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  1. as you can see from the pic (taken 12:30pm), Celebrity is using both 3rd party tender boats and it's own life boats as tenders. but why? i only count two 3rd party tender boats. surely Celebrity is capable of operating 2 additional lifeboats?
  2. Nevermind.. my ship (Celebrity Summit) has free unlimited lobster rolls at the buffet. (Bat Harbor, Maine) but will probably still go get a fried lobster tail on a stick in Portland, Maine tomorrow.
  3. Still says nausau. And there's no roll call for july 6th sailing so can't ask what happened. :( (I want to be on that cruise if it's grand Bahamas)
  4. ok, forgetting McD. will try the fried lobster tail on a stick. thx!
  5. im currently on the Summit. my impressions. 1) just came out of drydock? VERY visible rust from my veranda. 2) nice new room but i was surprised my veranda is this small. note: the only Celebrity other ship ive been on was the Edge. the inside room was twice the size. 3) What is this knob by the bed? ive turned it left and right. doesnt seem to do anything?? 4) i've made reservations for Qsine as a solo. (20% off) ive read on another celebrity ship you can request 1/2 portions. im assuming i can for summit also.
  6. what does cuba have to do with grand bahamas??
  7. all the July 2019 dawn cruises are now Nassau, Bahamas. it used to be 1/2 those cruises were going to Grand Bahamas. anyone know what happened?
  8. https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2019/06/12/norwegian-cruise-line-announces-dining-for-encore.html The Norwegian Encore will debut this fall with a new restaurant concept onboard, the company revealed Tuesday. Norwegian Cruise Line (NYSE: NCHL) announced a collaboration with restaurant hospitality group LDV Hospitality to bring high-scale Italian restaurant Onda by Scarpetta to its newest ship. It will be one of the 34 venues aboard the cruise ship, which will set sail Nov. 24. "Onda by Scarpetta will offer an exceptional, elevated dining experience that we are confident our guests will adore," Norwegian Cruise Line CEO and President Andy Stuart told the Business Journal. "We have seen great success with our dining partnerships in the past and we believe that the Onda by Scarpetta concept will be well-received and prove to be a leading specialty dining venue aboard the Norwegian Encore." This is LDV Hospitality's first Scarpetta restaurant at sea, and it will join seven other locations – including one in Miami Beach at Fontainebleau Shops. The menu includes a selection of seafood and made-in-house pasta dishes such as Yellowtail Crudo and Spaghetti Tomato and Basil, respectively. Click on the images to view renderings by Norwegian Cruise Line for a first look at the concept and its dishes. "We believe that LDV Hospitality and its Scarpetta concept share our passion for innovation and excellent cuisine, and can offer our guests an experience on Norwegian Encore that complements the ship's spectacular offerings," Stuart said. Launching this fall, the Norwegian Encore will offer seven-day voyages to the Eastern Caribbean. From there, the ship will offer itineraries to Bermuda and Canada and New England. The ship will return to Miami in December 2020 in which it will depart on five, six and seven-day cruises to the West Coast. No 'La Cuchina' on Encore. im assuming it'll be part of the dining package? and hopefully no upcharge like Ocean Blue?
  9. "Benefit is not combinable with interline rates, travel agent rates, and employee friends and family rates. Benefit cannot be redeemed for chartered sailings, any Galapagos sailings or complimentary sailings." so cant get the obc if using a travel agent? whats interline rate?
  10. anyone know if the shareholder OBC now applies to free casino cruises?
  11. i dont know the difference between a regular balcony and a family version. for Insides, a family inside just means it's closer to the children clubs. any 4person balcony will have: 1 queen size bed that can be separated into 2 twin beds. 1 sofa couch, and 1 bed from the ceiling. Pic: edit: i think it might be better for your children to be in a mini-suite. on the breakaway, the only difference is a bigger bathroom and DOUBLE sinks. that way 2 of the kids can brush their teeth/wash face at the same time. edit2: and if you're booking now, pick rooms (your's and your kids) that have angled balconies. (not sure if there's angled mini-suites.) it's 50% bigger balconies at no extra costs.
  12. i bought $500 worth of slot play. dont know if you can just play the free $50 bonus and cash out the rest. i played through all of it and cashed out the winnings. but i kinda doubt that you can cash out your original $500 w/o playing it once thought the machines. that defeats the purpose of enticing you to play. also, when i was on the Edge the 2nd time, they offered a slot play sale in the middle of the cruise. buy $500, get 15% bonus. so +$75. (they didnt offer this on my 1st Edge cruise.)
  13. the motorized shade is already there on the Edge infinite verandas. yes, it would be a small balcony. but in doing the conversion, it would BE A BALCONY instead of a glorified ocean view with a window that opens.
  14. i stayed in an infinite veranda on the Edge. it seemed like you can easily convert it into a regular veranda. 1) remove the top 1/2 of the window 2) replace the folding glass door with a sliding glass door of regular verandas and you can still use the motorized shade instead of curtains.
  15. most household ink jets use 4 ink cartridges: black + 3 colors. Giclee printers use between 8 to 12 colors, depending on the kind of printer so the colors better match the original. and instead of ink, they use pigments like the pigments in paints. (Inks are not permanent and fade over time. Pigments do not fade. So pigments are more permanent.) Anyway, in one of the Park West/Peter Max discussion threads someone mentioned that the art sold are just Giclee prints. i always assumed he hired people to replicate his art and he just signed them. Does he even sign the Giclee prints? or does the image already have his signature already on it? if so, then you might as well save an image of his art from the internet and print it on your color printer. or if you want canvas, goto one of the many sites (ie: ebay) that will print your images onto various sized canvas. ie: 3 feet long x 2 feet wide for $40 including shipping
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