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  1. We used White cliff maybe 10 years ago or so. It was excellent. We were debarking in Dover and had a hotel booked in Canterbury for the night before our flight home the next day. There was supposed to be another couple booked, but they didn't show, so we got a private tour Our driver--I think his name was Herman or Herbert--went out of his way to show us everything and even more. We saw Dover Castle, including the WW2 tunnels, the white cliffs, on a short hike, hunted down some thatched cottages for me, several other castles as drive-bys and some very scenic towns and villages on our way to Canterbury. It was a great day. He took us down to the sea on a spectacular route that had some very gorgeous homes. He was quite garrulous, but we learned a lot.
  2. I do understand that. We book guarantees if the price difference is substantial. Leaving on April 28th in a guarantee balcony; got a slight upgrade, floor 9 right by the front stairs; more forward than we would pick on our own, but not bad at all. Plus, we like being near the stairs/elevator because then there are no long halls to traipse down. In about 12 guarantees, we, luckily, have never had a 'bad' room. It will probably happen someday! Meanwhile, we've saved thousands of dollars. Pricing out this coming cruise, to add the perks was almost $400! Easy decision.
  3. Maybe we will be able to book something when we get to Amsterdam. Not much use going if most of the flowers are cut though.
  4. I just looked into booking a tour to Keukenhof in May. We will be there after our cruise from May 11-14. There were no tours after the 13th, so I am assuming that is just too late to see much. Unless they are all sold out, of course, but that was not indicated. It just said not available.
  5. For Norwegian, i agree with you; their 'free' perks just aren't worth that much to us. We rarely drink, so the added gratuity to the so-called free perk is ridiculous. We don't need the internet perk all that much, although will use it, the $50 excursion credit isn't useful as we haven't booked a cruise line excursion in years and although we will use a specialty dinner perk, we don't really care if we have it or not. Sometimes we get a much better deal through a travel agent, otherwise, for NCL, we just book the sailaway category. So far we haven't had a bad room with a guarantee, but of course it is possible. The only perks we would really like our OBC and free gratuities, which we can usually get on other cruise lines for a similar or even less expensive price.
  6. We've toured with Cosol twice, including last November, and Spencer Ambrose once. Each tour was great and we saw so many things. Some of our favorite tours ever. The only caveat--and it's true for all the tours--is that the beach you stop at is mostly 'owned' by a pricey resort and the tour groups have to stay to the side (if they want a chair), which is very rocky, small, does not have enough lounge chairs and some of the ones there are in very bad condition. You can walk on the sandy beach and swim there, just can't use their chairs, which are for guests. '
  7. We did this tour several years ago--one of my favorite tours ever. One of my favorite parts was the lunch provided--lots of island foods, like pasties, fruits, sweet rolls, etc., served out of the back of a van.
  8. We went with Big Beard's in November--not the one with lunch. All was fine. The snorkeling was not very good, because of water conditions, and hardly anyone stayed in the water more than a few minutes. It was hard to see much of anything and exhausting fighting the water. I realize this happened to be the conditions that day. My husband and I are both very experienced snorkelers and excellent swimmers, but waves and a current just made it too difficult to see much. It was a disappointment because many years ago, the Buck Island Reef was some of the most spectacular snorkeling we'd ever seen. From what we did see, the reef is nothing like it used to be. It's so unfortunate that so many reefs around the world are dying.
  9. This is so hard to answer. We've sailed on three TA's, all booked within a couple of months of departure and just booked one a few weeks ago that leaves April 28th. For us this works out fine; we are not that particular as to cruise line, ship or cabin location and often book guarantees. If you want a certain cabin type or location, then it is probably best to book earlier. Many people book a year or more out; that's just not us. So far, we have gotten great prices by booking late, but of course this can work just the opposite and prices could go up. Figuring out flights has to be considered as well. A lot of this depends on how flexible you are and how much you are willing to spend.
  10. We were to the Botanical Gardens; there probably was some hurricane damage but it wasn't too noticeable. They are just really not very spectacular as gardens go. Morne overlook is just that; short stop, see the ship and city below, a few souvineer stands. We did not stop for lunch on either tour we went on either. You could buy a pop or snack at several places, but it's a good idea to at least bring a snack along, especially if diabetic or something.
  11. The sights listed are all very nice and included in many island tours. The botanical gardens and Morne Bruce overview are pretty, um, bland, but only take a few minutes. The fruit stand is a nice break; don't think I've been to Mero Beach. I'm not familiar with Pepper as a tour operator but I am sure he is fine. We really enjoyed our Levi tour several years ago. For me, personally, I wouldn't like to miss Titou Gorge; not sure there is another spot like that on the planet, especially one people can access relatively easily--also featured in a brief scene in the 2nd? Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I am sure you will enjoy either tour; none are physically that demanding. I've done the leap at the gorge twice--and I was 73 this year!
  12. I think it depends a lot on who is giving the cruise and what restrictions they have on the prize. Some of these 'free cruise' deals are scams, others are not. Probably most would only be the cruise, in an inside cabin, and not airfare, grats, hotels, if needed, tours, etc. We did eat twice with someone once who won a free 7-day cruise from their bank. There didn't seem to be any strings attached, for them, but they were very much the complaining type and nothing at the meals (it was perfectly fine) suited them. As they complained about virtually everything--and not just the food-- I had to grit my teeth not to say, "But you are cruising for free! How bad can it be?" I doubt if the best suite on a premium line would have been good enough.
  13. I almost never watch morning tv but I actually saw this. At first they just pulled one name out. I remember thinking--"One 4 day cruise"--really not that big a deal." But then she announced that everyone in the audience would get the same thing (cruises are for two). I still wouldn't like going for 4 days---but. Unless it includes air, might be hard for some people to do, as well as other expenses that happen. Of course I realize she didn't pony up the money herself--good advertising for Carnival; she has been a spokesperson for them for many years.
  14. So far we have not just stayed on the ship, even in ports we have been to many times, like St. Maarten. We may just wander around, have a lunch on the beach and head back to the ship fairly quickly, but we always get off for a while. I can see just staying on the ship could be very relaxing though.
  15. I'd say for us itinerary and price are pretty much equal, followed by date and way behind is ship. We have our favorite cruise lines but a great itinerary/price supercedes that. Most ships are more alike than not. I suppose that if we ever took a super long cruise (our longest is 17 days), perhaps the cruise line/ship would be more important than it is now.
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