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  1. My type of positive attitude has me waiting patiently for whenever cruising resume. Even if it takes until 2021.
  2. The whole "lobstet night" is nothing more than an outdated cultural throwback. Most people have access to frozen lobster tails at their local markets and can watch a 3 minute YouTube video on how to cook it. Lobster tails aren't expensive or special.
  3. Sounds like YOU shouldn't book a cruise. Other people will make different choices
  4. So you think Carnival should shut down their entire website until they know 100% what's going to happen or be required? Even though there are many passengers who WANT to book their excursions, drink packages, etc? If covid wasn't around, Carnival would have cruise bookings open for up to two years in advance. They wouldn't know about adverse weather, ship seaworthiness, political strife, etc. Yet they would still have bookings open. What's the difference? Have all the other cruise lines shut down all their bookings?
  5. I think the issue is wanting composed meals as opposed to having to assemble a meal from available vegan items. What do you eat at home that you couldn't approximate on a ship? Exclude tofu, tempeh, and satan. You could find vegetables, grains, rice, pasta, etc.
  6. Milk in the fridge will be fine. Assuming you're drinking it soon. The fridges aren't meat lockers but they do okay for most needs. Now, if you're the type with a thermometer and insists on certain temperatures...
  7. Tip: if you need to cancel, don't mention Covid.
  8. Exactly. In a scaled back market, the bulk of Carnival's customers may not be open to fly to a "foreign" country to depart for a Caribbean cruise. Their European customers are different.
  9. I know this is a Carnival forum, but really, does it matter? Carnival could go belly up or it could survive. I wouldn't be bothered either way. I have $2500 paid for a cruise next year and I'm still not worrying. *shrug*
  10. Huh? How can you argue with actual accounting figures? Your proximity to Tampa and like of smaller ships have nothing to do with expenses, operating costs, revenue, etc. Business is business and they are cutting the fat.
  11. I booked my 2021 Europe cruise in 2019 with full knowledge that Carnival only has one ship in Europe most of the time. It didn't bother me then and it doesn't bother me now. I'll have no problem booking air and hotels after January as I originally planned. When I book a cruise, I don't count the number of ships offered in a region. If it gets cancelled, then that's life.
  12. To be fair, everyone's European cruises were cancelled. It wasn't just Carnival. Regardless of cruise line, the big question is will Europe accept American tourists.
  13. Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. You've had imagination all your life. Why did you ever get on a ship? Plus, I thought you mentioned that your cruising days were over due to your other illnesses. Masks are a moot point, no? Anyway, if you want to watch a screen, enjoy. But, no, it's not the same thing.
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