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  1. I can't do all the "higher math" that's often on CC. We booked the cruise around the time it was listed, and all I know is that we got a notice from our TA that the price had dropped. I thought it might be of interest to someone. That's all.
  2. This is last leg of World Cruise — 18-day, Miami-San Francisco. Mariner. There's been a pretty good price cut (which means, presumably, it's not a great-selling segment).
  3. RJ2002: Last time we spent time in Maine (too long ago), we promised ourselves that we'd have lobster at least once, preferably twice a day. One day we out-did ourselves, and had lobster eggs Benedict for breakfast — so in fact had the grand beast THREE times that day. Oh, for very joy!
  4. Just to say that twice when I ordered lobster, it came very over-cooked. (The lobster on board has also been frozen, as I'm sure you know, and as is to be expected. Not at all the same beastie as one would be eating if it had been pulled out of the water moments before.) Since I do love whole lobster, even lobster that's been frozen faute de mieux, I decided to try once more. I asked the server please to bring me an undercooked lobster. Et voila! So if you're a major lobster lover, and want to be sure it's not overcooked, maybe just ask to have it slightly on the undercooked side? Something I can't remember: the size of those lobsters. I suspect that they were around two pounders, since I don't enjoy picking at the chicken lobsters or even the pound and a halfers. So there, too, if size matters to you, maybe tell your server you don't want anything under two lbs. Bon Appetit!
  5. It would be great if the sound in CR could be softened. (Yes, I know there are sections that aren't quite as loud.)
  6. Since we own no smartphones or any other kind of gizmos (just an iMac at each of our desks at home), I've been a little concerned about this new way of doing. Not sure where it'll leave us technological troglodytes.
  7. I've never had any problem with either Luggage Free or Luggage Forward. Have used each quite a few times.
  8. Thanks for the photo journal. Seems as if you did a lot of beaching out. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.
  9. I wonder how safe the luggage is that one hands to the porter to somehow find its way to the ship? Also I wonder what an appropriate tip is for that kind of porter service. Thanks.
  10. Have appreciated this thread and would love to hear more about excursions in the various ports.
  11. Also: Must the future booking be just for Voyager or Mariner — of must one book the future cruise on (or before) a Mariner or Voyager cruise? (I assume the former.)
  12. Thanks very much, Anchorbuoy and taxare. Are the porters specifically Regent people, or just any ol' baggage porter? I suspect I'd feel uncomfortable giving bags to just anyone and then going off to park.
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