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  1. Just wanted to say that it's really sweet to hear about the happy connections that people make on board. And also lovely that so many people are so gracious about helping others.
  2. We had the same experience that kjbacon had in Morocco. Don't know the whole country, but spent three days in Casablanca and about four days in Marakkesh. Don't remember liking anything much at all, mainly a big turn-off for us, though we did like some of the cuisine. I also agree about the Beef Wellington. It's a dish we like a lot, but have never been impressed with Regent's preparation. Do in general really like Regent food though. But that lobster detail! Did they really say Maine (cold water) lobster and serve spiny lobster instead? Now that surprises me a lot — it simply shouldn't happen. (Back to Chartreuse for a nice floating island....)
  3. GOARMY: Ye gads. Insurance for the two of us for our upcoming 12-day Regent cruise cost $4,221. How I'd love to receive a rebate somewhere near that figure! babs135: Everyone has given sound advice. For several reasons, we didn't think we'd much enjoy cruising, but Radisson/now Regent changed our minds. I'm about 100% sure we'd not have liked a non-luxury cruise line, not because we like/need luxury, or even feel especially comfortable with it — but because of all the details mentioned in the other posts. I hope you feel comfortable with whatever you decide and wish you many happy sails.
  4. kjbacon: And I'd be interested in knowing what you enjoyed in Cadiz. Sorry to hear that the Moroccan time wasn't good, but glad that you're obviously enjoying so much else.
  5. To follow upon my earlier post: https://www.spaindaytours.com Wish I had personal knowledge, coljack, but the reviews are very enthusiastic.
  6. People on the Spain board rave about Barcelona Day tours. They do many tours through Spain, not just Barcelona. We've never used them (will probably do a half-day Barcelona tour when we are there in May), but they get dozens and dozens and dozens of terrific reviews. Take a look at the Port of Call boards, the one for Spain. You'll find plenty of info about tour groups. Have fun.
  7. Good advice boblerm. And Silver Sweethearts, I agree that's a lovely way to enjoy a fine dinner, but people do have different rhythms — sometimes depending on age and physical condition (sometimes not), how tired one gets, etc. Bon appetit at whatever the pace. We are fortunate cruisers indeed.
  8. Oh, that seared foie gras in CR! Perhaps my single favorite dish. I ate it way too often — and yes, feeling guilty every single time.
  9. Yes, storm to subside and Tucruisers to be enjoying the delights of being on board despite the weather.
  10. Wishing you a terrific cruise. Be sure to let us know what you'd add to your food post. 😋
  11. I've always liked Prime 7's 14-layer cake (is 14 correct? can't remember for sure). And yes, it has all the calories that aren't in Tc's chocolate martinis.
  12. As Tc said, prices are very high. I've had a couple of good massages on board, but none that was as good as my ones at home, at about a third the price. Btw, if you do decide to get a massage or whatever, remember that tip is already included in the price.
  13. Oh, some of what's said on this thread is making me sad. Our 50th anniversary is late December 2020, and it'd be lovely to be aboard a Regent cruise to celebrate. The only one we can really do (because can't manage long flights anymore) is the 14 day Caribbean cruise on Splendor. I guess we'll just have to cross fingers about not having too much disturbance (about being able by then as well).
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