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  1. Thanks for that info. I received 2 today and wondered what it was about. I was doing some wishful thinking and hoping that it meant that my refund was on its way. No such luck I guess.
  2. Roy, I knew as soon as I saw it that it was Pond Inlet - I have the same exterior photo where you can clearly see the name on the Canada Post sign. I thought that it would be fun to just post the interior photo and let others keep guessing.
  3. Roy, Here's a photo of my sister from inside the northernmost Tim Horton's in Canada from our 2017 NWP cruise. Nice memory, so thanks for choosing that photo today.......June
  4. Just received an email for this promo. There is also a $250 per cabin shipboard credit and 10% discount on B2B. We have a FCC from a Feb cruise to Vietnam that we cancelled so we are not putting new money at risk except for the $100 deposit for each leg. I think that my sister and I are going to book round trip Miami and see how things progress. If it gets cancelled or we choose to cancel, our FCC will just go back on our file for a cruise in 2021.
  5. Just got a call from my TA that the Serentity August 30 sailing from Barcelona to Quebec City has been cancelled. I think that my sister and I will transfer the deposit on that one to an August 2021 cruise from Reykjavik to Dover. Hopefully by then how to safely cruise again will be figured out!
  6. Thanks for this info. Our Hong Kong to Singapore cruise on February 15, is now Taipei to Singapore so your suggestions will be very useful. We are planning to spend 2 or 3 days there ahead of the cruise..........June
  7. Thanks for taking the time to share this info. My sister and I are scheduled to cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore with several stops in Vietnam so a few of your posts are pertinent to our trip and I will be printing them out for reference. We are scheduled to leave Hong Kong on February 15 and given the current Corona virus issues, we realize that there is a possibility that our cruise might be cancelled. We have really been looking forward to visiting a new part of the world for us so I hope that it will still happen.........
  8. Thanks Keith. I was afraid that this would be the answer. I guess that we will just need to find a future cruise that includes either mine or my sister's birthday.
  9. Does the birthday actually have to happen during the cruise? My sister's birthday is March 5 and we will be on a cruise that finishes on March 1. We she (and I!) be eligible to enjoy this feast?
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