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  1. sounds logical. then again, the force of a person inhaling air is much less than a blower forcing air throughout the plane, and especially throughout a cruise ship! hopeful the retired chief engineer sees this post and offers his opinion.
  2. recycled air, just like in an airplane. my central air unit at home is for both a/c and heat. it has a filter at the base of the blower. there are different types of filters from cheap stranded fiberglass ($.50/each) that filters just 40% of dust, to super expensive ones that filter allergens. but i dont know any that filters viruses.
  3. whoops.. read 'The order is effective until it's rescinded...' and missed the 'or 100days' part
  4. a while ago, I booked Summit to Ireland in Aug 2020. hopefully it goes. or Celebrity announces it canceled before final payment date in mid may
  5. cdc just announced they're extending the no sail order for cruise ships indefinitely: tps://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2745329-cdc-extends-no-sail-order-indefinitely-492020/ Mon opening bell is going to be interesting for the cruise lines. (stock market closed tomorrow for Easter Fri)
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/live-blog/2020-04-09-coronavirus-news-n1179786/ncrd1180751#liveBlogHeader oh boy...
  7. no. tip is 20% of the price of the sdp. 3sdp is $99 so $33/meal. (https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/dining-packages) 2sdp is more per meal. how much more? i dont know. but you'll be paying more tip per meal with 2sdp. btw- back in Aug 2018, 3sdp was only $69! (https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2859) almost 50% increase in 2 years! 😞
  8. no. you got 125% of cruise price, including on the amount of the cn certs you used.
  9. This question is for those that got their cruise auto-canceled by NCL because of the quarantine period. if you got the CN back in your acct, how long did it take?
  10. got my fcc and 25% bonus for my canceled April cruise. but the bonus says single use? so you must use ALL of it in 1 shot? thus use that 1st?
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