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  1. Harmony seems to dance to the beat of a different drummer. They seem to do things different from the rest of the fleet.
  2. very true that it work for a cruise such as you booked.🙂
  3. Ken, Thanks for the timely reply. We are at the 55 day mark i believe so all inventory for group space has probably been turned in. I realize I could have asked my TA but figured I would get a faster reply here, so I really appreciate you taking your time to reply.🙂
  4. Ken, This is how we booked. If booked in a group from a TA are you stuck with that cabin or would you be able to upgrade to a higher priced cabin? TIA
  5. If there is an itinerary where Cheers wouldn't be worth it for most people it's Alaska. Alaska is very port intensive and people don't stay up late since they are tired from getting up so early and going all day long, and having to get up early the next day. You'd have to pound them down in a short amount of time to get your moneys worth.
  6. I was under the impression that after final payment date the ES rules for cancelling go out the window and the same rules apply no matter how you booked. Anyway that was my understanding.
  7. only to the Bahamas not the Caribbean. The Caribbean sailings start April 2022
  8. Ok ty for the quick reply. I had read that you would need them next year as as well. your other post confused me.
  9. I didn't know a passport was required now. When did they implement this?
  10. yes that part is true. You don't even need to do that part. We always just go to the SW kiosk in the airport. How does OP get checked in the day before though. buying the 24 hour internet service is probably the best answer unless you can get someone from home to check you in. Sometimes when my son is not traveling with us he will check us in saving the earlybird fee.
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