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  1. I too cruised after JUST having been put on crutches for a stress fracture. I found that the staff was above-and-beyond helpful, as I didn't have time to contact the Special Needs team (as the crutches occurred the day before we sailed!) A few things that worked well: --When I got out of the car at the port, and started to crutch my way over to the terminal, a porter came running up to me with a wheelchair, and pushed me the entire way through the check-in process. We actually by-passed much of the line, including the arrival group photo (which we always take). --At MUSTER, a crew member came up to me and noted by name/cabin number on a clipboard. He told me that "in the event of an emergency", they would send someone to my cabin to provide assistance to me. WOW! --At MUSTER, I was allowed to take the elevators up/down. --At the Lido buffet, someone ALWAYS offered to carry my tray. --At several ports, there were industrious young men with wheelchairs, who would offer to push you alllllllllll the way down the pier, either to/from the ship, in the hopes that they would receive a tip. --I had to cancel our Segway excursion, but was able to go to the excursions in the other ports than involved vans/boats. All tour operators were very helpful. --I did use a wheelchair medway through the cruise for 2 evenings, as we were on the Vista and I was just exhausted from crutching the long distances of her decks. Hope that helps!--CeleBrat
  2. We did this as well, when we booked a surprise cruise for my Dad's 80th. While my Mom was able to go into his email and delete the reservation email that he got, she could not keep up with all of the other emails (want to upgrade, book a shore excursion, here's your spa discount) so he figured it out. Also--when booking we did request that he not receive emails, however the Carnival agent that we were working with was "hardcore" and wouldn't make any changes to his account without his permission. So, we couldn't delete his email. Oh well...ALthough he knows about the cruise, he does not, however, know that the rest of his adult children will be meeting him on the ship!! CeleBrat
  3. Umbrella strollers--are a MUST HAVE for cruise ships. Not just for their portability. But, so you can also fold them up and store them in the shower, as stroller can't be left in the hallways. Also, if booking shore excursions, do so via private tour operators, as they are often willing to accommodate your toddlers whereas sometimes the ship's tours won't. Lastly, check the Camp Carnival schedules for "Family Time", which is when the young ones (too young for Camp) are allowed in with parents to play with the toys. CeleBrat
  4. Cuba is not-at-all like some of the other ports you may have experienced, where children are running around trying to sell things and/or begging. All the kids we saw in Cuba were in school groups, or being watched over by their parents. I would think it would seem very odd to approach one of those groups and hand out candy. As someone said earlier, imagine someone approaching your child's class while he/she is on a field trip. Would the teacher allow the kids to take the candy...? NO! Your best option to "give back" would be to book a tour that involves a visit to an orphanage or something similar, where donations are accepted. CeleBrat
  5. We sailed the MAGIC in MArch, with a completely full ship, and the COmedy Club did not have any crowd control requirements in order to see a show. You simply just went in. And, they didn't even make us leave the venue between shows, which happens on other ships. CeleBrat
  6. As someone who works in hospitality/tourism and often is involved in handling guest "situations" (both good/bad/intentional), I would suggest that IF you attempt to have this ban lifted, you do so after a year has passed, and you can explain that your son has been responsible since then. If the incident happened just recently, they certainly aren't going to change their minds that quickly. I would also suggest that you just simply cut ties with Carnival as far as your son is concerned. You do know that EVEN IF he were allowed to get back onboard one of their ships, he will always have a note in his file re: the incident. So, if anything else happens, they may take harsher action. And, if he were to ever complain about anything (poor service, maintenance issue in cabin), they will see the past note in his file and be less likely to go above and beyond to assist him. CeleBrat
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