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  1. I have paid for my 2 cruises and flights. I had booked on Princess website. I check the flight prices daily and won’t be able to now. If I was booking today, it would harder.
  2. Recently their sales are for new bookings so no refaring.
  3. I check my flights daily in the morning. They must have changed sometime on Friday June 21. I have B2B cruises with 2 booking # - Vancouver-San Francisco and San Francisco-San Francisco. On the app, shows as 1 cruise so must be linked. Paid final payment for both cruises/flights. I booked EzAir flights on day they are available, with 1 day pre cruise and 1 day post cruise. Flights Toronto-Vancouver and San Francisco-Toronto under 1 booking #. Now, can only book 5 pre and 5 post cruise for the first cruise. Cannot book 2 cruise under the first cruise as before. Now, 2 cruise only shows booking for the 2 cruise and cannot change airports. Now, instead of booking myself, would have to get agent or call in to book.
  4. On embarkment day, check out International Friends. They pick up at certain London hotels with a stop at Stonehenge then dropped off at Southampton dock. www.internationalfriends.co.uk
  5. Presently, I have not received any email. I have B2B cruises Sept 26, 2024.
  6. It was posted on the other Dining thread, that on Twitter stated that the date is now is July 1 for booking dining reservations. I had dining reservations for my B2B Sept 2024 and Nov 2025, they are disappeared..
  7. Thanks for the update, so frustrating to have to keep checking the app with no results. My cruise is Sept 26.
  8. On Facebook, a person called in and was told the app is not ready and no date given.
  9. On Facebook, a person called in and was told app is not ready yet, no date given.
  10. Not open for my Sept 26, 2024 cruise , yet?
  11. Did you have to have any paperwork from the airline to prove you missed your flight? If so what was it?
  12. I find this app is slow loading. The old app was much faster
  13. I stay at Best Western Oceanside. It is 100 yards from the beach (you don’t pay beachfront price), free hot breakfast, bar that sells food, microwave, refrigerator, $ washer/dryer, #40 bus outside the door, walking distance to water taxi. No shuttle from airport, can sign up for $ shuttle to Port Everglades.
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