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  1. oh.. didnt realize that ncl's excursion is round trip train. thought both were the same. 1 way train and other way bus
  2. ncl is $149: https://www.ncl.com/shore-excursions/SGY_01/White-Pass-Scenic-Railway 3rd party (Costco) is $169: https://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com/tour/white-pass-summit-rail/AKSGWHTRAILBUS normally, 3rd party/Costco is cheaper but im shocked ncl is cheaper for this excursion. Best Value indeed
  3. thx for the skytrain info. well, i have 5hrs to kill before my flight AFTER the tour ends. well, actually 3 since i need to be at the airport 2hrs before flight. i was hoping to get the tour bus to drop me off near the casino then i'll skytrain to the airport instead of needing to buy round trip between airport and casino. (and pay the extra $5 fee) my embarkation plan: my flight doesnt get in till 10:30am the ship doesnt sail till 4pm (3pm all aboard). 1hr at casino near airport, then cruise ship to drop off luggage then walk to pier casino. (i can walk 1mile in 15min.) whats the name of the casino near the pier?
  4. for my aug 5th cruise, i have this ncl excursion available to me in my acct: EMBARKATION SCENIC CRUISETRAIN - ANCHORAGE AIRPORT TO SEWARD CRUISE SHIP TERMINAL 8/5/2019, 12pm, $99 cant link it because it's in my acct
  5. im doing a tour bus of vancouver at the end of my back to back. besides i dont want to go walking around vancouver for hrs with luggage and backpack in tow. (for the tour, i leave my luggage on the tour bus.) as for the skytrain, what ticket do i buy to the pier? what stop? and i can use the same ticket within 90min of a stop off at the casino? cool! thx for that info! forces me to limit my time there
  6. as i said in my OP, i never had this problem before. i just picked the inside room i wanted whenever i used a free casino certificate. this is the 1st time i forgot to pick a room before hanging up, mainly because i was concentrating on it being back to back and it slipped my mind. i did research to see which rooms were available for both cruises before i called back and saw that a few I1 rooms fit that criteria. an aft balcony (B1) is much different physically than a regular BA-BF balcony. (ie: much bigger balcony) i didnt know I1 was an upgrade category when i created this thread because it's the exact same sized room as any other Inside room (IA-IF). (i stayed in one when i was assigned it when i booked a GTY no promo cabin at less than $50/day before cruisenext certificate.> apparently none of the rooms i picked in the past were in the I1 category. <insert shrug emoticon here>
  7. this is for July 29 alaska cruise on the Jewel. no more $25min and $50 min for ov and balcony, respectively. THis only for alaska cruises? or new across the board price increases starting July 1st? (my June Dawn cruise last month was still $50min bid for Balcony.)
  8. thx for the info! sky train to the pier and to return to the airport it is then. heck, i might stop at the casino near the airport (both ways) to kill some time. (unless they dont want you to lug luggage around in the casino?)
  9. ncl is offering a $15 (USD) transfer. traveling solo with a carryon luggage and backpack. No Uber/Lyft in Vancouver: https://slate.com/business/2019/02/uber-lyft-vancouver-no-ride-hail.html Skytrain?
  10. the train doesnt run the day of your cruise? doh!
  11. take the scenic train to the pier!!! the ship doesnt leave till 9pm!
  12. taking an alaska cruise later this month from Vancouver. Easy as calling Lyft?
  13. tips on 3sdp was $15.80 for my june 2019 cruise that i booked months ago. tips for my 3sdp for my aug 2019 cruise that i just booked is $19.80. 25% increase!
  14. thought shareholder obc not applicable to free cruises? ie: from the casino (it says so on the obc form)
  15. I knew about the LArge Balcony and Aft Balcony but you can no longer pick I1 as a cabin category? when did they implement this? unlike the balconies, there's no difference between a I1 and any other inside cabin. (same size, same furniture.)
  16. the other problem is that this is a back to back cruise. i would like the same room # and there are quite a few available on both cruises in I1 category. that way, i dont have to move. i learned my lesson to specify a room # BEFORE giving NCL my credit card #! sigh..
  17. alaska cruise on Jewel later this month. for a Casinos at Sea cruise, i can pick my own cabin. it's an 'free' Inside cabin but i forgot to specify cabin # and was given a IF category. called back and they wont let me specify a cabin #. person said all the CAS assigned cabins are booked. i have to wait till the computer picks one for me. W T F?? i've booked many CAS cruises and this has never happened to me before. This new for CAS? also, IF category is 4th +5th floors. if i would have known this, i would never have booked and chosen another cruise.
  18. there is no longer a customs form. they did away with that last year
  19. azipod problems? same azipod problems that happened on the Star 2 years ago, and on a Jewel class ship (forgot name) last year?
  20. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2019/07/05/thousands-vacations-canceled-after-mechanical-failure-norwegian-cruise-line-ship/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6e73e13fff32 wonder what these mechanical problems are? (Article doesnt say)
  21. um.. i dont think you're talking about what my mind wandered off to
  22. then whats the point of duty free alcohol if you cant save $ on the taxes? (you cant drink it on the ship) also, if i bought alcohol while in port and paid taxes on it to that country, do i have to pay again when entering the US?
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