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  1. Maybe, but, for the most part, cruise ships depart from US ports, not Canadian (I love Vancouver). The requirements are likely different, perhaps even by state, not just country. Different country, in some ways, different world, sadly. Stay safe!
  2. I have to say, I'm really on the fence when it comes to cruises prior to 3-4th quarters 2021. What that means for me is that I need to find replacements for my April 2021 - 11-day and 15-day cruises on the Jade. The good news; I have lots of time to find some late 2021 or 2022 cruises for replacements, the bad news; I can't find any that meet my destination wants and financial needs/wants requirements. Oh well, time will tell. Cheers 🍹
  3. I know that, at 1 point, there was a rule that PCCs would only update/reprice a cruise once, however, things have changed and now, you just need to call and it will be taken care of with little to no issues. As others have stated, it's been done a few times now. I have 2 cruises which I'll likely be doing this procedure with in order to get a better deal. Enjoy your cruise 😉
  4. It actually is what I expected. Sadly, we/they just don't have a grip on this horrid virus. It is so difficult to isolate this virus that even the most stringent requirements for protection don't seem to be enough. I was so happy when I first saw that some cruises were to take place out of Germany. I'm sad that cruises are still being found/seen to be the most worrisome when it comes to the spread of C-19. I truly hope that those affected will have a quick and full recovery. Cheers 🍺
  5. Hmmm, the word is out......................more "tongue in cheek" practice is required... 🙃 Cheers 🍷
  6. Yeah, sadly, what it means for me, is that, I'll likely cancel both cruises in April. My bad, I really thought they were going to up the ante.... not so much, however, still a good shot... thanks.
  7. Don't mind at all, it was among the many free images I've downloaded, just for fun.
  8. There are airports at either end of the Panama Canal. You'd simply book your return flight from the closest airport. Or, if NCL offers airfare for this cruise, just book through them and they'll take care of it for you.
  9. There is no opportunity to just "upgrade" your package. However.... read on... If you have OBC, you can absolutely use it to purchase another meal on your cruise... If it were me, I would choose Teppanyaki or, if available, Moderno, as your 3rd meal choice. They are flat fee charges, plus 20% of course, but, it would include all of your meal. Welcome back to CC. Hope you find all the info you're looking for. Hope you enjoy your cruise. Take care.
  10. I'm not sure that NCL has offered these cruises before. Pretty sure this is a new itin.
  11. Well, right now, they seem to have the same value as far as seeing the future goes, LOL.
  12. I think a lot of us booked on the Jade in April are hoping things improve enough for cruises to start up again. Fingers crossed we'll meet up on the TA and, for some of us, the TPA > NYC cruise, as well.
  13. My crystal balls just aren't working properly but good luck op, I really hope your cruise is a go!
  14. In answer to the question regarding the assumption that the DH would be guest 1, well, it was always NCL's choice to make my DH the lead.... even though, I booked the cruise, I used my CC to pay for the cruise and I made any changes to our cruises. Weird? Yeah, a bit. My PCC always put my DH as the first guest. Was it/is it discriminatory? Don't know and didn't care at the time but we did discuss it and we wondered about it as well. However, as his (DH's) background was European, he just accepted it as the norm for a European cruise line. (Yes, I realize, as did he, that NCL was not really a European CL). It does make one wonder though.....
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