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  1. Wonderful! Thank you for posting. Best to the Journey crew. Hope to see you all soon
  2. I did not receive this email although I just disembarked Quest . While on Quest we were told that the loyalty program is being revamped and may not even be called Le Club Voyage. No other details except that we will see this change soon
  3. When I have riden the horse into the water , we first dismounted and the saddle was taken off so we then ride bareback. No shoes or stirrups needed.
  4. I also had the Ultimate Bev package. I did take a look before the cruise on what was offered and knew some of my preferred wines and brands listed. A few bartenders also showed me a list of the Ultimate wines, which really were not many.If I wanted a mixed drink I would ask the bartender what better brand I could select from. I feel that otherwise I did not take advantage of what I could as I did not know any better. Maybe a list given would be a good idea.
  5. Well I did use my usual TA who somehow did not process final payment to Azamara ( which is by the way 4 months from sail date) so Azamara immediately cancelled my cruise!! 4 months out. I lost my cabin. Hopefully not the deal offered at the time I booked but TA is currently trying to rectify everything. It is good to have a TA work it all out . They had told me that they would bill my credit card automatically which somehow was not done so they know they are to blame. I believe it is usual practice to let them bill your credit card for final payment. Azamara does now require it 4 months out.
  6. Just off the Quest with Captain Fillip. Great addition! He is friendly, amusing and quite handsome! He did a great job of maneuvering the ship close to Hubbard Glacier on a clear day
  7. Yes , Laurie, I did receive a letter from Azamara with certificate for future cruise credit which amounted to 25% of my cruise fare on that sailing. My cabin mate also received it. Have to use it within a year so I did!
  8. Thanks,,Laurie ,for looking into this and posting. I also was on this sailing and was about to call Azama re to ask.I have nothing except the letter given in board.I will call now
  9. Amanda was indeed the cruise director on Quest sailingFebruary 21. She is very pleasant and has a great singing voice. Tanya Roberts ( former opera singer on Journey) was assistant cruise director. Also very pleasant and good opera voice. Both were seen frequently around the ship.I did not ask how long they would be onboard. Azamara senior officer cruise schedule needs updating, if possible
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