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  1. Tony, thanks for the pictures of Ghent! Really looking forward to our time there.
  2. Thanks to everyone who shared pictures of Brugge, Ghent and Brussels. We will be there in exactly one month!! Can hardly wait. We have been to Brussels before, for one day—-about 20 years ago. Excited to see Brugge and Ghent.
  3. Thank you. Sounds great. I’ll have to try them next month!
  4. What, pray tell, are elephant ears?
  5. I agree!! We also always ask for blankets and no duvet. The cabin stewards always seem happy to change them out for us.
  6. Thank you, everyone for your very helpful comments and suggestions for the trip we are planning to Greece. Also for all the wonderful pictures!!
  7. I am loving all the pictures of Athens!! I am just getting started researching for a cruise to the Greek Islands for next year. I’d love anyone’s input on the best time to go. Is it too cold in Feb.-March? Too hot in July-Aug? How about Sept.-Oct? Or maybe April-May is the perfect time? I envy all of you who have been there several times. This may be my only trip there, and I want to see all that I can see! Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you for your insights. I'll have to consult with others in our group, and give them these choices!
  9. I've always loved the pictures of Santorini---from the ship or possibly drone photos. The blue and white is breathtaking. We are planning a Greek Islands trip and after reading reviews, I'm wondering if I should plan on cruises that skip Santorini, or just stay on board. l could not climb the 600 steps, and my husband hates heights (and cable cars!!) Tell me please the "must see" sights at the top of the cable car. Thanks!!
  10. Thank you both for your informative replies. We are looking at Regensburg (or possibly Nuremberg) to Budapest. I think I'll try for end of April to middle of May.
  11. Weather wise and water-level wise, what is the best month for cruising the Danube?
  12. Thanks for the video!! Can't wait to see this from the Rotterdam in July!
  13. No robe or slippers on last week's cruise on Caribbean Princess. When I asked, I was told they were for suites only, but by the next day he did bring one pair of slippers.
  14. Just returned from Amber Cove. Did not do either of those excursions, but have you considered the Dolphin Experience. Our entire family said it was the highlight of the whole cruise.
  15. Needing to send out a couple of important messages on the day we are at Princess Cays. Does anyone know if there is internet service or WiFi available there?
  16. Philv, Thank you so much for the review. We leave this Sunday, and can't wait! Love your pictures. We are also on Caribe Deck. Did y'all see any of the evening shows? If so I'd love your opinion on what was good, what was not. Also, someone posted that the pier we leave from is on the app. I can't find it. Do you know where on the app I'd find that info? Thanks!
  17. Thank you everyone! Your advice is right along with what I thought. I’ll pass this along to the family.
  18. I’m sure this question has been asked and answered, but there are 103 pages in the Dining thread! I don’t have time to read through them all, so I’m hoping someone here will help. We leave Sunday on the Caribbean Princess and I need to know the dress code for the MDR on non-formal nights. Daughter and grandchildren (21, 16) wonder about shorts, or if slacks are needed. Jeans? Thanks in advance.
  19. Are there any museums (especially Resistance Museums) in Kristiansand? Many years ago we visited such a museum (in Oslo I believe). It was fascinating and we were disappointed that we had so little time there. I love the history of the resistance movements during World War II and would be so glad to find one on this trip.
  20. Thanks everyone!! One less thing to pack.
  21. Do Princess ships (specifically Caribbean Princess) have retractable clothes lines in the bathroom? We are new to Princess and wondering if we should pack one.
  22. Loving your review. We enjoyed 2 cruises on the “old” Rotterdam, and are really looking forward to our first cruise on this “new” Rotterdam. She looks beautiful, judging by your photos. I especially love the photo of the atrium! We board in July for a cruise to Norway. Thanks for taking the time to write this review.
  23. Yesterday I changed several cabins on our upcoming Princess Cruise with the help of our TA. Don't think I could have done this on my own. We were able to get 3 cabins together that did not show up as available on the Princess site. I was so frustrated before our TA took over. Maybe I can help. E-mail me at 2thesea2thesea at gmail dot com.
  24. Thanks everyone. I knew that many if not most river cruises no longer allow using obc to pay gratuities. Also NCL. Just didn't know about HAL.
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