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  1. wait what? the all inclusive classic drink package includes specialty coffee al Bacio?! first they neuter our free internet perk and now the free coffee perk. a big F U to loyalty, Celebrity?! also, i can see al Bacio being swamped with long lines from open to close. those poor workers...
  2. yeah. wonder what perk celebrity is going to replace our 'free xxx min' internet with. what perk is left that hasnt been already given out? maybe something from Suite perks?
  3. unlimited basic wifi, not the streaming wifi. so it looks like people cant hog up the bandwidth with netflix/youtube videos. am also curious as to the new capt's club benefits.
  4. word of mouth from others showing their ncl email replies.
  5. the ncl gambling year is april 1 - March 31. your points reset April 1. since no one sailed since April 1, 2020 and ncl has canceled all cruises till Jan 2021, that means you have 3 months to exceed your current casino tier level before points expire April 1. (assuming cruises restart Jan 1, 2021.) your current tier level has been extended till March 31, 2022 (i think). now there's a chance ncl will rollover the points you earn jan-march 2021 into the april 2021-march 2022 casino year. but i havent heard anything about that yet.
  6. full pre-covid drydock enhancements or the minimal (ie: ncl is broke) to re-up sea worthiness certifications?
  7. from previous posts, i think the 1st 4 Ninja Turtle class ships already had approved financing. so keep building since payments wont begin till years from now. they will not revert back to new Away class ships because the Ninja Turtle ships are 20% more fuel efficient due to the aft design.
  8. i just read about it here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/30/travel/cruise-ships-scrapped.html "Among the ships being recycled at Aliaga, are three Carnival cruise liners — Inspiration, Imagination and Fantasy, which had just been refurbished in 2019." any explanation of why Carnival chose to scrap a ship they spent millions in refurb last year instead of doing a cool layup? and noone wanted to buy it for more than the cost of scrap??
  9. lol ok, back to info about the Ninja Turtle class ships
  10. ncl will discount if they think they will have empty rooms a week before sail. but i dont expect empty rooms on the 1st few cruises after restart. and thats because of what you said: pent up demand, lower capacity limits, and all that fcc floating around that must be spent within a year from issue. it's like the go-karts on joy/bliss/encore. the first 1/3 of the cruise it'll be all booked, then you'll get some openings but at some unpopular times. then you'll have your pick of times you want.
  11. yup apparently. I set ncl's cruise listing to 1 person sailing then sort cruises by price. as soon as cruises exceeds $50/day, i stop scrolling down. those cruises that are $50/day usually sails in 10days or less.
  12. well, i usually only saw a 's' on cruises 10days out or less. since ncl isnt sailing till at least Dec, we're 4 weeks away from last minute. and i dont expect last min solo sale pricing on the 1st few cruises of the re-start
  13. dont care about the solo cabins. care about the last minute ncl deals with no solo supplement $50/night or less for solo inside cabins. (see my sig) thats why ncl leads in the solo category
  14. ahh.. i only looked on the 1st page for a similiar thread
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