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  1. Thank you as well! We are doing a DIY Iguazu Falls after our cruise, staying at the Melia and flying AR from Buenos Aires. The price is quite a bit more expensive now (early January) but still we think will be worth it! We have not planned how to spend the days, but have some ideas in mind.
  2. Will be following your arrival into Valparaiso tomorrow. Looks like beautiful sunny afternoon on the seas today. Let us know how the situation is at the port and for anyone who might be touring Valpo or Santiago. Safe adventures to everyone! They are both beautiful cities that are having some difficult times right now. We arrive in 6 days to Santiago, so any tips would be most welcome!
  3. Tayana - I thought Jim had said there were winds and high seas in Puerto Montt, so perhaps the protests planned are a coincidence. I hope so. I'm hoping we'll find something out. It will also be enlightening to hear from the Sun folks how Valparaiso is - with protests, potential blockages of streets, and more at the port - when they arrive in a few days. That will give those of us on future cruises an idea perhaps of what to expect - although it certainly seems that we need to expect the unexpected in Chile.
  4. We are also on the Viking South America cruise. Checking the countries, no vaccinations are required for Chile, Argentina, or Uruguay. Argentina has had a recent outbreak of measles. Brazil is listed as having issues in recent times with polio, yellow fever, and measles, but we don't intend to go there.
  5. Take care of the Jupiter for us! We board in Valparaiso. Ahh - talking about the Disney E-Ticket brings back childhood memories for sure! Saying something was an E-Ticket ride was universally understood in those days! Keep safe.
  6. Hi Dee - Looking forward to meeting a fellow wine lover on our Midnight Sun cruise next June! We concur with all your comments! Each cruise we've been on has had different SSP Wine lists - likely depending on location and on inventory. Yes indeed the staff certainly did get to know our favorites as the days went by. And like you, we would often bring in our drink or glass of wine to dinner just in case there was any waiting to be served! We think the same for sure. We also enjoyed the after dinner drinks while watching the evening entertainment shows. Kent
  7. Yes Wow! hard to believe we’ll be there in just a month. Looks so interesting.
  8. I can concur that the best seats are the last 2. Our "tickets" that we got when we "registered" at the excursion desk when we arrived on board looked just like the normal tour/excursion tickets - with date and time on them. Seating is unreserved, so in our experience, people got there early! We did manage to read about the final row and got those seats. You can also do a search on the Planetarium and find quite a number of excellent posts on it - including many pictures (including mine). Enjoy !! and wear a sweater!!
  9. Yes far from over. It can erupt any given day and in most any place there. I've been following Trip Advisor forum for the best information. From a post sent Nov 21 - again, the obvious - be aware of surroundings and people ready to use the "protests" to commit crimes. " Just got back from a trip to Santiago as well as Patagonia. No issues in Patagonia or getting there and back. Also did a day trip to Casablanca without issue. Saw plenty of protesters and smelled the teargas most of the time we were in Santiago. We were staying in Lastarria, about 3 blocks from the Plaza Italian. Did not affect any of our plans as we mostly planned to go out to bars and restaurants. Also did a walking tour with a guide when we first got in which was helpful as far as what to look out for with the protests. Most of restaurants we were looking for were open although a few places were closing early or only open to hotel guests if associated with a hotel. Unfortunately during our last night we were walking back to our hotel which was about 2 blocks away from where we ate and several “protesters” jumped out of a van and tried to grab my wife’s purse. After some pulling and grabbing they gave up, jumped back in their van and drove away. Several bystanders came to our aid but felt that since nothing was stolen the police would be of little benefit. Had been following this post prior to the trip and felt comfortable not cancelling based on the info I had seen. Did want to post my experience for future travelers still deciding though. While talking with locals there had not been much heard about tourist being targeted but the concern was that as the police continue to be stretched thin this type of crime aimed at tourists may rise. Would not think anyone would need to change their plans if they are just passing through the city to other destinations, may want to change plans if your accommodations are in Lastarria. Although prior to that last night we felt relatively safe. "
  10. Thank you so much! Excellent information. I will check in January some time then. This DIY trip does sound definitely doable!
  11. Thanks, Just_Dont - appreciate the info on the Oslo Pass. This looks like a good idea! We'll have 3 full days in Oslo after taking the train from Bergen, finishing up our Midnight Sun Cruise. Should be a fun DIY finish to the cruise! Glad to hear about the 67 age as well - as we will be able to get the senior train tickets. Again - those who've done the train on their own: How far in advance can or should you book them? and from whom?
  12. Cyber Kat - We are staying at the Thon in Bergen and Thon in Oslo and with those hotels, the luggage transfer service is included in the train ticket price for the DIY'ers. We only knew this because our friends did this a few months ago.
  13. Thank you Johnymcc45 for your encouragement on a DIY from Oslo to Bergen on the spectacular train. We are doing the Midnight Sun next June 27 and finish in Bergen, but are thinking of doing a DIY from Bergen to Oslo, where we are staying at the Thon Rosenkranz. I am glad to hear about the senior tickets available. I also thought it to be MUCH cheaper than the Viking extension, but there were some pros with Viking (special car, transportation to/from train, etc). Quick Question: How far ahead did you book the train tickets?
  14. Thanks for the quick reply! By about now, you should be ready for a nice evening toast to a good day! Will be following your South America ports closely (We go Valparaiso Dec 21 to Buenos Aires Jan 7 on the Jupiter). I checked - Sadly, he's already booked in January! So he must be good. Perhaps next visit.
  15. Wow Jim - what a wonderful day and excursion you had! Looking at the webcam, it appears it was a great day as well. We'll be in Montevideo on the Jupiter in 6 weeks - so interested in how you happened to find your driver and how much the day was for you and your group. (Contact info?) We would definitely be interested in doing something like this. I do remember Anthony Bourdain's show on Montevideo!
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