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    Love the S. Caribbean route; also loved our recent Transatlantic

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  1. Nebr.cruiser

    Ever increasing sales pressure?

    There was some sales pressure for our cruise on the Silhouette in November. I wouldn't call it relentless, but certainly more than ever before. I was all right with us because we had lots of OBC to use up and some of the MDR meals just weren't that great. We figured out quickly that they were anxious to sell meals and would bargain. Turned down a 3 meal package for I think $125; paid in total $80 for three meals. Our three meals in specialties were $25, $25 and $30, about half price. We wouldn't pay it if we didn't have a lot of OBC though. You can barely find a meal that high priced where we live--really, you have to look hard!
  2. Nebr.cruiser

    Plenty of hangers in cabins?

    There are never enough for me--I like to hang almost everything and usually take at least 2 week cruises. I just ask the steward for more the first day; they are wire, but that's ok with me.
  3. Nebr.cruiser

    Bed By The Balcony (Slider) Important to You?

    I prefer our bed by the balcony, but it's not a big enough deal to worry about. I enjoy being closer to the ocean. Also, in cabins that have the closet in the cabin itself ( rather than Princess, ie, with have a separate area for the closet), it is more convenient than trying to squeeze alongside the bed to use the closet. For some reason, almost all rooms we are in lately seem to have the desk-couch area by the window.
  4. Nebr.cruiser

    Are you Loyal?

    No, not loyal, although we've sailed Princess the most, plus at least 6 other lines. We look for itinerary, timing and price. The cruise line and ship come in towards the bottom of our reason to book.
  5. Nebr.cruiser

    Reading material

    I really enjoy that book too and probably first read it in my teens. I reread it every few years.
  6. Nebr.cruiser

    Reading material

    I bring my Kindle loaded with many books and usually check some books out of the ship's library too, although the quality and quantity of books found there gets less and less. I really like reading 'real' books more, but the convenience of the Kindle for traveling is wonderful. I also usually bring at least one long or dense paperback, just in case for some reason the Kindle goes kerflooey. Can't be without reading material!
  7. Nebr.cruiser

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    As far as I can remember, RCI is the only cruise line we have had to check out and check in towels. It about drove my husband nuts one time when we were cruising with 7 young grandkids--keeping track of the towels that is. Many cruise lines say that they will charge you if a towel is missing; I don't know if they actually do. Most seem to leave a towel in the room for port days and have towels available on deck that don't have to be checked out. It's unfortunate that yes, some people do steal towels and probably many more just leave them on the beach. That hurts everyone else. Has anyone ever actually been charged for a missing towel?
  8. Nebr.cruiser

    Celebrity prices are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    At least in the case of the Silhouette, not many ports, plus, for us, we were not too fond of the Silhouette cruise we took in November. And not many perks, even though TA's often don't have too many perks.
  9. Nebr.cruiser

    How to narrow down to one day

    Depending on just how afraid of the water you are, I think it would be an enjoyable experience. As I said, the swimming until close to the waterfall is not bad and you can stick close to the sides of the gorge as well. A life belt won't help with the more difficult climb to enter into the waterfall area; you don't really swim there but edge along the sides. You can just skip this part and still see the waterfall. I'm sure Levi would be a great help.
  10. Nebr.cruiser

    Do you find cruise cabins noisy at night?

    We've been on about 40 cruises (no shorter than 7 days though) and have heard very little noise in the cabin and hallways--it's noiser at home. The crew are not immigrants!! Anyway the word immigrant is not a negative term. Most people in the US come from immigrant stock.
  11. Nebr.cruiser

    How to narrow down to one day

    I have swam in Titou Gorge twice. The first time the water was rushing down the gorge very rapidly and none of us tried to get to the actual waterfall; just viewed it from a ways off. Swimming in the first part is not that hard. In November most of the group did make it to close to the waterfall. To me, the swimming part wasn't that hard (I am a good swimmer though), the hard and even dangerous part was climbing through the cleft to get to the waterfall; treacherous rocks and at that point the water is very, very fast and footing is difficult. It is truly one of the most beautiful and unique spots I have ever seen; I wouldn't want to miss it. You can still enjoy most of the gorge without going right up to the waterfall, and the guides will help you. And I did get hurt this time, being knocked down by someone behind me. Do the leap too if you are brave! Loved it.
  12. Nebr.cruiser

    Compare NCL to Princess, Celebrity?

    We've cruised Princess the most and Celebrity several times, as well as other lines. We have cruised on NCL 3 times, and all were really nice. The Jewel, quite a while ago and The Getaway twice recently. IMO the food is comparable and the service was just fine. The entertainment is where NCL sparkles. We were disappointed in our Celebrity cruise last November for several reasons, especially the MDR food and the entertainment. However, I have never and would probably never sail on a cruise shorter than 7 nights; mostly we prefer at least 10-14 nights. Also, we almost never cruise in the spring break, school vacation times. We were actually surprised at how much we like the Jewel; were worried about all the negative NCL comments. This was about 10 years ago though. The Getaway we booked the exact same cruise two years in a row because we like it so much; the second time introducing others to it.
  13. Nebr.cruiser

    Better ship and law enforcement questions

    I've never seen cruise lines 'match' prices, but they all discount and you will probably get the best deal by checking the large online agencies. We like both RCL and NCL, although we haven't sailed them as much as some others. NCL does seem to have better deals, but watch out for the gratuity charge on the drink package--not a concern for us as we don't drink, but wow, it is high. The gratuities are usually included on most other drink packages. IMO I would go with the cruise that goes where you prefer to go, unless the price difference is huge.
  14. Nebr.cruiser

    Why leave home day(s) earlier than embarkation?

    If you are from a smaller regional airport, like we are, it is almost impossible to fly in the day of the cruise, unless you are comfortable with arriving at the airport within an hour or so of the last time to embark--and often there are no flights that would get us there on time. This is especially true if it is winter or especially if we have to fly through Chicago, or any other northern area. We almost always fly in one day before, unless we have not been to the embarkation port/area before and want to do some touring--for instance, if cruising out of Venice, we would come in at least a couple of days early. It is getting harder and harder to find a decent time to fly back home (using miles) too; most flights are either too early or really, really late.
  15. I'm afraid it is beginning to describe us, at least in the Caribbean. We like to cruise there in the winter for the weather and because it is (relatively) inexpensive to fly there and has flights that are a reasonable length. But, although we always find something to do, or just beach it, we are getting a little tired of the same old ports. Yes, I know there are many other wonderful warm destinations, and we've been to many of them, but oh those flights!