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  1. We had D736 on the Royal and the balcony was partially covered. Soot was not a problem and the view was spectacular.
  2. Thanks everyone for the great input. Sounds like I can’t go wrong either way. I have always been interested in the Amsterdam, but the Zandam is a better price. Decisions, decisions.
  3. I have been on neither of these ships. I’m looking at a Canada New England itinerary. I’m looking for the good and not so good about either ships. Thanks in advance.
  4. vino100


    We usually book early but my father in law who just turned 90 decided all his kids should join him on this cruise. No flying either way makes it really easy for him. Im hoping some reserved cabins will open up. To be continued.
  5. vino100


    My agent said that a group was on board this cruise. Of course princess won’t say who. No mini suites or suites. Yikes I sure wish if the group will take over parts of the ship. I guess I will book a balcony and hope a mini opens up.
  6. vino100


    We are booking the Grand princess March 29th. It looks like a group must have reserved a lot of cabins. How would I find out what group ?
  7. I was in D 726 on the Royal this year. You can easily have 20 guests on the balcony. We had a sail away party out of San Francisco. Our room steward provided wine glasses and extra ice. We just went to the lido and brought back cheese, meats , crackers etc. I did ask the concierge for help, but he was totally useless.
  8. vino100

    AMA Africa

    What an amazing trip. Thank you so much for sharing . I do have a few questions if you don’t mind. It might be easier to email you, but I will ask a few so others might chime in too how was the treehouse room ? The pictures look so interesting. So no safari clothes, so did you wear long or short pants.? safari hat? Did you only take a duffle type case? You mentioned tips, all in us $ ? I dont want want to overwhelm you, so I’ll save the rest till next time. Lol thanks so much
  9. vino100

    AMA Africa

    No rush, I was just being impatient. fantastic....... sounds wonderful.
  10. vino100

    AMA Africa

    Any more info on your safari ? Cant wait to hear.
  11. I absolutely agree with you. You get your luggage and re check it and then go through security again. This is somewhat faster than the first go around, but I would be concerned about only 90 minutes. I have done this several times and experienced this every time.
  12. Princess is more than fair about the FCC. I just got an email from princess reminding me I had a FCC. My bad, since I didn’t even know I had one ! Of course this led to booking another cruise for 2021. I have never booked a cruise this far out, but am excites to see Norway.
  13. We are looking at D 726.
  14. I am going to book land of the midnight Sun. Would the port or starboard offer a better view.
  15. Is the vista suite d 726 on the Grand similar to the vista on Crown ? Also how covered is the balcony? We are looking at a Norway cruise and would like a covered balcony.
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