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  1. I also agree! It does amaze me though how many people make the real effort to go on CruiseCritic and other social media to vent their displeasure and outrage. We are after all, consumers. Life isn't fair. We still have the choice to go to other lines if we wish to cruise. I wonder why people who complain keep coming back? How come they don't just disappear over to the other lines?
  2. Hmmm - is this optimistic about safari's or is this optimistic about cruising forum? I like both, but I do think we'll be cruising before safaris will be available, that's for sure! Am wondering which areas will open up first for cruising? Possibly late 2021 or early 2022? 1-Caribbean 2-NorthernEurope (Norway) 3-Southern Europe (Mediter.) much later: (later in 2022?) -Africa (Egypt) -Australia/NZ -SouthAmerica -Alaska (unless they remove the Jones Act) Thoughts?
  3. Funny - I was also thinking the odds were about 60 / 40. We sure hope you make it to South America since we are doing the Jupiter reverse route in March BA to Barcelona. Like you, we want to try to do a performance at the Tetra Colon in BA! And yes we remember the mess of riots and tear gas in Santiago in Dec 2019, as well as the 3 riot nights we spent at an Airbnb in Valparaiso before the cruise. Our November cruise I figure is also about 60/40.
  4. Interesting to ponder. I do believe the rub will be in the status of vaccines, percent of population taken them, and cultural attitudes among the many countries that Viking Ocean cruises visits - especially in Europe. I personally would not mind just sailing, eating, drinking, enjoying the ocean air and more, but not sure I'd pay the high prices if we don't get to visit any of the ports. And I doubt Viking will give us rebates on our planned and paid for cruises if they said but don't do ports.... And then there's the issue of getting ships to the locations that might be OK. Perha
  5. Likewise CharTrav! Did many years as Systems Engineer (and other things as well). Not surprised given you stellar organizational efforts. Thank you for all your work! Now let's just hope at some point there won't be so many updates (of cancellations) 🙂
  6. Mich3554 - we were on your S.America cruise as well. In 2019 we also did the first Jupiter trip from Barcelona in April to Europe (similar to Trade Routes). We were moved from Barcelona to Tarragona as well. Barcelona is a busy port and Viking explained to us that they could not overnight in Barcelona since the Viking Star was also in Barcelona for the night and they wouldn't have both ships overnight. We had to leave port at midnight and woke up in Tarragona. It was fine with us, since it was a nice place to visit and very walkable. We had been several days in Barcelona ahead of
  7. We also did the Iguazu Falls (on our own) last January. 2 nights at the Gran Melia (well worth it). It was beyond belief. A true bucket list item. Hot and steamy but who cared? Truly spectacular. There are indeed many flights (we were on Aerolinas Argentinas) and the airport is actually quite modern and nice. We arrived about 3 pm, checked into the hotel and took off on a hike through the park. There is NO way a bus is going to make that trip in any amount of time. We enjoyed spending all our time in the park. So much to see, so much to do, and we did so much walking
  8. Sorry for your experiences. You really must have felt the need to vent. Long long paragraph. No doubt there will be unfortunate experiences that some people have, mostly due to not having the right expectations. This happens in almost everything in life we do or experience. I m not sure I know of any company that offers a service or a product (like a car, or appliance, or food or whatever) that has 100 % absolutely happy people. There will always be a small number who for whatever reasons are not happy - I think that is human nature, and possible a condition of our more entitled cult
  9. I feel your angst as well. We are in the same spot - in California still waiting in our county for them to even get through the 75 and older. Somehow they haven't managed the distribution too well and there is a big shortage in our County. Hoping to get shots by April in the 65-75 group. It is rather amazing that every state and county is so different in the way they are handling this. As for cruising in 2021, we are definitely figuring out November Rome-San Juan trip will not be a go, and are getting concerned even about our March 2022 cruise. The real issue is when to cancel - if
  10. Yes that is the case - roughly half price. We bought several sleeves at the store in Amsterdam. In Europe they often have different choices as well, compared to the stores in the USA. And yes, we also brought Nespresso pods from home that were strong enough for us (i.e. numbers 10, 11, or 12).
  11. Thanks! Great info to know. Was always wondering how Viking would know if/when we are vaccinated and how to prove it.
  12. Hi Clay - interesting viewpoints. I suppose everyone has their personal favorites regarding Viking Coffee! We enjoyed the Nespresso in the room (as we take it black), but on all our cruises the Nespresso caffeine pods were too weak for us, as they are at the weak end of the Nespresso scale, but the decaff pods were perfectly strong. ------ From my post back in 2019: They use actual Nespresso Pods (we know also because we have Nespresso makers at home) and the machine operates just like a mini-Nespresso machine. The pods we got (and replenished daily for us at the request of
  13. Yes, thanks also to our 2 super-experts ! We are already booked on the March 2022 cruise from Buenos Aires to Barcelona and have the Starboard side. We figured, thankfully correct by your statements, that we would then have morning sun on our veranda. For sunset, we won't be in the room - likely having a bit of bubbly or other libation watching sunset from above - maybe even the Explorers Lounge or Aquavit Terrace!
  14. We two!!! Heather was indeed the best! We just went through pics from that amazing Christmas South America cruise!!! it does seem like a long time ago. I think we even appreciate it mor now. Hoping we can do our Med cruise in November!! Happy Holidays!!
  15. Yes thanks too Clayton! We also never saw any of these, and are also looking for a cruise to add on to the TA (which Dee is also on) in March/April 2022.
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