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  1. Calliope, we hope to be on that cruise also. Have you heard any more of when that might be? I have registered to get updates and info on when they will start taking reservations, but have received no info yet. I must admit that as excited as I am that we will be cruising on the Delta Queen, I am equally as excited to meet you in person! I have benefited from so many of your posts here on Cruise Critic.
  2. We did the Thanksgiving cruise—Memphis to New Orleans—and had very nice weather. Great cruise!!
  3. I have never had a bad day cruising—-have loved every cruise I’ve been on. But probably my favorite was our first ever cruise, on the lovely Rhyndam. (13 day cruise/tour of Alaska). Glad to see “drlee” named one favorite the river cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg—-as we are thinking of this for 2019.
  4. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your help. I did see 3 ships there---did not see the Pride or the Escape. Will check again later.
  5. I need to find out (as soon as possible please!), how many ships will be in port at Nassau on December 29. I can't remember the web site that I need to go to in order to find out!! Thank you in advance!
  6. Thanks for the review! We board the Liberty exactly 2 weeks from today!
  7. Yeaaaa!! Thank you for that info. Really looking forward to this first time on Carnival.
  8. We will be boarding the Liberty on the 28th. Do you think there is a possibility that any of the Christmas decor might still be in place? Would love to see the ship decorated for Christmas!
  9. Are you on early or late dining? I'll be keeping an eye out for you. What is your mom's name?
  10. Owen, just tried to post my reply and it disappeared into cyberspace. Can not seem to retrieve it, so will just look forward to meeting you and your mom on board at some point. Barb (and Wayne)
  11. Yeaaa!! We are not alone on this cruise!!😀 We are Wayne and Barb from Georgia. Where are you from? Hope we can meet up on board. I think we are doing mostly the Hop on/Hop off excursions in each port. There seem to be many good stops in most ports. May change our minds once on board. My e-mail is: 2 the sea 2 the sea at gmail dot com Would love to hear from you! Barb
  12. It would be fun to meet up at some point that day. Have you decided what you will do that day? We will be doing the HOHO bus, as there are several great homes I want to see. Do you have any info on about how much time to allow for the different stops in Natchez? There are so many great stops that day, and I'm wondering just how many we can fit in and still get back to the boat on time. If you will e-mail me at 2 the sea 2 the sea at gmail dot com, we can exchange names, etc so that if we are docked together, we can look each other up.
  13. Just 2 weeks till our cruise, and still no one else to sign on here! I was hoping to have someone to look forward to meeting aboard. Also, would love to get opinions from those who have cruised the Lower Mississippi, about several of the shore excursions, especially the timing. Just how many of the HopOn/HopOff stops do you have time to visit in each port? For example, in Natchez, there are 3 homes I'd love to see!! Do I need to pick and choose 1 or 2 of those? If so, what are your recommendations? Which are "worth the time" and which are not? Hoping for lots of helpful info!:)
  14. 30 days till the American Queen Thanksgiving Festival!! Celebrating 50th anniversary, and will check off major "bucket list" item!
  15. Seems that we will be on the River at the same time---just going in opposite directions! I wonder if we pass in the night, or if we might actually be in the same port on some day mid cruise?
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