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  1. Actually not sure. That would require some research. I do believe that there will be a EUA for whatever the pharma companies come up with. Time will tell if they are safe, effective and provide immunity. I certainly hope so, but we have to wait for the virologists to do their studies.
  2. I have been involved in medical/health care analytics for quite some time. One of the basic tenants is computer modeling. I am quite comfortable how modeling works and affects research. The point I was trying to articulate was we still do not have a vaccine for HIV, NORO, etc.
  3. I have decided to let the financial markets determine the fate of who survives as a company or not. I have enough FCC to loose to potentially donate any more.
  4. When I was in training in the late 70s and early 80s we had patients presenting with opportunistic infections, which eventually was diagnosed as HIV/AIDS. I remember my professors telling me how promising vaccines will be for this treatment. Before AIDS NORO was diagnosed and all were hopeful for a vaccine. Unfortunately people get their scientific information from talking heads on the TV. There will be no quick way out of this pandemic. We need the let the scientists do their work . Just because we plow billions of dollars into this does not mean instant vaccine or if we ever have one. I just hope we have more luck than With other viruses.
  5. The first bullet point says it all. We are still under a public health emergency per HHS.
  6. Not to muddy the waters even more but there is an issue with testing. In order to to do testing it must be done by a CLIA (the CMS/CLIA) certified lab. The cruise lines medical directors can always apply for a CLIA certificate, but then it must meet all the US requirements. The work around would be to have a CLIA certified US lab do the testing at the port. The CLIA certificate issue only arrises if the The test is being performed in the US, it’s territories or commonwealths. I have always said that my concern is I fly half way around the world, test positive and have to quaranteen for two weeks.
  7. The amazing thing is people are probably still making final payments and giving deposits.
  8. Unfortunately outside of the pharma companies no one has seen data. There is lots of spin from pharma, politicians, pundits on TV but we really do not know anything. We need to let scientists do their work. Vaccines are hard, very hard. For some reason people (probably because they watch talking heads on tv) thinks vaccines will cure everything. They will be just one part of the arsenal.
  9. Funny you should say that. I just told him tonight with my luck I would buy a funeral home and people would stop dying.
  10. Many (and in some literature most) people are said to be asymptomatic. So even though they have no symptoms they still are able to spread the virus. Now if I had an answer for the question, we would all be in a better place. One of my neighbors owns a bunch of funeral homes. I just had a discussion with him and he said that he has just had a few (under 10) funerals of people under 50 with no co-morbities. He did say he averaged 30 to 40 funerals a week and since March his business has picked up 30 percent.
  11. Yes they both have made it to trials which failed. Unfortunately people think if you throw billions of dollars (in a politically charged environment) at something, it will magically work. Moderna (presently leading the pack) has never been successful in bringing a vaccine to market. Vaccines are tough, real tough. This virus is way different than that of a common cold. We do not even know at this point if immunity occurs, how long nor if it would prevent another occurrence. I think we need to let the scientists do their jobs and try to stay a safe as we can.
  12. Hard to quantify. My transplant colleagues say that lung transplant waiting list has exploded as a result of these patients. In NY I understand there are over 100 people awaiting transplant. It will easily be 6 another six months before we could quantify. For some reason people think there will be a magical wand (in this case a vaccine) and several thousand people will be on a cruise ship again. On top of that, they think it will be soon.
  13. Everything has risk. What I was commenting on is now that this report has been published, CDC will have to do their thing with the public comments they received, review the plans that the cruise lines will submit, deal with the politics, etc. Unfortunately his process is not efficient nor speedy. In my opinion, to think that we will be cruising relatively soon, is beyond optimistic.
  14. Wish it was that easy. SARS-CoV-2 is really a very unique virus. When you review the data, those who are up in age and have comorbidities represent most that are dying. When I speak with my intensivist colleagues, the problem seems to be the long lasting problems younger people are having. When I was in training (in the late 70's early 80s, we were getting patients with opportunistic infections. This ended up being HIV/AIDs. I had very respected Professors tell us, not too worry there will be a vaccine/immunization. Heard similar things about Norovirus (since the 60s). In order the have the level of immunity that will be effective, first, need immunizations that are safe and effective, second, need at least 70 percent of the population to immunized or show immunity. The interesting thing we are seeing with this unique virus, is the lack of antibodies consistent to provide immunity .
  15. Albeit, I have not been in clinical practice for quite some time, I have been involved in medical/healthcare quality analytics for over 40 years. In briefly reviewing the Onboard Medical Capabilities, Clinic Design and Operations, Case Management, Contact Tracing, Isolation/Quarantine , Evacuation, Debarkation Scenarios this will represent a herculean effort on behalf of cruise lines. Possibly November 1, 2021? Should these recommendations effectively become what the cruise lines and CDC agree on, the level of care that would be required is very equivalent to what we know as an ICU level of care. Where possibly can we get the amount of physicians and nurses that are trained and are able to provide this level of care to a very large potential number of patients.
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