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  1. Yes I know it says 1 bag with 30 items Max. But as I said in my op, i read that someone had successfully done laundrys over multiple days with a total of 30 items. (But i can't find that post 😞 ) Thus this thread asking if others also have successfully done it
  2. Ahh.. I meant multiple bags over several days. Ie: 15 day cruise and submit 1 bag of 15 pieces every 6 days. (That way you don't have to pack as much underwear/socks)
  3. So the limit for the free laundry perk is 30 pieces. I read (but can't find again) that someone did multiple bags but didn't exceed 30 pieces total and wasn't charged. Anyone else have success doing multi-bag strategy?
  4. well, people are paying more $ for a celebrity cruise and it shows with better food and better overall cruise experience. while NCL is constantly nickle and diming you. it seems every quarter, the nickle and diming increases. 😞
  5. Surprised it's that high given only slightly improved benefits. Premium beverage package really doesn't matter. I tip the casino waiter $1 and he gets me any drink available at the casino bar. Of course if you want premium beverages at a restaurant then that's different. As for additional casino Freeplay, it depends on how much.
  6. on Celebrity, Blue Chip weighs the last cruise you took heavily towards future offers. they count b2b as 2 separate cruises. thus i will gamble light on 1st leg and heavy on 2nd leg of cruise. dont know if it's the same on Royal. Even tho Royal owns Celebrity, the 2 casino policies are miles apart. ie: Royal has listed hard #s to get a free cruise. Celebrity is anybody's guess
  7. Ncl still says $5 per point on slots. It hasn't changed since i started cruising 5 years ago. https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/casino-cruise/players-club
  8. When I was in the summit last month, you got +15% and 115 points if you bought a $500 slot package while onboard. (Offered only during sea days.) I'm currently on the silhoutte and it's down to +10% and no points. 😥 I talked with the casino host and she said that the onboard slot packages have been changed recently 😞
  9. once again, got a discount to Lawn Grill. ($35 vs $45) and this was after being shot down for a discount for it an hr earlier when i called the general specialty restaurant reservation #. apparently the trick is to ask employees working at the restaurant you want to go for a discount. in my case, this employee was walking around trying to get people to sign up for any of the specialty restaurants on board. i asked if any of them had a discount and he said he could only offer one for the restaurant he works at. (Lawn Grill) now to hunt down a Murano employee on general sign up duty. (This is actually kinda fun on a boring sea day. kinda like a scavenger hunt...) :)
  10. they cant do local meats for health/liability reasons. e. coli, tape worms, etc
  11. new animation at LPC starting next week, at least on my cruise (silhouette). and all new menu to go along with the animation. but unless i get a 50% discount like i did recently, i'm not going. it's kinda worth $27.50 for the novelty, no way is it worth $55
  12. Le Petit Chef only runs twice a night: 545p and 830p. Even at $10 cheaper, I bet Qsine has higher revenue because of faster turnover (?)
  13. Le Petit Chef only runs twice a night: 545p and 830p. Even at $10 cheaper, I bet Qsine has higher revenue because of faster turnover (?)
  14. $50/day or less. Best I've done is $30/day
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