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  1. That always works, but before doing that, sometimes you can just lift the frame a little, and the luggage will then slide under the frame which is usually lower than the bottom of the mattress...
  2. Yeeeehaw!!! I just heard from my TA...'O' told her that, YES! we will be transiting the Cape Cod Canal on 31 July 2021, at approximately, 0530 to 0630....😎😊
  3. Wow! That's some cool video...thanks for posting it!! Was it taken with a 'drone'?
  4. Good suggestion! He will do, just that...😉
  5. I am booked on next year's "Northern Odyssey", from New York, 53 days to the Baltic via Greenland and Iceland, and return. Today, we received an email from Oceania with some intinerary changes. One of them, was substituting Boston for Bar Harbor. I've been to both many times, so really don't care, either way. But I was wondering if this would open up the possibility of us transiting the Cape Cod Canal enroute? I have never been thru that, and it would be a big highlight, even if it was at night. I know the Insignia has transited it before, but usually when calling also at Newport....
  6. Funny...I was speculating the same, when I learned of their collaboration, outside of the CLIA organization.... It seems rather far-fetched, but in these extreme times, who knows? If it does happen, they will probably combine Regent and Silversea, or perhaps make Silversea the expedition arm ....
  7. Checking further, it looks like the Regatta and the Nautica are like the Insignia. And so are the three Azamara ships. Only the Pacific Princess is like the Sirena and it even has less...just cabin 4035, while the Sirena also has 4038. I don't know if all eight Renaissance ships started out identically or not, or were modified by their subsequent owners...
  8. Interesting...I just compared the two ships deck plan, and the Med Center on the Sirena is much larger...it lacks cabin 4028 and 4034 that is on the Insignia...
  9. On the Insignia, it is on the port side. I had cabin 4028 for six months, which is the closest to it. I am told, that prior to the refurbishment at the end of 2018, there was a direct door from that cabin into the medical center, which was obliterated during the refurbishment. Supposedly, that was to allow the medical center to be 'expanded' if the need ever arose...
  10. Okay, thanks...just speculation then, not based on any recent news...
  11. Did I understand you correctly? That you think RCCL is going to end its Azamara line? Can you share what you base that on?
  12. I would only be interested if it was an "interactive" event, with the opportunity to ask question's of the cruise line. If it's just another sales pitch, I would not be interested, as that type of information I already get from the cruise lines as well as right here on Cruise Critic's...
  13. The whole thing makes me wonder if Crystal would be better off today, if it was still owned by NYK...but probably not, as NYK seemed to have lost interest in Crystal a long time ago...
  14. Was on a cruise watching a comedian perform one evening, and he introduced in the audience, former heavyweight wrestling champion Bruno Samartino. I would never have recognized him otherwise, but once I did, I saw him two or three more times on board. Growing up, I was a fan of his. Apparently, the comedian was a personal friend of his...
  15. Also, here... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2757069-covid-19-confirmed-on-hurtigruten-vessel/
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