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  1. Does anyone know if Uber is only allowed to pick up outside terminal A at the airport. We're flying Delta and we land in terminal B and my advance booking for Uber won't let me schedule a pickup outside terminal B. Is it that far of a walk? Does terminal B have it's own baggage claim and then we would have to make it to terminal A?
  2. Are there separate lines for reservations and then one for those who want walk up opportunity?
  3. Looking forward to your review! I read many of your questions, which were ones I was wondering also!
  4. Do you happen to know if the beer is 12 ounce also
  5. Do they carry the 12 ounce slim cans of drinks? Either energy drinks or cocktails.
  6. I see that Carlos is leaving VL mid March. We sail her March 23rd; do you think there's any chance VV will extend the contract?
  7. We sail March 23rd for the repositioning to Miami. I wonder if all the cast will be new🤔
  8. If you have rockstar status will it be necessary to line up an hour before shows?
  9. Can someone please share the cost of Bingo? Sailing in March from San Juan to Miami and I just started follow Carlos on the clock app,
  10. Is there a rockstar area (like Miami) in San Juan? Wondering about embarkation area.
  11. Can I wait until we board and have our rock star agent book our restaurants and entertainment?
  12. What is the earliest we can board as rockstars in San Juan? The ship doesn't sail until 8pm. Also, can we drop off our bags and come back later if we wanted to visit some areas in the city?
  13. Does the entire entertainment schedule show up in the app prior to boarding?
  14. Is sailor loot the same as on board credit? Can OBC be used like cash in the casino?
  15. Can you have more than one type of drink or just choose one type? I might like to have bubbly to start and then a bloody mary;)
  16. If you're in a RS suite can you wait in the lounge area for suite guests?
  17. We're already booked in a sweet aft suite. I just wondered about the additional bar tab.
  18. Does anyone think VV will have a "buy $300 bar tab and get $100"?
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