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  1. Many thanks. That's the letter I couldn't find.
  2. Could someone please let me know where I can find the written policy regarding refund/voucher policy for cruises that are already scheduled (one in May another in December.) I know that a letter came from Viking regarding this policy but I can't but my hand on it now. Please help!
  3. When we did TA San Juan to Barcelona, one of the lecturers was an astronomer. We had a wonderful evening on the top deck where he pointed out starts and constellations.
  4. There are usually a few more lectures as well as a movie in the afternoon. Those were the days that we had big trivia games too.
  5. We were on this cruise the first week of March in 2019. Due to weather, we skipped Bodo and had an extra sea day. You may not get many responses because I believe that Bodo had to be skipped on over half of the Northern Lights cruises last winter season.
  6. We are also on the Lisbon-Miami cruise in 2020. Our first transatlantic was from San Juan to Barcelona. It was amazing! You don't have time to get bored unless you WANT to be bored! I had fun with the cooking class as well as the tours mentioned above. We even had a sewing activity where we learned some of the stitches used in the Bayeux Tapestry. Prepare for a relaxing trip.
  7. Thank you. I think we'll be safe with 10AM tickets.
  8. This will be our second visit to Athens. Could someone from an earlier tour tell me what time the shuttle into the city arrives at the earliest? Where does the shuttle drop you off. My husband would like to revisit the Acropolis Museum and I'd like to have the tickets reserved ahead of time. We need to select a time for booking. Also, does the included tour stop anywhere along the way or is it strictly a bus tour until you get to the Archeological Museum? Thank you.
  9. You would have better luck getting others to join you if you posted this on the Roll Call. We've had great luck getting others to join us on private tours this way.
  10. Unfortunately, Viking keeps booking us on Rouge. We've paid Air Plus but since our flight is in September, we can't even get seats together on the Newark to Athens potion unless we take center seats. We're not happy campers right now but all will be well once we board the Star!
  11. We did San Juan to Barcelona a few years ago with Viking and in December 2020 we are doing Lisbon to Miami. We LOVED it! There were lectures, movies, trivia and other activities. We enjoy reading and using the spa. We met some wonderful people and they made the cruise terrific. We plan to bring a few more games with us this time....dominoes, bananagrams, and cards. Other than that, maybe an extra swim suit so I'll have a dry one to use the following day!
  12. Finally bit the bullet today and paid the $50 each to change to a United flight that arrives one hour later. I wish that Viking would listen to the passengers who have had previous difficulties with Air Canada on Viking cruises. Oh, well. At least we'll be on a decent plane.
  13. We will be sailing on Sept. 19 on Empires of the Mediterranean from Athens to Venice. Just got our flight info and we are booked on Air Canada. Our last cruise sent us home from Amsterdam on Air Canada and it was the worst flight we've ever had. Before I call and pay to change this flight, I thought I'd check to see if anyone on one of the earlier cruises had this flight. Maybe a newer plane?? Maybe a nicer cabin crew?? Thanks for any input.
  14. We've been following the first tour of the season that departed from Venice. In September we'll be heading from Athens to Venice. We'd love to hear about any excursions that you enjoyed on this cruise. Since we are in the lowest level cabin, we'll be the last to book excursions so we're interested in any private tours that you took since we'll probably be blocked from many of the extra excursions. Thanks for any tips you can share.
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