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  1. You can only get this answer direct from NCL. Do not believe any one on the Forum or even a CS phone agent. You need permission in writing from NCL. The answer to your question is MAYBE or MAYBE NOT.
  2. We are sailing with a large family over Christmas. Will a nicer dinner be served Christmas Eve or will it be Christmas Day? we are trying to decide on a specialty restaurant but didn’t want to miss a Traditional Dinner. am I making any sense?
  3. We also sailed in the Illumination, loved it!
  4. PS we did not wear a third of what we brought! Very casual and laundry onboard was wonderful. Don’t ask the prices because I didn’t ask or look, I was on vacation and didn’t care if i had a $70 laundry bill!
  5. There is a ton of room for at least 4 large bags under the bed. We each had a 25” and a 22” roller bags and they easily fit under the bed. Don’t worry about the bag issue. There is no storage outside of your cabin, but normal bags are fine.
  6. Yes that is exactly correct. Some people left the boat at 3 or 4 in the morning and others left after breakfast. Your tour director will call you a cab if you need one. Fellow passengers staying in Amsterdam will leave when they are ready. I believe we had to be out of our cabins by 8:30 so they could get ready for guests arriving.
  7. You are correct the elevator does not go to the Sun Deck. It’s intended to get someone from the main deck to the lower deck where meals are served and to the third deck of cabins to avoid needing to use the stairs.
  8. Make sure you sail early enough in December that Christmas Markets are still open. By the time an actual sailing on Christmas Day hits you may be very disappointed.
  9. My understanding is this needs to happen within 30 days of original booking. So I believe you are 1 year to late. 😞
  10. Dave the Ovation is The Seabourn ship that was also Fully Chartered. I had the name wrong and apparently the capacity also. I apologize. The crew had already started wrapping chairs in plastic and begun other activities for the drydock as we disembarked. Navigator was in beautiful shape and it’s hard to imagine what they plan to do. However one crew member told me he was on carpet duty 😉
  11. Thanks Bill I love that story and vodka on Navigator seems like a good thing! She is a Gem that’s for sure 🙂
  12. Your correct about Navigator, her Hull was built for another Commerical purpose and not for a cruise ship. At one point years ago I heard the whole story and maybe it was TC who shared it. Sadly like so many things I just don’t remember. FYI the name I gave for the Seabourn ship also Chartered for this trip is wrong. She is the Newest ship Seabourn just added (forget the name). I know her capacity is 350 passengers.
  13. I think a ship designed for 400 passengers would have limited public venues. There is only so much space. We intentionally booked midship to avoid any vibration. Have enjoyed all 3 dining venues. Have not experienced any brown water.
  14. The entire ship was Chartered by the World War II museum New Orleans. They sold out Navigator and then fully Chartered the Seabourn Odyssey. We are sailing 1 day apart. However we are currently dock together.
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