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  1. I"d add to that Dee - if possible, in the older ships, create that noodle/omelette station in the aquavit terrace area that we had on the Jupiter. Since they serve you your food, this would fit in with the COVID theme of no buffets help yourself. You might even get fancy and allow mobile ordering for pickup at a certain time. (like Starbucks or other places now do)
  2. Interesting . . . That certainly has not been our experience. Our Travel Agent is apparently one of the top 5 for Viking business, but we never had this happen. In fact, it was I who had to be the one to contact them when I saw a price go down. They would then be happy to cancel the original reservation, make the new reservation and the lower price, and tell me nicely that I owed $200 for the trouble (penalty fees). Certainly no proaction at all. In fact, once we've booked a cruise, we only hear from them telling us final payment is due. I think repricing is a very touchy and hot topic. Perhaps agents don't want to lose the higher commission and so don't advise their customers of the potential savings.
  3. We have always booked out own air as well (rather than Viking). Reasons were: it seemed simpler, we could do it sooner, and get seats we wanted sooner, and every time so far it was quite cheaper. Plus, we have not been the type to just fly to the ship, then disembark the ship and fly home, so our pre and post flights have often not fit into Viking's Air. That all seemed to go well until COVID-19. Now it seems that doing Viking Air is like buying extra insurance. It may cost more, you may get undesirable seats, you have to deal with more things. . . . BUT if anything goes wrong, you get things taken care of for you. In this day and age we may just have to change our tune and "Buy" the Viking "Insurance" as it were.
  4. Wow! We had planned to transit the canal on a cruise this December, Miami to Los Angeles, but given the surge in COVID-19 in Florida and California, combined with various quarantines starting to be imposed, we doubt that trip will happen this year. Someday in the future - 2022? 2023? - we hope to see the canal. It's still on the bucket list! Nice pictures.
  5. For our October 6 Rome-Miami Cruise that we cancelled, we had the major portion to our checking account in 1 day. We got the VISA credit yesterday for $800 (about 2 weeks later). This reflects the $1000 deposit less the $200 cancellation penalty. I am hoping we'll someday see a $200 Future Cruise Credit.
  6. Oh my. If I understand you correctly, Viking cancelled your first cruise and you rebooked using their voucher. Then they cancelled that cruise as well, and now only want to reissue you another voucher (not cash). Was there anything in their written documentation that states this is what will happen if they cancel 2 cruises in a row? I am curious to know what happens as many of us have a rebooked cruise from a COVID cancelled one. It would be good for us all to know what would occur if 1. Viking cancels the rebooked cruise and/or if 2. The customer cancels the rebooked cruise. My guess is that for Viking to "cheat" you (strong words), or any of us, there must be language that says you can still get a cash refund if they cancel the rebooked 2nd cruise, meaning they are not adhering to their own rules.
  7. Not all ships began in Venice. The Jupiter last spring began in Athens. (Where the unfortunate but thankfully minor dock collision incident occurred). She had been taken from Ancona to Athens on a non-official cruise with passengers being Viking officials, families, guests, etc. In Athens the first official voyage began with paying customers. My guess is that the ship would just go directly from Ancona to Rome, perhaps again with Viking officials, employees, guests, and more. Since Ancona is on the Adriatic up near San Marino, this would make a nice unofficial "Cruise" around the boot and up to Civitavecchia (Rome). Hoping it all goes as scheduled for you all!
  8. Sounds like you have netted it out well your choices: 1 Your own air - cheaper and can select seats now but if cancel you may/may not get anything back 2 Viking air - more expensive, potentially less good seats but if cancel you will get most refunded Sounds like the $ difference is essentially the insurance for airfare plus seat selection now. Simple math then. Only you can then make the choice, as we all do in any insurance decisions.
  9. Hi Dee - Actually there were two sides which were good places for breakfast when chilly outside. The noodle bar takes up the port side, but the starboard side area is still available for that!
  10. We were on 2 Jupiter cruises in 2019. It was definitely one of our favorite places. Specialty omelettes in the morning, often pasta at lunch, and made to order Udon, Noodles, or other Chinese dishes at dinner. And very few lines! Do a search - there have been several posts on this noodle bar. I know that I posted pictures of it on one of those posts.
  11. We will gladly put our best wishes forward that you get to do this Cruise! You have been so patient and like me, so analytical. I appreciate your position as we have cruises planned where I try to analyze all the options and the risks and it comes down often to, just waiting a little longer to see more cards in the poker hand, so to speak! we have to see how this plays out for sure. Best of luck and we will be following you. If this cruise of yours (inaugural) goes ahead, we'll want to have some amazing reports on it. We are scheduled for the Venus in July (Into the Midnight Sun) so anxious to hear how this new ship is !!
  12. Dukefan - What an excellent explanation of the voucher differences. It made it so clear! Viking should hire you to write up something for them!! I had no idea you could sell your voucher though. That brings up all kinds of possibilities. I wonder what the forum would be for that kind of transaction - and for the buyer side, wondering if there is a site we Viking fans could look at to see who is selling what vouchers?? Where there are sellers, there will be buyers!
  13. Great spot~! You will love it much better there I believe. We've been just a few cabins forward of 4029 and it was such a good location - easy to get to things via that forward stairway.
  14. Two things. Regarding the refund. The $500pp deposit that had initially been on our credit card is still outstanding, but I was expecting that. The big amount $15K that had been paid out of our checking account to get the 3.3% discount is what came back in one day. I'm not worried about the credit card refund - it will come. Second. We got a detailed confirmation receipt of the cancelled cruise and amounts that would be refunded to each source. We also got the confirmation that the $100pp penalty would be given back as a FCC. I was completely surprised and a totally satisfied with the swiftness and documentation of the cancellation process.
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