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  1. day 2 is a day at sea which is usually when they do elegant nights but that's not always the case since the previous poster said it would be day 3 after you are back on board for a 4pm departure.πŸ™‚
  2. even with a screen shot if the price changes before the TA contacts CCL for the price drop I think the OP will be left holding the bag as CCL will only honor the current pricing when the TA calls. OP hope your TA gets in touch before the price changes.
  3. as they are called on this forum, "fake sales". It seems from your post you have it figured out quite well.
  4. There won’t be any deposit left after the $50 pp administrative fees are applied. unless you put down $100 pp deposit then youd have $100 fcc but it can’t be used as a deposit
  5. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2631215-carnival-miracle-march-2nd-2020-17day-ocean-to-ocean-mia-to-sf/page/4/#comments It's post #88
  6. I don't think that NCL has formal nights. They had a dress up or not night but no night specified formal. Not sure they even have that now.
  7. another vote for Allure. Love that itinerary. I am booked on the Harmony with the same itinerary. Another plus for Allure is that it doesn't have "CATS".
  8. That is correct. Since you booked with a TA they need to call Carnival with any changes. You can go to guest services once on the ship
  9. the only time we have ever bought any booze was on a cruise from NY. We had about 8 bottles. They made us go to the window and pay . It wasn't that much, just held us up a little in getting on the road.
  10. The traditionalist while not be happy but I wear a nice pair of docker shorts and a polo shirt for non formal nights.
  11. a few curls with some Grolsch's will fit the bill.πŸ˜‰
  12. I think I should probably skip this. Not good for somebody in their 60's with arthritic knees. Sounds like it would be fun for the younger folks.
  13. so who told you can't get both? Was it a Carnival rep on the phone? If so call back and talk to someone that knows what they are talking about or escalate to Supervisor.
  14. Exactly what cutbacks has CCL done to cause you to pack more. Like you said we are all different but I just curious.πŸ™‚
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