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  1. Hello Sir PMP, With the Davits, I mean the Lifeboat lowering and stowing mechanism. On the MS Rotterdam picture, they look a different type, but very difficult to see, especially if you don’t know the manufacturer ( example is Viking). However, different Davits may alter the overhang of the lifeboats and the promenade-deck width.
  2. Difficult to see, but I seem to notice a change in the lifeboat davits.
  3. Depends, as some cruise companies actually lease vessels from the actual owners, either with or without crew. Just like in aviation.
  4. Www.majesticcruises.gr no mention yet of Aegean Majesty though, but the name is along the line of their other vessel: Ocean Majesty.
  5. Actually, Sputnik5 has been tested extensively within the Russian Military already, hence the approval . However, this was not an official Phase 3 trial as such. Still, Although you should not by any means underestimate the Russian medical capacities ( they ARE among the best in the World in several medical fields), this vaccine is clearly rushed for political reasons. The General population that is healthy in not in a Medical profession Worldwide will NOT have access to a SARS-COV2 vaccine before 2021. That is a fact .
  6. Flag of Convenience. Initially, I thought she might be heading to Celestyal Cruises, but they register their vessels in Malta.
  7. Please let me assure you that MSC Magnifica is NOT planned to leave the MSC fleet. Regarding a previous post about her being technically different, that is only partly correct. she is actually more advanced than her older sisters and is very up-to-date. However, her basic design and engineering is the same.
  8. As the WHO and other institutions are getting to know SARS- Cov2 better every day now, it is becoming clear that the virus does NOT transmit via surfaces and touch. As a result, Buffets are perfectly safe, but I do think that the HAL concept of being served your food is much better and far far classier.
  9. Cruising out of San Juan is vastly superiour compared to departures from the Mainland. You have 5 Island stops, guaranteed warm weather and the departure port is already a great Caribbean port in itself. Carnival should put its most beautiful vessel, the Carnival Liberty on the 7 day SJ route.
  10. No tracking device for crew, but guards (🙄😒) patrolling the hotel... like I said, prison really, especially as the food is abysmal in this hotel haha! Oh well, at least I still have a job.
  11. Did a test yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya. results were ready within 24 hours. Today, I did a so-called Saliva test in Hong Kong. Painless, and without assistance of medical personnel. i do not know the accuracy however. Quarantined in Hong Kong by the way. Leave the room and get arrested. We crew , both flight and maritime, feel being treated like criminals. ( all together in same hotel)
  12. I suggest that from now on, we all boycot the idiotic name Nieuw Statendam and call her by her correct name: Ms. Statendam.
  13. For those interested in normal sailings with stops: MSC is starting-up their cruises again from 15/08/2020. Only EU Schengen residents are allowed to board. Negative Covid19 test is obligatory, issued within 72 hours of the sailing. Onboard, there are temperature measuring stations, obligatory to get temp. tested every 24 hours as well as before and after going ashore. Going ashore is for now only possible through ship’s excursions. Shows require reservations, and the ships will sail with a restricted occupancy.
  14. For the record, the GSK and Pfizer vaccine production will take place in Belgium, which is specialized in the research and production. Same goes for the vaccine by Janssen. ( Belgian company and research).
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