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  1. We enjoyed the experience and would do it again.
  2. The three of us had 2 pieces each already plated in the kitchen. Susan filled out a sheet with done options but no questions regarding presentation. We incorrectly assumed the presentation would be like yours automatically.
  3. We did the Salmon Excursion on our recent 28-day Alaska cruise, and @CruisinS from our table caught a Salmon that she sent back to the ship. Susan was met by the chef, as described earlier in this thread. However, Susan's fish was prepared and served looking like pretty much like any other salmon on the ship—unlike the preparation @electro experienced. We didn't specify any preparation in advance. If we had done it again, we would have made a more specific request about how we expected the salmon to be served. More HERE Susan with her salmon as served: @electro presentation below
  4. SALMON FOLLOWUP As I reported earlier on July 2nd, Judy caught a Chum Salmon. Here is some information about Chum Salmon as it seems to have a bad reputation. Judy's Salmon was in the Silverbrite stage as noted below. "Chum salmon, also called keta, dog or silverbrite, tends to be the least known of the five Pacific salmon species and receives little love – this may be because of its “dog” moniker, based on sled dogs being fed chum in the north and the sharp dog-like teeth of spawning males. But don’t be fooled, fresh or flash-frozen chum caught during the silverbrite phase (see below) should be on your salmon rotation despite misconceptions that it isn’t a “good” salmon. It’s high time we shed chum’s pet food image!" This silverbright chum (top) was still a long way from the spawning grounds while the dark, striped chum (bottom) was in it’s spawning phase ready to spawn and die within the week. The Salmon arrived via overnight FEDEX today. Shipping and handling was $175. We received 7 filets weighing 3 lbs 7 ounces. Or about $50 a pound or $25 a filet. Here is Judy with the salmon on the boat Here is the box as received today Box after opening Seven Filets Close up of one filet We are going to have some for dinner tonight!
  5. Here is a link to the itinerary with a map https://www.theinsidecabin.com/2024-legendary-alaska/
  6. Does using LF on other cruises require you to reclaim them in the terminal before handing them over to UPS/FEDEX? That was the big benefit of LF on the world cruise.
  7. Unlike FLL, Seattle only has one terminal and you get dropped off in the center right by Delta Checkin. If you are not on delta there's more of a walk.
  8. Port valet is arranged/offered by the Port of Seattle - not HAL. Seattle is the only port where something like this is still available free to guests. As far as I know. There have been similar services at other ports in the past but they were never free. Luggage forward offers a similar service - definitely not free- on the world cruise only.
  9. We are back home in San Diego. Port Valet worked great. We put our bags out in the hallway last night—they were not seen again until coming off the carousel in San Diego. As usual, the luggage tags were linked to our Delta App, and we could track them using the Delta App. The luggage was also tagged with the PRIORITY TAGS - they looked exactly the same as if we checked them in ourselves at the airport. We used Seattle Express - it worked great both ways. Delta flights on time - no issues.
  10. Thanks for everyone's kind words - I appreciate it very much. We had a day of packing. We were surprised by dozens of towel animals out by the pool this morning. This usually happens once a cruise toward the end and is often not announced. If you are up late, you can see them setting up the night before. Our final show of the evening was Step One Dance Company - In Tandem Fantastic. We are flying back to San Diego tomorrow.
  11. Things can always change from year to year, but based on recent sailings, HAL will get Vietnam and Cambodia VISAs upon arrival. Both countries offer evisas in advance - Either VISA is not that hard to get on your own. This is all for USA passport holders - probably true for Canada and Australia as well plus EU/UK etc
  12. Pre Covid - people on every cruise got tiles specific to the ship - after COVID - I think it may be only longer cruises - but I don't know what the new expectation may be.
  13. Everyone gets a tile. They used to have the name of the ship, but now they seem more generic. I think they are trying to get rid of the 150-anniversary tile. You normally only get one tile per cruise. They are souvenirs of your cruise. That's why they give them out.
  14. Went on the Prince Rupert Adventure Tour - Grizzly Bear Edition Great Tour - Highly recommended. Price $340 CAD ($250 USD) The tour is 7-8 hours. - We left at 8:16 AM and returned at 3:50 PM The dock is about a 5 minute walk from the ship. You check in at the tour office where they check your name off a list - then give you a boarding pass with a lunch ticket and postcard. Everyone got a voucher for a sandwich Wrap and a soft drink. Three choices for wraps: beef, chicken, or donair. Other snacks were available for purchase. Here are the time hacks of what we saw: 8:16 am leave the dock 9:40 am saw whale spouts (Humpbacks) 9:48 am spotted some Orcas 10:04 am continued on to look for bears 11:20 am spotted the first bear eating grass 11:50 am-ish second bear 12:16 pm third bear 12:50 pm-ish heading back 1:32 pm Orca sighting - all the bears we saw were Grizzly Bears 1:56 am another whale sighting 2:00 pm more whale sightings 3:12 pm saw large number of eagles flying around the boat 3.50 pm off boat Here is a picture of our route as captured on my GPS. Here is a link to the Google map of our route if you want to zoom in. Here are a few of my pictures. The tour folks will airdrop you some of their pictures at the end. Orca Grizzly Bear Humpback whale tail Eagles Bring Binoculars and your long lens. The ship has about a dozen binoculars you can use. The animals are all pretty far away - you need binoculars. Here are some photos of the tour boat The boat holds 100 people. There are 3 decks. Once the ship clears the channel you can move about freely to any of the viewing decks. Here is the back of deck 1 - there are two restrooms These are the seats on deck 2 aft These are the interior seats of deck 2 - the Captain's chair is seen here forward. This is the main deck - taken from the front looking aft This is deck 3 - no seating. This shows the forward viewing areas of deck 1 and deck 2. I was always able to find a clear view. Here is the sandwich wrap included with your ticket. If you want to heat it up, there is a microwave available.
  15. A few highlights from the last 2 days - We had the Westerdam Ball yesterday on our last Dressy Night. We enjoyed the salmon Susan caught the day before during our salmon fishing excursion using the Savor our Catch Program. One of the HAL chefs met Susan at the gangway, took possession of the fish, and prepared it for us this evening. The Ball was held in the Rolling Stone Lounge. Most of the ship's officers were on the dance floor for the first 3 dances and they danced with guests. At the end of each dance, one of the officers was chosen at random and the officers dance partner got a bottle of sparkling wine. Afterward, they had a chocolate surprise on deck two, with waiters roaming the halls with chocolate treats We cruised Misty Fjord on the 4th of July and spent the day at the Retreat. The price was $85 for a sea day, and plenty of space was available. Mark was our Cabana host. Afternoon Snacks July 4th Party in the Rolling Stone Lounge Step One Dance Company performed "Humanity" on the World Stage. This is one of my favorite shows.
  16. Tonight's Dinner we received two more tiles. The 150th anniversary ones. Great day cruising Misty Fjord.
  17. Leaving Ketchikan after an unscheduled stop for medical disembarkation. Stopped from about 7:15 to 7:45 am or so No announcement so far if there will be any impact to today's Misty Fjord scenic cruising.
  18. We received our tiles tonight. Much larger than previous tiles. Branded as Legendary Voyages vice the name of the ship. My cruise card in the picture for scale. 6 in by 6 in
  19. Our Mariner's Recognition ceremony was held today on the World Stage. This was the third time it had been held over several days. It started at 11 AM. Drinks were provided, and the only entrance was through deck 1. They called up everyone getting a medal—our ceremony was for Gold and Platinum. Afterward, the president club members were also called up. 5 stars were recognized en masse. Don had the most sea days - over 3000! We enjoyed lunch in the MDR afterward. Prawn and Arugula Salad Filet Chocolate Trio Captain Vincent Smit We always wear our medals to the ceremonies - a few other people also did. Most don't
  20. Your sea days between San Diego and Hawaii will be windy and cool, not very conducive to lounging by the pool. The retreat will be unusable. If you go to Hawaii - you have to enjoy sea days in a cool, windy climate.
  21. Little Diomede is on its way to the Arctic Circle. Cancelling Little Diomede saves little time. They would have more time for Nome if they canceled the Arctic Circle. I doubt they will stop attempting the Arctic Circle—after all, it is literally the name of this cruise.
  22. Captain canceled our scenic Tracy Arm cruising due to low visibility. Here was our location when they canceled Here is the view of the entrance to Tracy Arm
  23. We are going to share Susan's salmon tonight. Apparently Chum Salmon has a bad reputation https://skipperotto.com/we-love-chum-salmon/ "But when chum salmon is caught in the open-ocean, far from their spawning location (the ‘silverbrite’ phase), the flesh is of high a quality and it’s outward appearance is often indistinguishable from its better known sibling, sockeye."
  24. I think it's going to be $140. No charge for the filet/prep. I think I just pay for shipping. We'll see. They hold it in Juneau till you get home.
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