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  1. The trend is is slowly spreading to the other ships as well. It's not a casual on the Royal class ships for the shorts but the lack of jackets seems to be universal on all the ships. They like to keep the people happy. 😉
  2. Try McDonald's. All the plastic straws you want for free.
  3. The crew are always saying good by to friends at the end of every cruise.
  4. For free it was worth the time. For a charge, only if you don't mind spending $8 for a silly game.
  5. I suspect that someday they might connect the card slot to work with the Medallion system to save energy but at the moment it dose nothing expect store any card.
  6. It seems that if anything gets to be popular they begin charging for it. What's next? Trivia.
  7. That may work but only if your cabin steward remembers to follow your instructions. They've been handing our leaflets a much as ever. I can throw them away as fast as they leave them. 😃
  8. We're happily seeing the Crown Princess now allowing no jackets or even dress shirts on formal nights in the DR. Just a pair of Dockers & a Polo shirt are fine. On casual nights even shorts are now being tolerated with some people even wearing cutoff jean shorts.
  9. On the Crown they had lobster thermidor at the buffet on formal night 2 days ago. Yesterday it was jumbo shrimp & oysters on ice in the evening at the buffet.
  10. That's what we normally give and it's always in cash, not added to the bill since when you do that it's put into the pool money & they only receive a portion of it.
  11. Anything that's nice. It doesn't have to be a suit & tie, just dress pants & a Polo shirt will do.
  12. Why bring your own beach towels?
  13. I tried the "laundry" once again on the Crown & again they damaged some of my articles of clothing. My slip was dyed a dark color & nothing looked as good as it does at home. Fooled me again.
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