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  1. Ah yes! You found our chairs! 🙂 We loved the Explorer Lounge. Our friends just got home from your Montreal - NY cruise on the SEA and as first time VOC'ers, were totally enamored with the Lounge - they kept sending us pictures of sitting having cappuccino's from those comfortable seats facing the front windows! Made us envious for sure - til our next cruise.
  2. Great tips, Krisval. Will be interesting to hear from you how your adventure went. We are doing NZ/Australia in Feb 2021 so will follow you. Interesting to hear that Viking Air had a good price to Australia (as I've heard otherwise on other posts). Are you going via LAX? Connections? Did you upgrade to Premium Economy or Business? I like your idea of having a 3 way conversation with flights desired already prepared - sounds much easier and efficient! We will have to try that. Thanks!
  3. Have a great trip Lew! How many passengers on the Sky Princess? Perhaps that is why they have so many posts. Plus, Princess has a large, long, and loyal following.
  4. We did the West Indies Explorer cruise this past February 2019. CyberKat is correct - the Caribbean is recovering from the hurricane - still. Not really entertainment districts - at least on the Viking itinerary. There was a shuttle in St Thomas that people who went shopping used, but most people did the included tours or the optional tours. I can also heartily recommend the Barbados Photographer tour - I learned so much and the guide/teacher was a long time photographer, photo-journalist and Barbados native. Outstanding! Also enjoyed the Train in St. Kitts - quite different from what one might normally do. To sum it up - there really were no pure "Shuttles" on this cruise. On other Viking itineraries I have seen them however.
  5. Hi Lew - since we started the Oct 2020 Rome to Miami Roll Call on the Sky, I can give you at least some more data points. We are also looking at future transatlantic cruises, but are thinking about trying the other direction next time. We first noticed the Lisbon to Miami Oct 2020 cruise (and then saw that you could also do Rome to Lisbon ahead of it) around the Christmas time frame, as I remember (nearly 2 years ahead). It could have been available before that. We decided to wait until we went on a Caribbean cruise on the SEA in February to actually book the trip, getting the on-board discounts. There were already several rooms taken so others had also been looking at this. As Peregrina said, we who do Cruise Critic must be a small minority, since when I looked for the Roll Call, there was none, for which I was somewhat surprised. My thought is to keep looking at least every week to see if anything new in fall 2021 pops up! See you on the Sky in a year! By this time next year we will have left Rome and be well on our way to Barcelona. . . Speaking of which, hoping things will have settled down some by then 🙂
  6. We were not able to get to the Alhambra, but instead booked a tour that went to Nerja, where had a very unique experience touring underground the magnificent caves! Quite amazing and extensive. It was a highlight of our cruise for us. Just do a search for "The Caves of Nerja Spain".
  7. The Mer Soleil Chardonnay is quite prevalent on Viking Ocean Cruises. They likely have struck a good deal with them. They've been on every single cruise we've had and our friends also commented that it was quite common on theirs as well. And they have/had lots and lots of it. Probably pretty typical of cruise lines to contract with specific wineries for volume and pricing.
  8. Thanks so much Stretchcruz from Tucson! I seem to remember vaguely your post. Will take a close look as we are doing that same cruise feb-mar 2021. Meanwhile looking forward to meeting you on the Sky from Rome to Miami in a year!!
  9. Interesting review - doesn't make it sound a very enticing cruise, especially if you are headed all the way from the US down under just for it. There doesn't seem to be much "slack" time built in - such that everything needs to be perfect in order to make the port schedules. We, however, are taking this cruise next year, and partly for the following reasons, despite reading all the negative reviews (there are many others beside this one). For one, we've been to NZ and Australia many times and thought it would be interesting to see it a different way - by cruising - so if we miss a port it is not that big a deal to us. Secondly, we also booked the follow-on cruise from Sydney to Bali, so we at least have a longer cruise time for coming all the way from the US. Third, by the time we do this in 2021, Viking will have hopefuly tuned the logistics and operations aspects of ports and excursions and Kiwi wine tasting 🙂 so that things will be a little smoother. Fourth - we have been on several Viking cruises and just simply this line fits our interests and style best - and we thoroughly enjoy everything. There will always be minor annoyances, but life is too short to focus on anything but the good things that can be enjoyed.
  10. I received an email as well as a beautiful packet in the mail from Viking, announcing the new Expedition ships. In the multiple pages inside the brochure, there were similar pages to those that Clayton took pictures of in his presentation. The big surprise to me was how large the Expedition ships were - not that small than the current Ocean liners, but quite a bit fewer people. Will be interesting to see the specific prices when they come out - and also how many people go for it. My bet is that Viking is figuring that so many people have taken so many Viking cruises they are looking for the next new thing. I would guess that a majority of the people on board would be repeat Viking cruisers.
  11. Wow, Cienfuegos! This is a wonderful site! Thank you so much for sharing.
  12. Me too, philw1776! Etexvrc are on the same South America cruise on Jupiter. In our 3 Ocean Cruises, the lecturers have easily been one of the most outstanding things! It would be great to know who's going to be coming up, but I know that sometimes things change at the last minute. We met one of the most outstanding lecturers, Russell Lee, a fellow Californian, on our May Jupiter Cruise from Barcelona to Copenhagen. He was absolutely mesmorizing, and with help from his wife Gail, put on the most amazing and entertaining learning sessions.... I know that he did several other cruises this summer, often called in at what seemed to be the last minute. Do a search on Viking forum for Russell Lee and you'll see several posts.
  13. CCWineLover


    More info please if you want some advice. Your post doesn't make sense. What flights? What is the itinerary? What time of day? What cruise?
  14. Hi cabogal - we are on the same exact cruise on the Sky next year. Good question - we are curious to try to TransAtlantic cruise as we've not done that before.
  15. I think you will be in for a nice surprise. We've been on 3 VOC's with more to follow. Each time the Viking/Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle FAR exceeded expectations. They came around serving wine, hard drinks, soft drinks, and more nearly continuously. They also had quite nice platters of appetizers from cold to hot - much better than imagined. No cookies. Our big issue was just in restraining ourselves from the good food and drink so that we had room for dinner! In addition, getting the chance to mingle and meet many of the Viking staff, and the Cruise Director, along with various other cruisers we'd been corresonding with the previous months was a great way to begin the cruises. But there will always be people who want to do something different or are unhappy with the timing or unhappy with something.
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