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  1. I agree, I think any start this year is now looking somewhere between very marginal to unlikely
  2. Agree, it’s a very US centric group (though I recognise why) so I hope global considerations are high on their agenda as well. It’s very hard to see how travel can open up when different countries apply very different standards for day to day life.
  3. P1 on Deck 8 are also subject to a lot of noise from above
  4. Thank you for this communication. I hope others can get useful information from it. For me, it further confirms my suspicion about misinformation from my travel agent Heaven forbid you are ever in this situation again Azamara but if you were, please get your own communication explaining the process out quickly. We all have lessons learned during this crisis!
  5. uktog

    EU recommends

    Because we are still trying to understand the refund process? So once here, it’s useful to understand the current state of play on what cruising might be like in the short, medium and longer term.
  6. uktog

    EU recommends

    There is a great article in today’s daily Telegraph by the co-owner of the majestic line which is a small Scottish line offering cruises around the west coast. The Co-owner is a consultant epidemiologist as well as having a share in the majestic line. His take, given that they are small boats for up to 12 people is if guests are mandated to wear masks he will not restart the line until such time as masks are not required as their additional benefit is limited and negative impact on the sailing is high. I just thought it was interesting that somebody who had expertise in both camps had that view however I recognise their boats are smaller - unfortunately I can’t post a link to the article here as it’s a subscription service. I recognise this is 12 passengers v 700 but it highlighted in Scotland even with 12 passengers they were trying to enforce significant rules including daily temperature checks.
  7. uktog

    EU recommends

    Nor us I’m afraid
  8. Makes sense to ask for the funds a little ahead. A week or two makes sense. Not sure in the UK there is the same confidence to book. We certainly won't book anything more until the way is clearer. I have discovered on a river boat booking that the same agent they have been asking for the funds six weeks before the money was due to be paid over and actually starting to chase ten weeks before. Whilst I have not been taken for a mug in terms of benefits when transferring to an agent I am now well aware that for no work (given I do all the research in every case and book on board in many cases so I am easy commission) I have been providing the franchise with liquidity and I suspect now given the lack of return of port taxes the agents protected his commission in an interesting way as well. Oh well bye bye xxxxxxx (being good not to name them)
  9. That has never been our experience when transferring to agents - as Phil said price reductions of around 7% were not uncommon, though we know someone who used another UK agent and got 10% - interestingly they have had no problems with their refunds. Sometimes it was OBC not reductions. Basically the agent is rebating back part of their commission to you. No one in the USA pays the full price, hence why at all the future cruise presentations the phrase "we keep your agent in the loop so you can have their benefits as well'' is regularly uttered. There are still some good agents out there but in the absence of tighter controls by the principals (in this case Azamara) the industry has sunk into the same reputational pit as others have done when there were previous financial/economic crisis.
  10. There were benefits, extra OBC etc. However in the future if I was ever booking again I would forgo these benefits. Many people do this transfer, I found all agents were willing to offer something else. But as I won't be onboard for a year at least if at all its an academic one now.
  11. They are far too much in the pockets of these so called travel agents and have lost sight of the fact that without the customers there will be no bookings travel agents or not. Rightly or wrongly the reputation of the industry is rock bottom (I believe wrongly but there’s a UK TV documentary tonight that isn’t going to help their cause). They need to wake up to the damage the agents are adding to the pile and start thinking where if anywhere their future business might come from. And start with effective well written communication to their current customer base. Their approach here has been woeful and is getting no better and some might think worse.
  12. You were to be on the same cruise as me for one of your cruises. That cruise (4 June) is one I am being told is zero taxes! (Which I don’t believe). I wish someone in Azamara would take over the communication and get a grip of it. They’ve had several months to practice!
  13. There is no packaging with the cruises I had cancelled. I always book cruise only. I have booked many cruises through the agency up to now and transferred other bookings made on board to them. Always the charges on my card is made to the agency never the cruise line (except the onboard deposits). In this instance for three cruises over 21 days Having opted for FCCs they are saying we are due £6 each back in total. Their cancellation paperwork is not broken down showing fares and taxes. Two cruises show zero refunds due, one £12. It’s useful to know now part of the process. Needless to say I will never be using that agency again, but how many others are being duped with the taxes not being returned?
  14. If that is the case, the tax refunds are not being passed back to the customer.
  15. In the UK, when we book, we use a credit card, but the payment is made to the travel agent, it is their name that appears on our credit card statement. This will not be the travel agents form of payment to Azamara. So I think you are saying, in the UK our tax refunds will come from the travel agent if we made the booking with them using our credit cards, however if we made the booking on board and then transferred it to the agent, the refund will come from Azamara. And is it the card you booked with or the card you paid the full balance with? Is that correct = how do others read this?????
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