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  1. True, what will replace them on the $299 3 / 4 day cruises to the Bahamas? The Sunshine class of ship?
  2. Would love to know how much paid compared to how much the new owners will make scraping the metal, selling the TVs and interior furniture.
  3. Thanks, billions of dollars in assets safely sitting off the Bahama coast. Noticed Miami's port is full too. Wander why Port Everglades is not being utillized.
  4. There seems to be alot of cruise ships waiting together some where (per Kate's Instagram), so its off Cocoa Cay?
  5. On the topic of seaweed, mostly seen in the spring and summer time and one will continue to see it well into the first day at sea. Regards Galveston itself, there is a certain "laid back" atmosphere about the place that makes it a great place to start a vacation.
  6. Lets cut to the chase, Allure's normal routing will be Cozumel, Routan, and Costa Maya. The Adventure will be doing the first time cruiser route, Cozumel, Costa Maya or Yucatan on 4/5 day cruises. From Galveston on Royal, no more Grand Cayman (do not think Oasis class can tender) , Jamaica or even an attempt to go to Royal's private port in the DR. Other than a couple one ways, these are boring routes out of Galveston. Looking forward to being on the Allure, not excited about the destinations it is going too. Royal had to bring over the Adventure to keep up with
  7. So three shipped based in Galveston for Royal? Allure is only doing Cozy and Central America. The Adventure is doing short Cozy trips. Is Jewel doing Jamaica and Grand Cayman seven day route?
  8. Royal might be counting on that new terminal improving the customer service experience increasing pax loadings. Or it could be the demand was always there but Royal did not have the assets and facilities to take advantage of it.
  9. That is a big jump in cabins out of Galveston, with the second ship being the size of the Navigator. Maybe Royal is giving up on Jamaica's Fallmouth from Galveston. Can't believe they are giving up that route. Some routes out of Galveston include Grand Cayman , Cozy and Costa Maya or Central America. Maybe Royal will come up with their own Galverston -Bahamas routing but stopping at Labadee instead of Key West.
  10. 😡NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can not keep anything nice.
  11. I use to camp out there, especially during departures, one learns a lot...............Though, the crew would seem startled after turning around and seeing people staring down at them.
  12. Navigator too, its the "clean" Jacuzzi, and the only one I would use. I will spare you the TMI of whats happening in the other jacuzzis.
  13. Am I reading this right? After a four day cruise to Cozy ( that will be an awesome first time cruise experience), the Allure will be on a Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozy nominal route? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/?country=USA&departureCode_GAL=true&shipCode_AL=true No way Royal is abandoning the seven Jamaica, and Grand Cayman route. So will there be three Royal ships at Galveston?
  14. Dream left out of Terminal 2 and we returned through Terminal 1.
  15. I was just there and went out one and return through the other. No doubt they are big, but compared to the newest terminals being built they have the ambiance of a Greyhound Bus station
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