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  1. Erdoran would only receive the taxes and fees back but not her cruise fare. It is before final payment so changes are free to make but the price would be what is offered now, not when first booked; I think that's the catch for the solo cruiser.
  2. YQW (you're quite welcome) FAS (Free at Sea) promotions Yes, I would stick with what you have if you're a bit fussy (nothing wrong with being fussy BTW).
  3. More or less, yes, you're correct. You bid on a category, referring to suites/Haven, so basically you don't get to choose which cabin. You also take the FAS promos you already have, too.
  4. Here's the answer in Terms & Conditions: https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Under: NORWEGIAN'S FREE AT SEA - GET UP TO 5 FREE OFFERS No components included in this offer have any monetary value, are non-refundable and non-transferable. So, if it has no monetary value, they won't exchange any FAS offer for OBC.
  5. I think that some of problem with the lawsuit is that they started talking about a lawsuit almost immediately. When it was filed, well, it was a long time after the accident; I'm surprised they went ahead with the lawsuit too. I feel very sad for the whole family, however, as I said in the other thread, we all know who is at fault, and it wasn't the cruise line.
  6. No, points are only given after cruise is completed.
  7. And then of course there's this: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/travelers-with-special-considerations/schengen.html <snipped> PASSPORT Have at least six-month’s validity remaining on your passport whenever you travel abroad. Check the expiration date on your passport carefully before traveling to Europe – especially children’s passports, which are valid five years, not 10 years like those issued to U.S. citizens aged 16 and older. Carry your passport when traveling to another country in the Schengen area. Even if there is no border check at that time, officials may reinstate border controls without notice. But I know, no one ever checks a government site.. that would be too easy, right?
  8. Ah, okay, thanks, totally understand that the price they're asking is a little hefty. Not worth it to me either but I guess for some it would be. Hope you enjoy your cruise. Cheers
  9. This is no bug! NCL is out to make as much money as possible with this bidding program; there is absolutely no incentive for them to have a bid trigger when they drop prices to sell more cabins. If someone doesn't check the prices between their current cabin and the cabin cat. they are bidding on, well, that's up to them. I check the prices frequently and there's also an app (I think CC offers 1) that will identify price drops for you. It's like most things in life, you're responsible for taking care of your own things. Bid at your own risk.
  10. What ship are you cruising on? Not sure which ship has fwd facing Minisuites, most would be real suites which are a lot more expensive than balconies or minisuites (minisuites are just glorified balconies).
  11. Wow, guess I'll never travel with other Plats in my cabin. I've always gotten 2 dinners for 2 even though I travel solo. So weird that they would describe what a 3rd person in a cabin would get when Plat. / +. In most cases I invite another solo cruiser to join me for the free dinners. No one has ever denied my guest who accompanies me.
  12. It really depends, the larger ships are more difficult to arrange ressies on. They only allow about 30% of ressies to be pre-booked so if you make your reservations as soon as you board, or soon after, you should be fine. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Here's the list of Specialty Restaurants and yes, you're correct about the Plat. dinner choices. Enjoy your cruise. https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/dining-packages BTW, the 3-meal pkg would be 118 not 172.
  14. Casual - resort casual, same as the rest of the ship.
  15. Couldn't care less about those extra charges on Premium sides. Most of them are worthless as far as I'm concerned. I do like Brussels sprouts but I roast them and add a nice sause, Mushroom risotto... not worth the calories. IMO, it's just another thing to complain about. Is it tacky of NCL? Yes, I agree that it is, but I can do without any of this stuff.
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