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  1. btw ... if wondering what an IDP IS: It is NOT an international driver's license ..... all it is/does is translate your license information into a bunch of different languages "An IDP is an official translation of your US license (making it easier for the cop to write out a ticket)." 😂
  2. good to know, and here's additional info about what you need to get one: from AAA web site: An IDP is available through select AAA offices. AAA is one of only two private entities in the U.S. authorized by the U.S. Department of State to issue an IDP. An IDP is recommended for international travelers – even if you are not planning to drive. Some countries require an IDP. IDPs may only be issued a maximum of six (6) months in advance of the desired effective date. How to Apply for an IDP To obtain an International Driving Permit, you will need to provide: Download and fill out an application, and bring it to a AAA branch office that offers IDP service. (Please check in advance to ensure IDP services are offered.) Two original passport pictures (Many AAA branch offices offer photo services. Please check in advance.) A valid U.S. driver’s license Pay a $20 USD permit fee
  3. best way: I'd take a taxi but there is a shuttle bus from the terminal to the S-Bahn train which will take you to the airport. https://www.cruisegate-hamburg.de/en/terminal/cruise-center-steinwerder and I'll bet Cunard will have a shuttle you can sign up for . . . I'm not a big fan of dragging bags on trains .. a taxi takes all worries out of the equation for me (which train, how often does the train run) When visiting Hamb' we used the trains A LOT to get around and they are great ..... but if arriving on QM and needed to get to the airport efficiently ... I'd taxi. When we had been in Ham' for several days and knew our way around on the trains and it was time to head for QM2 (west crossing via SH), we took a taxi! And that was when they used the Hafen City terminal ... easier to get to .....
  4. for the record, OP mentions this for an RCCL cruise which would be terminal 1. locally the port is in the paper just about anytime anyone burps and I've seen nothing about this improvement in the paper or in the press releases of the port (check their website). My guess is this is happening only at Terminal 1 at this time, and may be in a 'not fully operational' status. If traveling other than RCCL at terminal 1, don't be surprised if it is business as usual for a while yet.
  5. a lil warning about the need to declare if you go over .... Friends of our, who cruise A BUNCH just had an 'experience' of this nature. Their impression was than since you were not given the form to fill out anymore, and no one ever questioned their overages when they DID fill out the form, no one cared anymore, no action was required . . . So despite carrying off more bottles than allowed (in plain view) and having spent many times their 'allowances' they were just happily walking out when Mr Customs guy invited them for a lil talk and handed them the form and asked for their written declaration. Unfortunately my friend failed to recognize the significance of this action and made a half ***ed effort to complete the declaration which Mr Customs took a look at and invited "would you like to revise this?" {They said Mr Customs would check a list he had, as if he KNEW what they'd bought} Things went down hill from here when asked to provide receipts ..... eventually friend was offered the opportunity to pay duty as calculated . . .
  6. cortrans https://www.cortrans-shuttle.com/ a new player: https://www.cruisecontrol-transportation.com/ also popular: https://cbshuttle.com/
  7. this youtube runs the full route in real time from the driver's view ... but winter so it won't spoil your first time view in the summer!
  8. take a horse buggy city tour ... kids love the horses get off at the Pirate Museum ..... kill an hour here walk back to the ship thru main shopping area .... peek into straw market
  9. Capt_BJ

    Live bands?

    all up and down Duval .... not had to find at all ..... ususlly starts at noon Sloppy Joes has webcams so you can check it out https://sloppyjoes.com/
  10. Nassau proper is where the cruise and industrial port is so the swimming right here is not so good. To get to the 'outside' you'd want a beach on Paradise Island and much of that is Atlantis. There are some independent trips that will take you by boat to small islands north of the port/Nassau area The primary provider of ship excursions has been Stuart Cove for many years. Here you are bused to their location on the south west side of the island and go by boat from here . . . https://stuartcove.com/ if your cruise choice does not use Stuart already, their trips include the necessary transportation .... https://stuartcove.com/snorkeling/snorkel-trips/ Stuart Cove’s is a contracted activity provider for Holland American Cruise Lines Disney Cruise Lines Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Norwegian Cruise Lines Carnival Cruise Lines
  11. Not the reply you were looking for but: IMO 6 is a little young for open water. Especially when She is not a strong swimmer so also looking into what is best for her to float in the water. When one wears a snorkel vest it is intended to be a safety device. If used for basic flotation, you've given up the safety factor. If you've looked at a map of COCO CAY, there is a marked (and lifeguard covered) snorkel area ... it is a lil bit of a swim from the beach and the water is to deep for standing. You could stay in the sand area neared the beach but minimal stuff to see .... basically sand. Unless something has changed the 'excursion' here is just rental gear and a short 'how to' lesson and pointing you towards the marked area. best way to teach: son 8 daughter 4 Personal experience: a lil while after this picture we moved to Miami and a house with a pool and the kids became fish. By the time daughter was 6 she was a strong swimmer and we really had no worries about her in the pool and she played with mask, snorkel and fins regularly. She begged and begged to go snorkeling for real. I finally broke down and took her to Key Largo and out on a boat snorkel trip. We got in and all was well for about 5 minutes seeing some fish and general under water stuff. AND THEN she spotted a small barracuda. Pretty small and not that close but all she saw as TEETH. What resulted was a fantastic imitation of a high speed power boat. Her little legs kicked so fast she threw a rooster tail up as she then leapt out of the water as good as any dolphin jump and landed on the deck of the boat. I could hardly keep up. I did eventually get her back in the ocean but it took a while. Eventually she returned, got certified, was an intern at a dive resort in Roatan, dove with a Cousteau as an escort when they were filming and still dives today. So, this former lifeguard suggests you give it time .... not ready yet.
  12. the ability to move to a larger cabin depends on a larger cabin being available .... and other things. on popular cruises there just aren't empty cabins sitting around waiting for you to ask to upgrade .... well, not if the cruise line can help it anyway!!
  13. you are aware that the M&M is usually coordinated thru the "roll call" for your cruise . . . https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/768-viking-ocean-roll-calls/
  14. if you are from Fl then you know ALL the stone crab you get in restaurants is frozen ... as is what you get in PUBLIX Crab breaks down FAST and if therefore cooked & frozen as quickly as possible after the animal dies. In the case of Stone where they only take a claw this is even more critical as the meat is 'dead' as soon as harvested as compared to 'King/Sea etc crab' which can be caught and kept alive in tanks on the fishing boat until landed where it is THEN immediately processed (aka cooked/cleaned/frozen) Get 'em at PUBLIX and a bottle of white and find a picnic table .... save around $50 Unless you see the crab LIVE b4 they cook it ... it was previously cooked King Crab .. fish market Bergen Norway you could buy a whole crab and have it prepared to order or buy previously cooked legs, steamed to heat 'em or cold.
  15. When we did a crossing on QM2 I was surprised to learn how many people were on board not for a 'cruise' but because it was 'transportation' ... they will not fly. Some of the folks who won't fly, don't want to pay CUNARD prices or put up with their rules (dress code) so 're positioning' becomes an alternative. They just need to plan around the times these happen . . . {btw, some will pay the CUNARD price just can they can take their dog and it will not be subjected to airline handling} ********************* Since the cruise lines want to fill every bed, finding a large ship 1/2 full is unlikely. Cruise lines will drop the room price knowing they can make money once you are on board: casino, bar, spa .... You can be assured of 'no crowd' when you sail a ship that's never crowded <as previously mentioned>. For example, the VIKING OCEAN ships regularly do crossings/re positionings and have a pass' capacity under 1000. When we sailed 'em .... lines and crowds was a non-issue.
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