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  1. I just learned a bit of concerning news. A friend from Pennsylvania just called to cancel his planned trip to GA as he would have to be quarantined for 14 days when he returns to PA. He can not afford that time off from work. I looked up PA’s policy online and it does seem that those entering PA from several states (including GA) must quarantine for 14 days. What does that do to those of us leaving from Pittsburg on the Duchess in Sept? We had planned to possibly spend a few days in PA before the cruise, but not 14 days in a hotel room somewhere!! Also wondering if museums, historic homes, and other attractions on the HOHO bus tour will even be open. Closed restaurants are not a problem for us as we prefer to eat onboard.
  2. It’s looking more and more like we won’t be cruising this year. 😢 i guess I’d better start figuring out either cancellation or transfer to next year possibilities. Sad that the cruise we planned, on the boat we planned, is not listed for next year.
  3. DH retires in 5 days. Our river cruise here in the US ( on Sept 6) has not been cancelled, so we may still be doing a cruise this year. However, my bucket list cruise of the Norwegian fjords is hopefully in our future—-had hoped for the June 2021 cruise, but if we truly do get a “second wave” of Covid-19, that would probably get cancelled too. So, we will take what we can get for now, and hope that an effective vaccine is available soon.
  4. 78 days and counting!! River cruise in the US on small boat (AQSC Duchess) so hoping it will not be cancelled.
  5. Thank you, diplomats. That is encouraging, and making me even more excited about this cruise.
  6. A question for anyone who has sailed on the Duchess—- does anyone know if cabin #233 is a good location. I’m wondering about noise from the paddle wheel, from the main dining room, etc. Early reviews mentioned how cold it was on board. Does anyone know if this has been resolved? We are REALLY looking forward to this cruise in Sept. Surely hope the Duchess is sailing by then.
  7. I think on the buses is the place I’d most likely wear a mask, especially if they fill every seat instead of every other—-as some lines are planning on.
  8. Really hope they do start at end of June. Our cruise on the Duchess is not till Sept 6 so hoping all safety procedures are perfected by then. With just 166 passengers, we are hoping it will be easier to practice the proper social distancing. As for the HOHO buses, we are hoping that in the next 3 1/2 months, they will have figured out a way to keep us safe.
  9. We are also booked for September—-on the Duchess. Since she carries only about 165 passengers, I’m really hoping we will get to take this long awaited cruise. I’m not sure when the CDC guidelines expire. Which cruise are you booked on?
  10. Oops! This thread is always uplifting, but I was also referring to the uplifting thread about booking future cruises!
  11. This is SO TRUE!! We are still hoping our AQSC cruise (on the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers) on Sept 6 will not get cancelled. I decided that if I don’t DO something about it I will be too tired to even walk by then!! So I started walking 1 mile every morning up and down my driveway. Last month, I did 2 miles each day. On Monday I started 3 miles! Talk about fatigue!! 😅 But now at least I have a reason why I’m tired. Because I’m in that “elderly” group, I can’t go out to the gym or track, but it is amazing how much I’m enjoying the flowers along my own driveway. I think I had allowed “shelter in place” to become “sit in place”! (I know that many of you are not physically able to go out for a walk. Just getting outside and sitting in the sun for a bit will probably make that fatigue vanish.) I am really enjoying this uplifting thread and reading about all the places many of you are planning to visit.
  12. No Heidelberg? How sad! Not only did we have an excellent tour provided by our singing tour guide at the castle, but we loved walking around the town and visiting the university. The student prison at the university was amazing—and as clear in my mind as when we were there (years ago!). I think it is probably the only prison in the world that students try to get into rather than out of!!
  13. Thank you, dfish, for the link to the teacher’s song. As a retired teacher, I was intrigued. Hilarious!! Actually could probably be called Parent’s Song!! Jacqui, I add my best wishes as you recover from your injury.
  14. I seem to be the odd voice here, but I must say that we LOVED our Rhine Getaway Cruise on Viking! The food was wonderful, the crew was wonderful, the excursions were wonderful (we did all included excursions plus one or two outstanding premium excursions). We had a VERY active roll call here on Cruise Critic—which was a real help. I would also recommend Rick Steve’s guide books as you plan.
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