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  1. We didn't have any trouble at all with the tenders at either Mykonos or Santorini. They were fast and efficient. I don't recall waiting at all for the tender either way. There were 5 ships in Santorini the day we got there. The dock was a mess but the tenders were fine. Mykonos seemed to be able to distribute the arriving volume of passengers much better than Santorini.
  2. We stayed one night pre-cruise here: http://www.internazionaledomus.com/ right next to the Spanish steps and a metro stop. Post-cruise we stayed here: https://www.interno7luxuryrooms.com/ which was great for shopping. I'd highly recommend both. Neither were overly expensive.
  3. On our visit last week there were 5 ships in port. We were the last ship in and the last ship to leave. The line for the cable car was insane so we opted for the speedboat. They got us where we needed to go but not without headaches. The boat drops you off at the base of a steep hill and you have quite a hike up to the bus that brings you into Oia. The return trip to Fira runs every couple of hours. The bus meeting point was a disorganized mess. Oia was completely overwhelmed with tourists. We could barely move on the narrow streets. The line for the cable car back down was so long we opted to walk down the donkey path. That was the most peaceful part of the day!
  4. It may be worth it if you take it directly from Piraeus. We opted to take the subway into town. It was a 35 min walk from where the ship docked to the metro station in the heat and heavy traffic. We took the HOHO bus from downtown Athens but spent most of the tour stuck in traffic in the narrow roads leading to the Acropolis. The only thing I enjoyed in Athens was shopping and lunch in Plaka.
  5. We were just in Mykonos last week. There were quite a few ships in port. Some of the passengers were tendered into the old port and some into the new port. There are boats that shuttle you from each port directly into town for a couple of euros if you don't want to walk it. You shouldn't worry about it.
  6. ms.sunburn


    Rhodes is so easy. Walk off the ship directly into town. The shopping is plentiful and much cheaper than some of the other Greek islands (Santorini, Mykonos).
  7. I think you made the right choice with the Epic. I've sailed both ships and both are nice but I'd give the Epic the edge. I've been to almost all of the caribbean ports of call and Ocho Rios would be dead last on my list of those I'd like to visit again. Grand Cayman was nice.
  8. I've sailed the Jade, Breakaway and Epic. Though I liked them all probably my least favourite was the Breakaway. Balconies were small, smoking section was more offensive than the others, there was a constant leak in our cabin that they couldn't fix. The Jade and the Epic were both fantastic, though I'd give the edge to the Jade. Just the perfect size and great outdoor dining off the back of the ship. The itinerary (Italy & Greek Islands) is the best I've done.
  9. Just off the Norwegian Jade. They did not take down the door decorations. There were lots.
  10. If you want to bring a bottle or two of your own wine, pack it in your suitcase. We did that and it made it to our room just fine. We found also that if you buy more than one bottle at a port and bring it onboard that they will tell you to check the alcohol at a separate desk. When you go to the desk you can produce a single bottle of wine to be checked and take the other back to the stateroom. Believe me, we bought enough wine onboard to make up for the few bottles we brought, but it was nice to get a break on a few bottles! I didn't book the drink package (big mistake).
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