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  1. Pursuits having a dry dock Spring 2021 before sailing according to what booked guests are being told. My guess is the ships will be in Glasgow until around February/March 2021 then there will be warming up, mini sea trials, certification inspections, dry docks etc
  2. Thanks Confusion is rather prevalent in the travel world just now They need to simplify the rules and minimise exclusions if they are to retain bookings
  3. Glad you got a result. Do you think the problem was Azamara or your agent?
  4. Did they move the galley's on the M class ships in Luminae at a dry dock - certainly weren't adjacent when we were on Infinity
  5. I think Phil runs the galley tours 😂😂😂 But it’s a yes and no - depends which vessel design you are talking about.
  6. uktog

    cancellation fee

    Although this concession does not apply in every country, but does apply in the country of the original poster.
  7. I consider Luminae to be a speciality because it’s not open access. On a ship (as opposed to land) to me speciality means there is a restriction be it payment, room type etc which limits useage. I don’t think the frequency of menu changes defines a speciality particularly given the range of daily items in place say in Aqualina (fish of the day, pasta of the day, soup of the day etc). My personal preference is the Azamara restaurants because even though the menu did change on Luminae (and by the way a lot of dishes reappeared just new names and very minor tweaks) I found the style of cooking too heavy and rich if you were to use that menu every night. I could use the Azamara speciality every night as it’s a mixture of lighter and more substantial dishes. Staff seem more able to serve you two starters rather than a starter and a main. That was a palaver in Luminae, big fuss about doing you a favour and on more than one occasion bringing the two dishes out at the same time. Like Phil, I always stick to the menu on offer as I have seen the impact other guests ordering adaptations or from different menus has on overall service and I don’t want to do that to others. Maybe my mothers “it’s that or nothing my lady” is still ringing loud in my ears.
  8. uktog

    For sale?

    Which are shown as a separate figure
  9. uktog

    For sale?

    I am not sure where you are looking but I am seeing 343. Might need to count the deck plan to settle this one!
  10. uktog

    For sale?

    Pursuit has 343 not 351 cabins
  11. uktog

    For sale?

    It says United States in the brochure I am looking at and the images look more like an Oceania vessel Pursuit looks nowhere like that inside - in fact nor does any Azamara ship
  12. To be fair that one confuses many great leaders and commentators 🙂
  13. Interesting wording with the use of the word "back". Quite a long haul needing the canal and pirate security to head to Singapore from Glasgow. Maybe though its actually a very well written post Brexit communication and the work is being done much closer to home 🙂 🙂
  14. Totally agree Add the “oh I’m doing a Live from on Facebook”.
  15. To clarify not been asked to move but certainly seen reserved seats several times. I could name several of the people for whom seats are reserved either at White Night or the Caberet but I do not think that would be correct in a public forum but I am sure you will have cruised with them. (And conversely you will also have cruised with people who have far more cruises than "the chosen ones" who like the rest of us just turn up and take whatever seats are available)
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