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  1. Yipee-ei-ay! You're there!! Wishing great things for you and Dennis.
  2. poss

    "Almost" Live from Explorer

    Tc: Happy (as possible) Valentine's Day to you and your Honey. Really sorry to hear the messy story. But good of you (and others) to post. Seriously hoping that things go well, and wishing the two of you the best. (And agree about the snow shoveling. My sister is near 70 and won't stop; worries me a lot.)
  3. As far as alcohol that you enjoy that may not be on the included list: Remember that you are able to request (beforehand) a certain drink and Regent may or may not be able to get it for you. E.g. there are certain non-alcoholic beers that my husband prefers to others, and most times Regent has been able to get them for him. I know — not the same thing as getting expensive alcoholic drinks. In fact, for all I know, this works only in the case of non-alcoholic?
  4. poss

    Choosing a cabin on Splendor?

    I'm trying to figure out the difference between an F1 and F2 on Splendor. They seem to be in equally good parts of the ship. They seem to be the same size. (In fact, there seems to be a difference in sq footage among the cabins in each category. I wonder how difficult it would be to learn which cabins have the greater space.) Also, if I'm not mistaken, Splendor debuts in Feb. 2020, not 2021. Thread starter: I hope you love Regent as much as we do.
  5. Have a most lovely cruise, Rachel and George! And sorry about the pre-travels drama.
  6. poss

    Step into luxury?

    Just to add that Regent now includes among the excursions some small group excursions. Maybe a good balance between the included ones and the Regent Choice excursions? The small group is a small up-charge; the Regent Choice can be hundreds of dollars extra. Also: There are usually some fairly active excursions on each itinerary. I know because I miss being able to book those. I'm among the folks who find Regent excursions usually very good. Not 100%, but in the main I've liked them as much as a couple of independent tours we've taken. And we love, love Regent.
  7. Terrific — thanks so much for sharing. Seeing the video was especially wonderful for us, since we were on that cruise. We took maybe a couple dozen photos in all (no video), so it was great to re-visit through you many of those splendid sights. It was one of our favorite cruises! And clearly enjoyed by yourselves as well!
  8. We'll have too much luggage for train (plus have not-so-great back and knees). But thanks for replying.
  9. Hoping for recommendations on what service might do this short transfer. And about how much it's likely to cost. Thanks.
  10. topping hoping to get more feedback
  11. poss

    A Coruna to Santiago de Compostela

    People recommend Spain Day tours a lot, but I don't know if they do this particular trip.
  12. poss

    Antibes -or- Eze?

    I agree with Marazul. Especially since you'll be seeing St Paul de Vence, an Eze visit is much more redundant that an Antibes visit. St Paul and Eze have wonderful perches, but it's shopping, shopping, and more shopping. I did much enjoy Eze, but maybe another time when you're doing Monte Carlo and surrounds.
  13. poss

    Anyone Docked in Rouen

    Hi BarbinMich, Thanks for ringing in. The reason I said I didn't want to remain in Le Havre is that everything that I've read (books, websites) suggests that Rouen is a more interesting and lovely place than Le Havre. Chacun a son gout.
  14. poss

    Dining reservations

    Just to add: — You will also be able to choose whether you'd like to share a table for 4 or for 6. (There are some larger tables, but I believe that they're usually for parties who come in together.) — It also often happens that when one of the specialty restaurants is fully booked for tables for 2, it's quite possible to get a reservation if one would like to share. So if you become especially fond of one or two of the specialty restaurants, there's a good chance on any given night that you may be able to obtain a reservation to share, even at the last minute, as a walk in. — Which reminds me: Even if you've been told that there's no availability in one of the restaurants, sometimes simply asking the maitre d' at dinner time can do the trick — again, especially if you're wanting to share. There are no doubt plenty of other details on you questions, and people will chime in as they think of them. Welcome to the Regent board. We love the ships!
  15. poss

    Chateau Rouseau (from Bordeaux)

    I think I was able to get their website, but that's not what I really want; I'm hoping to hear from people who may've had lunch there. The excursion is one offered by Regent. We will be docked in Verdun for a short time (tide thing) and then in Bordeaux for 2 days. Thanks for responding.