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  1. yet the stock price is reacting more to the dow's 500 point drop than to the dilution?!
  2. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3589759-norwegian-cruise-files-to-sell-shares-receives-positive-report-from-auditor "Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NYSE:NCLH) files to sell 46,577,947 share on behalf of a selling shareholder in a new offering." called it! but shares are UP 2% premarket?!
  3. ncl diluted/devalued their shares by $12/share (?) when they issued new stock a couple of months ago. so that $60 high in feb should be viewed as $48 because of the stock dilution. i would bet ncl would be offering another round of stock soon since the current price is still relatively high. get some more $ and last a few months more.
  4. im waiting for the usual last minute $50/day pricing for solos till i book.
  5. thats why im not booking any cruises till i see ships actually sailing. save myself headache, heartache, and stress
  6. where is the Joy going? what other ships will be redeployed?
  7. nah.. i've lost $100k so far shorting ncl at $12. i still think i'll make $ b4 the virus vaccine comes out next year, tho
  8. dow up 200pts premarket. but ncl is down -4% to $17.50. wonder if it'll breach the $17.25 support line today?
  9. here's a dumb question: does it work in reverse? if you're platinum, does Celebrity give you Elite Plus?
  10. all of those old carnival ships vs 1 ncl mega ship. Round 1... Fight! lol...
  11. oh.. i was more thinking about the # of passenger licenses Celebrity had for the Galapagos. thought they ran into problems last year with some of the licenses thus could only do 1 ship for a short period of time. they got enough licenses for all 3 ships now??
  12. shrug. just going by what the article says. only those 3 ships (apex, edge milli) will be sailing at the re-start in mid-sept
  13. https://www.traveloffpath.com/celebrity-cruises-reopening-everything-you-need-to-know/ The following Celebrity Cruise Ships are scheduled to be reopening for sailings in September: Celebrity Apex Celebrity Edge Celebrity Millennium Celebrity Xploration Celebrity Flora Celebrity Xpedition didnt think all 3 could goto the Galapagos? heck, didnt they have problems last year with being allowed by the Galapagos govt to sail 2?
  14. From another thread, here are the ships that will be sailing at the mid-sept restart: https://www.traveloffpath.com/celebrity-cruises-reopening-everything-you-need-to-know/ Celebrity Apex Celebrity Edge Celebrity Millennium Celebrity Xploration Celebrity Flora Celebrity Xpedition so all 3 Galapagos ships will be sailing?!
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