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  1. OP, you would avoid an entire cruise line because they have an activity you can easily avoid?
  2. So, the main pool deck is active from like 8 am to about 5 pm when folks begin going to dinner. Those pool activites are about 30 minutes each with about 1-3 activities per day. So 90 minutes of an entire day. Also, most cruise lines have big screens on their pool decks. It's not just Carnival. Again, there are deck areas that are quiet.
  3. I still don't get it. You are making it sound like people can't relax on a Carnival ship. That's silly. So, if someone booked Celebrity, specifically, what would be so relaxing and different?
  4. So, in order for you to relax, you require the entire ship and activities to be quiet and still? You expect all the other passengers to enjoy relaxing the way you do? Bottom line is that if one wants to relax on any cruise line, they will be able to do that. No activities or fun is forced upon anyone.
  5. The thing is, you can always avoid the group activities and find quiet spots away from the crowds. You make it relaxing by making the right choices while on board. No one is required to hang out by the pool during the day as there are quieter deck areas on the sides of the ship. No one is required to do the big sing alongs in the atrium or attend a deck party. They have the adults only Serenity areas on most ships. Your cruise is what you make it.
  6. Can we stop the fearmongering? Adults can make their own decisions. I've flown cruise morning many times. I'm not prone to stress and I can accept ask risk involved. Thousands do this every week for cruises.
  7. What are your expectations? The ship is obviously seaworthy. It has standard Carnival amenities. What? Will you see rust or lime on a few windows. Yes. Only you know if such things matter to you.
  8. Did you send this to Carnival? Why is this posted here on CC?
  9. Everything the cruise line does is designed to make money. It's a business.
  10. Lido deck balcony room. Starboard side. Balcony provides privacy, fresh air, and natural light on demand. Lido deck to be close to food and deck activities like dive in movies, deck parties, etc. Starboard because the ship docks on that side most of the time.
  11. I've worked in finance. Yep, this doesn't bother me at all. We are fund others investments in one way or another. To each, their own. Personally, I find buying the Cheers package to be sheer lunacy.
  12. I have excellent credit. I buy cruise cash in order to put credit on my account a little at a time over several months. It pays for gratuities, a few days of internet, room service charges, laundry, Cherry on Top, etc. Maybe about $200-$300. I don't care to play the credit card points game for such a small amount. I also avoid accumulating credit card debt even if I can pay it off at the end of the trip. I hate bills period. It works for me.
  13. It's cheaper to buy the 12 packs of water. So, that can be taken out of the costs. How many milkshakes or sodas will you realistically drink?
  14. It's not much of a vacation if I have to shlep a ton of stuff with me. I don't even carry on beverages. No way would I carry on a chair. If the ship itself doesn't meet my needs, I'd find an alternative option to vacation.
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