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  1. No I need to sign up. I've been hesitant to get my hopes up. But I will. Time for optimism! 😀
  2. A few months ago there was discussion about whether Norwegian would re-route the Jewel and not do the Tahiti-Hawaii route next year. Hoping that is off the table and the cruise will go. JbCallender are u doing anything land based before or after the cruise? We are also hoping to do a few nights at the Hilton Moorea
  3. Thanx everyone for advice! Hoping for the best
  4. We have been planning our 40th anniversary cruise for so long now. We are planning to go April 15 on the 14 day cruise on the Jewel to Tahiti and Hawaii. A few months ago I heard a lot of talk about this cruise being canceled. But I haven't heard anything about that for a while. Has anyone else heard anything from Norwegian about this cruise being canceled? And I know that no one knows the future for sure but what do you think the chances that we will be cruising again by mid April?
  5. Ok I am very confused. I JUST booked April 15 Jewel to Tahiti and Hawaii. And I see nothing online or from my travel agent that this cruise will be cancelled. Only cruises thru Feb. I am in process of booking air an land hotels. Should I stop? Does anyone have certain confirmation that Jewel will not be in Tahiti next year?
  6. Thanx everyone! So helpful. Looking to book this trip and hope the virus is done or we have a vaccine. We want to stay a few nights in Moore’s beforehand and I just saw that the Intercontinental has closed permanently because of the virus. So sad. Huge overreaction I believe but it’s the fearful world we now live in. Blessings to all in these days!
  7. We are considering the Norwegian jewel 14 day Tahiti and Hawaii cruise next April as our 40th anniversary trip of a lifetime. Sure hoping the pandemic is done by then! We have been on a few Norwegian ships but not the jewel. Maybe some of you can answer one or more of our questions? We are looking at the aft penthouse suite with the extended balcony. We would also consider the foreward facing suites with a larger balconies but we are worried about the wind. Any experiences anyone can share? We really love a quiet private adults only sundeck that has decent shade. If you have a penthouse suite are you able to use the Haven area or not? If not is there another good place for adults only? Even for an extra fee? We also love The spa and a thermal suite. How is the spa and thermal suite on the Jewel? And if anyone has done this specific itinerary do you have any tips or favorite experiences? We are also hoping to stay for a few days before hand in an overwater bungalow in Moorea.
  8. We have generally loved thermal suites. Especially the ones with a thermal pool. Questions on the Vista which we will be on this year: Can you buy this In advance or do u have to run there and beat the crowd when u get on? Howdoes the thermal suite compare to other ships? We have been on Norwegian getaway. Loved it there. Princess Crown - ok but no pool. I have often used the thermal suite to shower so my wife can use the cabin bathroom. Are the showers private enough to do that or do u have to leave and go to the locker room? thanx!
  9. Looks like it is already sold out on our cruise. Oh well. Thanx for all the help everyone!
  10. We will be on the Vista next Fall. We definitely want FTTF. It does not appear to be available online this early. How early shud u book it to ensure u get it?
  11. We are considering the carnival vista and would like some advice on which cabin has the best aft facing balcony that is deep enough for full lounge chairs without turning them sideways? It looks to me like the two possibilities might be the Category HM Havana corner premium Vista or category HI Havana Aft extended balcony. Does anyone have a preference over these two? Are they both covered in a way that provide shade? Are they private? Is there another category of balcony that I may be missing? I looked at the suites and might consider moving up to them but the pictures online looks like they are long but not deep. Also I am not sure I completely understand the Havana concept. I'm continuing to research it but is this a ship within a ship? We have been in Norwegian Haven. Is it similar? We really value privacy and peace and quiet during the day. Is that what the Havana concept provides? Thanks!
  12. We are hoping to sail to South Pacific in fall 2021. Does anyone know if the Norwegian Jewel will do that itinerary again in 2021 and if so when it will be available to book? Also we are only interested in Aft suites with large balconies. I can't see anywhere how to know which Aft suites have arrest balconies. The stated sizes range wildly from 54 feet to more than 150 feet. And are the Aft suite balconies deep enough to have lounge chairs face the water. We don't like shallow balconies. Finally, how do those of you who have sailed the Jewel like it? We have been on the Getaway and the Spirit.
  13. We just returned from our second cruise on the crown. We have loved both cruises. They were our first two princess cruises. In July we will be on the star in Alaska. When I booked that cruise I thought it was an identical ship to the Crown. Now I understand it is not. For those of you who have been on both would you compare and contrast them? What differences will we notice and what are the positives and the negatives? Here are some specific things I am interested in – we have been in a vista suite E733 on both cruises on the crown. We will be in the same room on the star. Is it identical? Same size balcony and room? Also we love the spa on the crown but feel like the thermal suite is lacking a little bit. Does the star have a large hot tub or other pool in the thermal suite like some ships? Thanks!
  14. I'm with you fishin musician! Dominica a dump of an island? No way! Your beautiful pictures tell the real story. We can't wait to go back on this next cruise. Last year we felt like we had come to paradise. Some of the most unique experiences we have ever had and So beautiful.
  15. We are on the Crown this Thursday. I too would like to know from the OP if they compensate. Our forecast looks pretty good so far. So sorry for your situation. Hope they make up for it!
  16. Thank u so much everyone! Can’t wait
  17. We are on the crown next week! Does anyone know the hours they serve the snacks and tea in the sanctuary? We have been in the sanctuary before and loved the food! Some of the little sandwiches were so delicious. We are trying to plan the other things we will do in the afternoon like massages, workouts etc. and don't want to miss the goodies. 😀
  18. That sounds great to me. Thanks again and hopefully we will see you on board at some point
  19. I keep thinking of more questions! So the email your mother got was for a back to back right? Does she get the 125 per person because of that? Is it 75 a person if you’re only on the 10 day? Or does everyone get 125 a person?
  20. I wonder why we are apparently still doing Grenada on the January 16 cruise? I’m assuming that’s the case. I don’t see anything about canceling Grenada for that cruise. I sure hope not because we have a private excursion there
  21. Well that is really helpful to me. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that! Oh well. We were really looking forward to princess Keys. We have never been there. But certainly not the end of the world and will take the money!
  22. OK I’m confused again! You got an email for the January 16 cruise? That’s the cruise we are on. But it’s not the itinerary you mentioned. Has anyone actually gotten an email for the January 16 cruise that leaves next Thursday? We have not
  23. Well that's strange. I think I'll call Princess in the morning. Thanx!
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