They just need to know your flight info. I hope that what they say is correct because we were very clear that we were going to book our own air.
  5. I had read that he doesn’t wait but you are correct in checking it out with him on that question...what happens if you aren’t on the early tenders. Please post if what I had read wasn’t correct.
  6. Did you have any problems being on the first tender at Stanley for the Volunteer Point excursion with Patrick? I heard that he doesn't wait for passengers. I'm worried that the ship line's crew will only let those on Viking excursion off first before other since it is a tender port. Please advise as I'm debating on what to do.
  7. We booked our own business class flights for our trip to S. America next year as Viking wanted about $3000 more than what we found on our own. We did book their 2 nights pre package with Viking to get the transfers between the airport & hotel and then from the hotel to the port. The Viking representative confirmed that we will get those as we booked the 2 night pre cruise package.
  8. We are thinking of coming in one day early before our cruise we leaves from Valparaiso. We are wondering if anyone has booked a car service/taxi from either the airport or Hotel in Santiago to the port (Valparaiso). The cruiseline only provides transportation if we come in the day of departure or booking 2 night stay at over $1000. Can anyone give me information on trying to book the transportation. Appreciate the help as always from CC.
  9. Ah...have a wonderful cruise and trip!
  10. You were smart to do something privately. Wished we had thought of that! See you on the ship & at the meet & mingle.
  11. Looks like you are on the Silverseas overland to Angkor Wat. The document for the land portion states that you’ll need 2 passport size pictures & 2 blank pages with passport validity 6 months after date of departure from Vietnam. The Vietnam visa is issued at airport of Ho Chi Minh city. Cambodian visa upon arrival at Sihanoukville port. That fee will be charged to your ship account. Look at your booking in the activity tab & hit the land button on the Sihanoukville port the second day. The info you are looking for is there.
  12. We are going to be in several countries and looking to get local currency for them, but have heard that some countries welcome the US dollar and there is no need for me to exchange it. Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong are where we are traveling to. I know that the exchange rates aren't the best, but we like the convenience of having it done before we leave.
  13. I wasn't aware of the warning last year. This was my husband's desire to go so I'm leaving the decision to him. I think he'll cancel the land portion at the end of our trip.
  14. If you read the advisory of extreme caution, it doesn't limit to those with dual citizenship. It says the exit ban is arbitrary & you may have access to the embassy. I'm not sure we are willing to risk going there.
  15. We are disembarking in Hong Kong then onto a land option called Walls and Warriors with Silverseas. We head to Xian and then to Beijing.
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