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  1. I agree with your points, Clay (at least from my memory!). The Chef's Table had that nice room wall/divider that made for a much more intimate, quieter set of dining rooms. I love your comment - the main dining room in Manfredi's was "too acoustically lively" ! Couldn't agree more. My wife is harder of hearing and we found it too difficult to converse there. One big party. But it's good that there are choices for eating on Viking. The separate room in Manfredi's we did not see, but heard about from friends whose CC Meet&Mingle was there - they said they only had 8 people sign up so it was quite good. Our Meet&Mingle's have been pretty large events in the WinterGarden.
  2. You will enjoy! ah yes - the gelato. Must confess, that we did sometimes (well, often) go have gelato after a dinner at Chef's Table or other restaurants. It was quite quite tasty!!
  3. As I had stated earlier, we enjoyed the hot and sour soup, but it did have a nice little kick to it that I noticed - but that made it good tasting! I'm sure you could just ask them for a substitute! I should have taken a picture of the soup, but being the very first course, we were still "flush" with having a great seat by the window, enjoying the atmosphere, talking with the waiter, and such that I didn't think about pictures until later on. That is why I had more pics from the later meals we had (Asian and Les Indies) at Chef's Table. Again- for us, it was not just the food, it was the whole ambiance - like a really special dinner made for us with nice waiters who didn't rush us, were there when we wanted but not hanging, and more. It was also much quieter a place for us. The Restaurant and Manfredi's were way too loud for us to carry on a conversation and although the food was good, for us the atmosphere was too raucous - more like one big party! But each to his own. that is why it is great there are choices. In fact, we wonder if we went to the other restaurants in the future at 6:00 instead of 7:30 it might be a little less noisy and boisterous. But in our opinion the Chef's Table was the best! and on each of our 3 different ships it was the best - so obviously the food and atmosphere matches our tastes.
  4. Cyber Kat - here are some pics I found from the Xiang meal we had. The beef was excellent! Hope you enjoy your cruise!
  5. We did both of these dinners on our May Jupiter Cruise. We absolutely love the Chef's Table. However, given your husband's eating preferences, there may indeed be some items he is not interested in. What we do when one of us doesn't care for an item is either ask the waiter to give us some alternative, and/or exchange with each other. We have not ever asked for 2 of the entires. Let us know if that works. I would have liked 2 entries of the Les Indes Beef, which was absolutely outstanding. The waiter always asks at the beginning if you have any food allergies or preferences and that is where we would tell him. I remember having a meal on another cruise that featured lamb (which I don't eat), and they brought me a different entree (I think it was beef). Personally, I did not think the Tuna Tartar was that spicy, but then again, I enjoy spicy food and sushi with wasabi! Each to his own. As for the Xiang, also enjoyed it a lot. I remember that the Hot & Sour soup was mildly spicy for me, and noticable, so perhaps your husband would not like that. Ask for a substitute. And if you don't eat tofu or eggs, perhaps Xiang might not be a good menu for you. There are other menus you probably might like better. Hard to tell - everyone has individual tastes. Here are some pics from Les Indies.
  6. Ha! We agree, TayanaLorna! I'm surprised no one has mentioned that - but on our PV room we also felt the desk drawers were sort of "worthless" since it was awkward to get anything out of them, for just this reason. However, minor detail, as we loved the size of the PV room!
  7. Thank you for this tip, Tayana. As you know, we are doing the Santiago to Buenos Aires trip before yours. I have been wondering what to do that whole day before leaving EZE late at night. This sounds like a good idea and use of time - and get tired for our long flight home to California!
  8. Will teach me not to try division late at night! ;) My mistake, broker1217 - I divided wrong from the total on our last cruise. It definitely was $30 per day for the cabin after extracting it carefully from the bill.
  9. My bad, VJMAZZ, you are absolutely correct - not mandatory. I guess I just figured it was effectively mandatory as I have never met or spoken with anyone to actually changed/reduced the gratuities that Viking put on their bill.
  10. Thank you so much SM77 for the detailed information! Very much appreciated. Quite frankly, we had read from others that going the other direction in December (Bali to Auckland) would actually be worse weather, plus we have another Viking Ocean cruise scheduled for December! We'll take a look at your posts on your cruise for more info. Wondering if anyone else does the 2 cruises B2B (Auckland-Sydney and Sydney-Balie)? I'm sure there must be others.
  11. Just a note - it is $20 per person per day (the tips Viking collects as mandatory). It was $15 on our 2018 cruise and was $20 on our 2019 cruises so far.
  12. Thank you SM77. I've been following these posts, as we are doing what you did, but in March 2021. Auckland to Sydney and Sydney to Bali. A couple questions: - Did you have the same stateroom for both? - Did you have to re-check in on the 2nd portion while in Sydney? - More important: how was the trip across the Tasman Sea (the wife is a bit nervous about high seas) ? - Any particular tours/excursions to make sure to take? or make sure to avoid? We've been to both Auckland and Sydney a couple times, so likely would do our own thing in those places. Thank you and Happy Cruising.
  13. Good to know. This seems to counter other's responses (such as KathyA : " They will not stock wine in the minibars. You can call room service and ask for glasses of wine delivered. They will deliver more than one glass per person, but they will not deliver bottles without charging for it. ") Anyone else chime in from their experiences on whether they WILL put wine in the minibars? (in lieu of the liquor bottles).
  14. On our Stockholm to Bergen, it was Helsinki night. If yours was Bergen to Stockholm, that would have made Helsinki night near the end of the trip. I think the OP is asking for the M&M night after you leave Bergen. No doubt people have experienced that would. Likely in Norway somewhere.
  15. Thanks for the advice as well, Krisval. We are on the Midnight Sun Cruise next summer, ending in Bergen, and plan to do this train to Oslo and spend some days there before headed home. Glad you felt that was worth it!
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