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  1. I just got a refund on a paid off card and have a negative balance. While I haven’t tried yet I would think they would send you a check for the money if you call. Mine was only a deposit of $500 and my wifes car was just hit so I’ll use that negative balance for my insurance deductible. Good luck and let us know how you make out Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I got my refund today of our $500 deposit we put down for our Horizon cruise for December. We canceled on May 5th. Now I can put it to good use, like paying the deductible for the damage to my vehicle that some nice person did to it. Oh well, easy come, easy go!
  3. I had one booked for December on Horizon in the Havana area but we pulled the plug last month.
  4. never heard of an administrative fee for upgrading on the same cruise. It's usually only when switching ships AFAIK.
  5. I think I remember Jimbo is booked there. Could be wrong as the memory is the first thing to go.
  6. people get the flu shot and still get the flu. Isn't it possible to get a corona vaccine and still get the virus? I'm certainly no medical doctor and don't play one on the internet either. I'm just very curious.
  7. another couple we cruise with said they don't know if they'll ever get on another cruise ship. We were booked with them for December but we all canceled last month. We had refundable deposits so hopefully we will get them back by Christmas.
  8. Have they changed the rules of ES since the pandemic? Last I read that once you were ES you were always ES. This was on Carnivals site : A $50 change fee per guest will be assessed for ship and/or sail date changes made prior to final payment due date. Remaining funds are non-refundable/non-transferable and will be held as a future cruise credit to be applied to your cruise fare on a sailing within 24 months from the date of cancellation.
  9. just passing on what I read.🙂 Not that I agree with that one bit. Heck I had a cruise booked for December that i canceled about 5 weeks ago, that's how confident I was this was going away.
  10. I've read that the virus will mysteriously end after November 3rd.
  11. The article also says this: Because Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy, like almost all of the world's large-ship cruise fleet, are foreign-flagged, they cannot operate closed-loop cruises roundtrip from a United States port without first stopping in a"distant foreign port" as mandated by the U.S. Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA). A closed loop cruise doesn't have to stop a a "distant" foreign port, just a foreign port. If it's a closed loop cruise from Seattle and stops in Victoria, BC what would you need an exemption for? Granted it's late and it's been a long day. Maybe I'm just interpreting this incorrectly.
  12. Carnival should have people working that hard on refunds too if they aren’t already. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. I don't think you have been wrong on any of your predictions yet.
  14. Sounds like heaven to me. Going to the mall, going out to dinner, casino . But none of that is open yet here. Heck I would just love to get a haircut. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. I'm like a dog with a bone when I feel like I am being cheated. When my daughter was younger she used to say, "Dad you like to fight with people", to which I replied," I don't like to fight with anyone, but I don't like being taken advantage of". She is older now and good or bad she is on the same page with my thinking. lol
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