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  1. Trouble with all of this is spin doctors can’t accept nice they have to embellish some brands to what they are not
  2. A little topical for this month - I always remember my amusement at seeing this cafe in Bethlehem
  3. You never know like many things it may all change once they start back up as they might not want lines of guests waiting to book restaurants.
  4. Yes you do, you book the tables and get the package at the same time
  5. You cannot book the dining package until you board
  6. A naughty one today. I always love the mischief of 16th century gargoyle carvers, who did this on a secular building opposite a cathedral....but where am I?
  7. I think it’s really important those suite guests cancelling do it as early as possible, we rarely if ever cancel, but if we do we try and give at least 24 hours notice. I saw the frustration of restaurant managers having to turn possible “payers” away and have empty tables due to no shows ten minutes later. I also think if all the table is wanting just starters and are in a suite they should consider dining elsewhere (the managers can arrange this) some of the time to free up tables for those wanting the full experience, I noted on our last cruise they were advertising a no sho
  8. uktog

    Food Questions

    I think more likely he was trying to justify the situation with an excuse rather than reality. I’ve seen that problem on a cruise even in a suite. We found at the time of the world cruise the guests on that had their bookings in ahead of boarding time coupled with a large group sailing who’d arranged to have one of the restaurants booked out to them one of the nights. This meant on the remaining nights there were very slim pickings for all including suites. If you don’t get a great option, recheck again a few days in and even on the evening. They get a lot of cancellations on some cr
  9. Agree, easier to do yourself, butlers often do not get round to you until late in the day and its a myth they have priority access to slots. We always check when certain events are planned to be held at the booking desk (eg White Night, certain buffets we like etc) then book the rest of the evenings. Phil is right though flexibility on time and also which restaurant you go to each night helps.
  10. A favourite from Nevis last year on Journey
  11. They will phase the starts Quest first then Journey three weeks or so later. I think when your final payment is due it could be too early to tell. It all depends on how big this post Christmas virus spikes are. It’s all the challenges of being allowed crew to an embarkation point quarantine etc as well as the technical
  12. I would say from our experience across the whole cruise Azamara guests are very smart every evening- can be casual but always smart. Better than some lines where formal nights have many smart but the other nights are variable.
  13. And if Dale makes them, make sure you have a sun lounger for the snooze after 🙂 🙂 🙂 His taste so lovely, refreshing and innocent until you try and stand up
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are marking today and a Happy Day you all find something to be thankful for, whether you are marking today or not. May we all be commenting here this day next year about something we are so thankful for in 2021
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