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  1. After a couple of hurricanes the idea of using cruise ships as temporary housing was floated .. at least one even went to New Orleans after Katrina. The great idea failed to work as desired and in the end only a small number of temporary relief workers were housed. it SOUNDS good but the logistics of getting the ship working well at a dockside location for a 'long' time get problematic ....
  2. Canaveral: 4 of 5 regular cruise berths are occupied and a fifth ship in in bound at this time, and anchorage is empty. Cargo piers either empty or have cargo vessel present Nor' SUN was at a cargo terminal last night but shifted to T-1 this morning when Royal left .... Royal has several ships at anchor near Coco Cay but for today the pier there was empty each time I looked Marine Traffic shows 4 ships anchored near Great Issac Light, 6 anchored 12 miles west of Little Stirrup / Coco Cay, 3 outside of Freeport and 3 in the harbor (plus one in dry dock) Miami cruise berths are full plus one at anchor Tampa 2 of 3 cruise berths occupied, 3 at anchor plus one Nor' at an otherwise empty pier usually used for auto-carriers but presently 'empty' Disney Castaway Cay is currently unoccupied. this is what MarineTraffic shows at this time (reflects what AIS is transmitting)
  3. never mind ... we've had this discussion International Law??????
  4. 2:40 eastern O H and NA say 'at anchor' on AIS NS says stopped ....
  5. Little Stirrup Cay is the navigational correct name for Coco Cay Disney F just cleared the pier for Dream arriving in the morning to offload, and anchored just outside Canaveral .....
  6. Relative to the FL departure ports, they will be at their normally assigned home piers where possible Not likely ..... cruise terminals are NOT exclusive to one ship. They will serve multiple ships in a given week. So three ships working from one terminal can not return to this one terminal to be 'parked'. You suggest each airplane can just return to their home airport and park at the terminal .... NOT! On the other hand, a cruise ship can't be pushed to a corner of the airport, lights turned off and doors locked. Some will get pier space but I suspect a cruise-line will secure a pier and then anchor a couple of ships nearby and rotate them around .... anchoring costs 'nothing' but there are issues of waste disposal and water bunkering etc etc ...... (you don't want to 'make water' close to shore .....) If you look at the Port Everglades ship schedule you already see this happening . . . Want to really see what's happening ..... I'm watching the activity at MarineTraffic.com .....
  7. I once had need of an 'unscheduled' dry dock ..... in other words an emergency issue .... but we didn't like to use that word! FINDING a suitable place on short notice was an issue ...... places that run dry dock services for large ships try to NOT have them sitting empty and agree with comments about staging materials for 'not emergency' work. as lines see income dry up I suspect they will try to CUT spending, not increase . . . . ******\side bar: I have a late May cruise booked and the drink package price jumped significantly in recent days ....... got to recoup lost revenue . . . .
  8. Everglades, Miami and Tampa all have new 'cruise' visitors at anchorages this morning with others on the way according to AIS . . . several heading towards Freeport
  9. I think we agree that anchoring will be 'first choice' 'work boats' in the major cruise ports of Florida would be somewhat non-existent. They may be common in New York or San Fran which routinely sees long term anchoring of commercial vessels, but not so off Miami, Everglades or Canaveral ... which is home to a significant number of the vessels in question. Perhaps the tugs would pick up this job . . . But I DUNNO .... I'm watching ..... wondering how many might choose to anchor outside my front door . . .
  10. it is a valid question and one I've been pondering as well, with the added insite of being a former ship captain ... some thoughts ... Most cruise terminals in the US are shared by multiple ships and often multiple cruise lines so there isn't a simple option of just 'park at home' Most ports charge by the hour for pier space .... a non earning cruise ship don't want to pay this fee .... some ports have offered to waive this fee already but there is still issue about 'port services' like water for example. Example: ship IN PORT can't make water like they do at sea so would need to buy from land.(purity of source issues for safety) 'Extra parking' at most ports means cargo piers and those piers are typically fully employed for cargo work meaning they don't want a cruise ship filling the space long term. 'nesting' ships ... tying one ship alongside another ... 'double parking' (or more) as often done with river cruise boats in EU, often doesn't work for a cruise ship berth simply because there isn't enuf 'width' to the waterway .. when cargo ships go 'inactive' between loads they typically anchor ... major ports have designated anchorages. But the crew size is small so issues of supply/waste management etc are minor. Cruise ships will have more issues as there is significant crew still aboard. <going to the sea buoy at Port Everglades sounds like anchoring to me . . . .> I'm watching to see where they go .... it is not like grounding an airplane where you take everyone off and park it at some forgotten corner of the airport.
  11. When OASIS was being designed it was determined that there simply was not enuf 'length' to hang the required number of standard 150 person lifeboats. SOLAS did have provision for larger boats 'if approved'. A new 370 person lifeboat was developed and approved but it required a new loading system as well. FOUR different muster stations - usually INSIDE - feed ONE lifeboat. If ever on an OASIS or other ship with this new system, you can usually walk the lifeboa area and see the 4 doors line up to loading hatches and the 'sitting spots' are color coded. There is NO WHERE near sufficient standing room alongside the boats ... the doors from muster stations pretty much open directly to the loading port. additional information at https://www.rina.org.uk/mega-lifeboat.html The seating is arranged in two levels designed to reduce the time taken to board all the people into the lifeboat. The main cabin deck will seat 280 people in longitudinal benches and the upper seating area will seat 80 persons in longitudinal benches and another 10 in the large steering tower near the helmsman’s position. The lifeboat also has an onboard toilet and two stretchers stored in the wheelhouse. The lifeboats are stowed and launched from a specially designed davit systems, which allows them to be lowered directly into the water from their stowed position rather than having to first swing out the davit and lifeboat before launch.
  12. As I've said before, Flåm is beautiful after the daytime cruise/tourist hordes have left. It's got nowhere near as much to do as either Oslo or Bergen, but the night we spent there was the most peaceful night of our whole trip. Agree 200% ... actually if looking for 'action' in Flam once the cruise ships leave ... GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  13. the bus takes you to the S-V which is away from the 'main' KSC stuff .... bus starts at main location and tours launch pads (as available) and the vertical assembly building area .... then drops you at the S-V building. 30 minutes plus IME ... You can enter the building ... or turn right around to return to main facility ... not what I'd recommend. The aw sum size of the Saturn is something to be absorbed. There's a lot of stuff to see/read .... or you can do a quick walk thru .... also a presentation on first moon landing. then you get on a bus back to 'main area' ..... this ride is much shorter .... Atlantis is 'quicker' .... there might be a queue to get in (groups) but once in it is a DIY thing, stay as long or little as you like. I figure 30 minutes minimum ..... you can easily see the CANADA 'arm'
  14. best? http://hotrayzlimos.com/ http://hotrayzlimos.com/cruiseship.html
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